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Ask John AC Shaking Main Image
Ask John AC Shaking Main Image

Why is My Air Conditioner Shaking?

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Why Is The Air Conditioner Shaking?

Experiencing a malfunctioning air conditioner during the scorching summer months can be a major inconvenience. If you’ve noticed that your air conditioner is continuously vibrating, it’s a clear indicator that something is amiss with your system. Recognizing this warning sign and effectively addressing the issue can swiftly restore the comfort of a cool home.

Any mechanical device, including your air conditioner, can suffer damage from excessive shaking and noise caused by vibrations. In the following sections, we’ll explore potential reasons behind your air conditioner’s tremors.

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Review the common causes and best remedies for vibrating AC’s in this article.

Potential Causes of Your AC Unit Shaking Violently

When summer temperatures soar, having a dependable air conditioning system feels like a blessing. However, if your air conditioner starts vibrating unusually, it’s a sign that something is wrong.

Identifying the problem and rectifying it promptly becomes easier when you have a good understanding of the various factors that can lead to a vibrating AC unit. To pinpoint the source of the issue it’s advisable to consult a professional HVAC specialist. Attempting to resolve issues on your own may not be the safest or most effective approach.

Examine the Outdoor Equipment

If you want to keep your house cool in summertime, you need an air conditioner with an exterior unit. This outside unit is often the source of AC system vibration. Turning off the electricity to the outside air conditioner is the first step in diagnosing the problem.

The next step is to uncover the fan by taking off the grille cover. Sediment that has been lodged in the fan’s blades should be cleared out. There might be anything as simple as a mound of damp leaves or branches blocking the blades of your fan, causing it to vibrate.

Check Your Fan Isn’t Obstructed

Before inspecting the fan, ensure there are no obstructions within the fan’s enclosure. Examine each fan blade for signs of damage. Anything falling into the fan housing can shatter or bend the blades, leading to vibration issues.

Check the condition of the fan’s blades and attempt to spin it. A balanced fan should spin easily. If you notice the fan swaying from side to side, it may not be balanced correctly, indicating the need for an HVAC technician’s inspection.

Our expert in home maintenance, John Turpin, sheds light on the reasons behind your air conditioner’s shaking and offers both effective solutions and DIY tips for tackling this common issue. His insights are valuable for both understanding the problem and implementing practical fixes.

Your A/C May Need A Thorough Cleaning

Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate within the various components of an air conditioning unit, all of which rely on each other for proper operation. If it’s been a while since your unit was cleaned, it might be shaking because it’s working harder to cool your home. The vibrations should cease after a thorough cleaning, which you can accomplish by:

  • Replacing the filter.
  • Clearing the area around the outside unit of debris.
  • Lightly vacuuming the interior after unplugging the device.
  • Cleaning the external component with a hose.

A thorough cleaning can not only stops the machine from shaking but also enhances its efficiency, leading to savings in both energy and maintenance costs. If you’re unsure about cleaning your AC unit, consider contacting a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning specialist for a comprehensive inspection.

Mechanical and Electrical Issues

Your AC unit shaking could be due to more than just dirt and misalignment. Issues like an imbalanced rotor within the motor can create significant vibrations. Also, bearings in the motor’s shaft, vital for reducing friction, can lead to substantial vibratory movements when they wear out or become loose. Misalignment of the motor’s shaft with the compressor or fan, typically resulting from loose motor mounts or a damaged motor, is another mechanical issue that can cause vibrations.

In addition to these mechanical problems, electrical issues should not be overlooked. Problems such as incorrect voltage supply or deteriorated wires can also lead to your air conditioning unit shaking, signaling potential electrical faults. Furthermore, components like the blower wheel, compressor, and the fan motor or its blades are also known to cause excessive vibrations.

Get an Expert Opinion

If you’ve done everything you can to no avail, it may be time to consult an HVAC expert. Especially, when facing mechanical or electrical challenges, their skills ensure safety and the preservation of any existing manufacturer warranties, which can be voided by unauthorized DIY repairs. Professionals can accurately diagnose and address these complex issues, ensuring the efficient and long-lasting operation of your AC unit

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Sometimes only an expert can fix your faulty AC.

Vibrating AC Unit FAQs

What are the most common causes of an AC unit vibrating violently?

These are the most common causes of a violently vibrating AC unit:

– Defective fan motor
– Compressor, extractor, or fan that is too big
– Bad quality of air ducts
– Unbalanced fan blades or motor
– Loose fan blade
– Debris stuck on the fan blades

If you want to be sure of what’s causing your particular unit to shake violently, then contact a trained technician and they’ll be able to help you out.

Can a technician fix my vibrating AC unit?

Absolutely. If your air conditioner is experiencing vibrations, contacting professionals is the right course of action.

Qualified technicians can inspect your unit, identify the underlying issues, and promptly address them, allowing you and your family to once again enjoy the benefits of indoor cooling.

How can I fix the vibrating air conditioner myself?

If your air conditioner is vibrating, it’s essential to identify the root cause before attempting any DIY solutions. If you’re unsure about the cause, contacting a professional HVAC specialist is recommended.

However, if your air conditioner is making unusual vibration noises, consider the following steps:

– Inspect for signs of damage or instability.
– Ensure your air conditioner is correctly installed on a flat, level surface.
– Keep the air conditioner clean and free of debris.

If nothing works, then you ought to contact a trained professional to fix your AC unit.

Hire a Local HVAC Pro

The tips outlined above provide practical DIY methods to identify and address the causes of your air conditioner’s vibration. However, if the issue persists or you’re not comfortable handling it yourself, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance. You can contact a local HVAC specialist using the contact information provided on this page.

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