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<b>Auto Glass & Windshield Repair Leads</b> Near You
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Struggling to get high-quality auto glass and windshield repair leads that actually turn into customers? At Service Direct, we drive exclusive, inbound leads from people in your area that need a company they can trust. Sign up for free and choose your lead price, or read on to learn more.

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Let us know what type of customer Leads you want and where your company’s Service Area is located so that we can target the perfect customer for your business.

Tell Us What Leads You Want
Tell Us What Leads You Want
Tell Us How Much You Want to Pay
Tell Us How Much You Want to Pay

Tell Us How Much You Want to Pay

You Decide The Price Per Lead

Let us know how much you want to pay per Lead and we will go out and get as many as possible for you. The more you can pay, the more we can get you.

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When we find someone in your area that is actively looking for your services, we connect them in real-time with your business exclusively so that you can win their business.

We’ll Drive Exclusive Leads to You
We’ll Drive Exclusive Leads to You
You Track Your ROI
You Track Your ROI

You Track Your ROI

Know Your Return to the Penny

Knowing your ROI has never been simpler or more transparent. Easily listen to calls and track your revenue and spend within your mySD platform so that you can know your exact ROI.

Growing Your Service Business Has Never Been Easier

We take the risk and complexity out of marketing your business.

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There is no term contract so if you aren’t seeing results you can cancel at any time.

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How to Get Auto Glass Repair Leads Online

From stray rocks hitting a windshield to a first-time driver backing the car up into a tree, auto glass issues are common and can be frustrating no matter the situation. As the owner and operator of an auto glass repair business, you know this. What you might not know is how to boost your customer volume when print advertising and word of mouth are no longer the primary forms of advertising. If you feel at a loss for how to bring in new customers and stay ahead of the competition, digital advertising may be your solution. Though getting started with marketing your auto glass repair company can seem daunting, it is easily the best way to gain new customers. 

When you begin marketing your auto glass repair business online, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of options available to you. Focusing on a few key steps to start will help scale down the amount of time and money you need to invest at the outset. The number one thing you’ll need to start digitally marketing your company is a high-quality website that is optimized for mobile. Your website will be the first line of defense most people see when looking for auto glass repairs, which is why you’ll want to display your contact information clearly. This way potential customers will be able to reach you quickly when they are in a pinch — as so many of your auto glass repair clients are. Once you have your premier website up and running there are a myriad of directions you can go in to market your business online. 

Establishing a budget and the amount of time you have to invest in digital marketing will help you scale your marketing efforts and give you a good idea where to start. If you’re looking for low-cost digital marketing tactics, you might consider building up a social media presence for your auto glass repair business. If that seems too time consuming, you could consider partnering with a lead generation company to drive leads to your business without spending tons of time. Or, if you’re up for a challenge, you might focus on researching search engine optimization and keyword strategies to boost traffic to your primary website. Whatever direction you decide to go in, making the decision to invest in digital marketing will help you see the increase in customer volume you desire!

With Service Direct, you are buying real-time, exclusive auto glass and windshield repair leads on a pay-per-call basis.

Understanding Auto Glass Repair Pay Per Call

In order to know if pay per call lead generation is a good fit for your auto glass repair business, you must first understand the mechanics of lead generation. Companies like Service Direct use search engine optimization and keyword bidding to get your company noticed by potential new customers who are actively searching for your services. We connect you in real time with these customers so all you have to do is answer the phone and close the deal. Lead generation helps take a significant amount of the guesswork out of digital marketing because companies are able to take the intention of the caller into account, driving you leads that are designed to convert. 

It’s important to remember that not all lead generation companies are made equal. In order to ensure your auto glass repair company is in the best position with lead generation, you’ll want to research the unique service offerings of each company. Making sure you understand the difference between shared and exclusive leads and pay per call versus pay per click will help ensure the success of your auto glass repair company with lead generation. At Service Direct, we offer exclusive, pay per call leads, which means you won’t be competing with any other auto glass repair companies in your area for our leads. Researching multiple pay per call companies before choosing one to partner with will ultimately help you see the most success with lead generation.

How Much Do Auto Glass Repair Leads Cost?

At Service Direct, our auto glass repair partners typically pay between $10 and $60 for every lead they receive through our services. This number, also known as your cost per lead (CPL), directly affects how aggressive our advertising team can be with driving leads directly to your business. That’s why we recommend allocating as much of your marketing budget as possible to your CPL. A high CPL results in a greater lead volume and quicker success in boosting the customer base of your auto glass repair company. Of course we understand that you might want more or less leads at any time, which is why we allow you complete control over adjusting your CPL. While we don’t recommend adjusting it often, you can raise or lower your CPL at any time to increase or decrease your lead volume. 

We understand that $60 might seem like a hefty sum to pay for every lead you receive through Service Direct, but when you consider the fact that a windshield replacement job can run customers anywhere from $100 to $400 or more you are looking at a high potential return on investment. Plus, we know how frustrating spam calls, wrong numbers, and solicitors can be, let alone if you had to pay for those calls! That’s why we only charge you for calls from real, potential customers actively seeking your auto glass repair services. It’s our belief that our expert advertising skills paired with our affordable lead costs will allow you to see the most success with lead generation.

Auto Glass Repair Digital Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Do Use Testimonials

When was the last time you hired a service without first looking at the company’s reviews and overall rating? If you are like most people, the answer is either so long ago that you can’t remember or never. As more and more people use the internet to find services, it’s becoming increasingly important to garner as many positive reviews as possible. Once you have the testimonials you can promote them on your auto glass repair website, social media pages, and more to continue bringing in new customers!

Don’t Stretch Yourself Too Thin

When getting started with digitally marketing your auto glass repair company, you might feel pressured to take on as many projects as possible. However, keeping a quality over quantity mindset when beginning with online marketing will help you see success while keeping your efforts manageable. Starting small and keeping a pointed focus on your efforts is key to building a successful digital marketing campaign. Whether you are looking to engage more with social media, research lead generation options, or build up your primary website, keeping focused on a single tactic is key.

Do Stay Positive and Persistent

In many cases, digitally marketing your auto glass repair business is a long-game strategy. That means you might not see the results you desire for weeks or even months, but those results could still come! For that reason it is important not to lose steam or give up on your efforts too early. Keeping a positive attitude when beginning a new online marketing strategy will help you stay persistent and hopefully lead to the results you desire. Of course, there are cases where a tactic might not be the right fit for your auto glass repair business, so finding the sweet spot between staying persistent while not wasting your time on ineffective marketing tactics is the best way to find success growing your business!

Tips for Building an Auto Glass Repair Website

Unlike some businesses, your auto glass repair company is one that people often need in a pinch. In many cases, your primary website will be your first and only line of defense when potential new customers are looking for auto glass repair services in your area. Because of that, you’ll want to pay extra attention to your website and make sure it is high-quality, optimized, and easy to understand. Keeping in mind a few key tips when building and expanding your website will help ensure that potential new customers find you easily and know exactly how to get in touch with you in a pinch. 

One of the most important and easily overlooked aspects of creating a high-quality website is prominently displaying your contact information. Having your phone number and email address as well as business hours displayed clearly and often will ensure customers know exactly how to get in touch with you. Additionally, you will want to research commonly searched terms in the auto glass repair industry and use those often within your site’s content. By using commonly searched words and phrases on your site, you are helping boost your company’s location on the results in search engines like Google and Bing, which makes it easier for potential customers to find you over your competitors. Finally, it is imperative that your website is optimized for mobile devices, as many people will be searching for auto glass repair services on their cell phones. Keeping these tips in mind will help ensure your website is helping bring in the highest volume of customers you desire.