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Our Boise, ID Mold Companies Remove Mold From Walls & Ceilings

No Matter Where You See It, Our Boise Mold Pros Can Clean It

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Our Boise, ID Mold Companies Remove Mold from Walls & Ceilings

Are you starting to notice visible signs of mold showing up in your home? Mold on ceilings and walls, mold in the attic or basement, or mold in the kitchen or bathroom – all of these locations are common areas for mold problems. No matter where the mold is showing up, it’s essential to contact a mold remediation company as soon as possible. Leaving the mold untreated means you are exposing your family to toxic byproducts, and the mold could be damaging your home.

Local Wall & Ceiling Mold Removal Services

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Untreated Mold Carries ignificant Health Risks

How Untreated Mold is Affecting Your Health

If you are experiencing chronic health issues, it could be caused by untreated mold in your home.

Sometimes, the mold grows out of sight – in the walls, basement, ceiling, attic, or crawlspace. Just because you can’t see the mold doesn’t mean that it isn’t affecting your health. Ongoing mold exposure can lead to upper respiratory illness and infections, especially if it is black mold in your Boise, ID, home.

These symptoms will continue as long as you are still exposed to mold in the house. If your health issues are mold-related, then you need to eliminate exposure by hiring a mold remediation company for assistance.

Most Common Mold Causes in Boise

If you have mold in the house, then it’s essential to determine the underlying reason why the environment is promoting mold growth.

Usually, there is a root cause linked to water damage, such as:

  • Mold in the ceiling after roof leak
  • Mold in the bathroom ceiling due to humidity
  • Ceiling mold after a plumbing leak
  • Leaking pipes under the kitchen sink
  • Mold in crawlspace because of damp conditions

When you hire a Boise mold removal company, also ask about preventive services they offer to minimize the risk of recurring issues in the future. Once you clean up the mold, it’s crucial to eliminate these root causes.

Common Boise Causes of Mold

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Common Wall & Ceiling Mold FAQs

What is the price for removing mold in the house?

How much should you expect to spend on these services? The cost of mold remediation depends on the severity of the problem. Each situation is unique, so the only way to determine accurate pricing is by scheduling a mold damage assessment with a local provider. You’ll receive a detailed breakdown of the recommended remediation services.

Do you need remediation services for mold on walls?

Is it necessary to bring in a professional contractor to clean up mold on walls? You might be tempted to pull out a bottle of bleach when you find mold in the bathroom or kitchen. However, while household cleaners can temporarily take away the discoloration, it doesn’t kill the mold spores. Therefore, professional mold removal services are essential.

Why pay for professional mold remediation services in Boise?

Bringing in a mold remediation team is an investment for your home. Not only do these services get rid of mold on walls, but the team can help with everything from attic mold removal to mold in the bedroom or closet. In addition, the full-service approach eliminates the current problems and prevents issues from returning again in the future.

What questions should I ask before mold remediation?

It’s important to learn about the Boise mold remediation contractor, including their experience and available services. Consider asking these questions when hiring a provider:
• How long have you been working in the industry?
• What are your service areas?
• What strategies do you use for mold containment?
• Do you have experience with black mold on walls?
• How do you handle mold coming through drywall?

What do you get from a mold damage assessment?

The mold damage assessment includes an initial inspection and testing. Then, the mold removal company provides an outline of the ideal services to eliminate mold in your home. The assessment is a diagnostic process before moving forward with mold remediation services in Boise, Idaho.

Is mold toxic?

While black mold is toxic and can lead to chronic health issues, other mold types don’t cause such profound health implications. Too much exposure to any type of mold can lead to allergy-like symptoms, such as sinus congestion, itching, sneezing, and other upper respiratory issues.

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Eliminating Mold from your Boise Home

Tips to Eliminate Mold in House

Where should you start if you want to get rid of mold in the house?

The first step is to call an experienced mold remediation company. While you can find information online about DIY mold removal, the best long-term results come from working with an expert team. The mold removal team will use special detergents with antimicrobial properties to identify the mold types and kill the mold spores.

Make sure the mold cleanup crew uses containment steps to prevent mold from spreading into other parts of your home. HEPA air filters and negative air pressure are essential details that stop the spread and minimize contamination throughout the building.

Common Signs of Mold in Attic or Basement

Watch for these common signs of mold in the basement or attic, so you know when to hire a mold expert for services:

  • Stains or spots on the walls, floors, or ceiling
  • Peeling wallpaper or warped paint
  • After a flood or any other type of water damage
  • Condensation around the windows or plumbing
  • A humid, damp environment in the basement, crawlspace, or attic
  • Musty smell in the house
  • Allergy symptoms or chronic health problems

Sometimes, you can see the mold. It starts as tiny spots of mold on the walls. Then the dark areas begin to spread and grow. Other times, the mold goes undetected because it is in a place that you don’t see. For example, you might start noticing signs of mold coming through drywall because there is mold deeper within the wall.

Signs there is Mold in your Boise Attic or Basement

Professional Mold Remediation Services for Boise Homeowners

Professional Mold Removal Services: Overview for Homeowners

Hire a professional mold removal contractor in Boise, ID, and you will receive full-service treatments.

An expert team understands the importance of thorough and proper cleanup for mold remediation. When you are working with a professional, they bring all of the equipment and cleaning detergents that eliminate the mold. As a result, your home will look as good as new at the end of the project!

Here is a quick overview of some of the services you will receive as part of a comprehensive mold remediation package:

Mold Damage Assessment

Before treatment begins, the contractor wants to know the extent of the problem. Not only is mold remediation important, but it’s also essential to test the entire house, so you know where the mold is growing. Specialized tools can locate mold that is out of sight, helping you find the areas that require treatment.

As part of your Boise, ID home assessment, you receive a written report that outlines the work required for remediation services. Then, you can choose the contractor you want to work with and schedule a time to begin mold removal.

Containment Strategies

If you can see mold on walls and ceilings, it’s likely that the mold is also growing within the drywall and other materials. It’s important to use mold containment to minimize the likelihood of airborne particles when this mold is removed.

Common containment methods include negative air pressure, tarping off the affected area, and HEPA-filtered tools to capture the spores before they are airborne.

Mold Cleanup

Two methods are available for mold removal: dry fogging or topical application. In some cases, it’s sufficient to spray an antimicrobial solution on the walls and ceiling in the affected areas.

Other times, it might make sense to seal off the area to remove mold in the attic, crawlspace, or basement. Then dry fog fills the space and kills mold on the surface and in the air.

Each situation is unique, which is why it’s best to ask for personalized recommendations from a trusted mold remediation company in Boise, ID.


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