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Why is My Freezer Not Freezing?

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Find Out What to Do When Your Freezer Isn’t Freezing

A freezer not freezing is a common issue with this particular appliance. However, a freezer not cold enough doesn’t always mean there is something irreparably wrong. There are various possible reasons why your freezer is cold but not freezing. That’s what we are here to help you with – identifying issues and possibly fixing them as well.

Freezer issues can be simple enough that sometimes you only need to clean out its shelves to resolve the problem. Other cases, however, require closer attention to things like the seals, coils, the thermostat, and other components . But either way, it is crucial to find a solution and restore your freezer’s function so you can avoid spoiling food and reducing your freezer’s lifespan.

Continue reading to learn why your food is thawing in the freezer and what to do when this happens.

Freezer Not Freezing Appliance Repair Issues
Common reasons your freezer is not freezing include the list below.

Reasons Why Your Freezer Is Not Freezing

Here are some of the possible reasons why your freezer is not working properly:

Bad Seals

A dirty or worn-out door seal, aka gasket, could be why your freezer is not freezing. If this is the case, your freezer door may not be sealing properly and cold air can escape. The seal must be 100% airtight, and a dirty or damaged gasket prevents that. In older models, the rubber gasket turns brittle after some time, so if that is the case, you will need to replace your seal or have it replaced by a professional.

Damaged Thermostat

A damaged or worn-out thermostat could also be the culprit of your freezer’s issues. Since the thermostat is an essential part of the freezer and ensures the compressor and fan motors work properly, a damaged thermostat could be why your freezer isn’t freezing. Fixing or replacing the thermostat is typically a task best suited for an experienced appliance repair technician.

Hire a Pro for Freezer Repair
Condenser coils must remain clean for a freezer to efficiently function.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Have you checked the condenser coils behind your freezer for dirt and dust? If they are dirty, then that could be why your freezer is not working. If the coils are too dusty or dirty, they can restrict the airflow and prevent the freezer from functioning right. They can also cause the temperature of the freezer to rise.

Our resident home repair guru, John Turpin, has provided a list of common issues that lead to your freezer not freezing, along with some suggested solutions and DIY tips to get it functioning well again.

Problematic Compressor

Located at the back part of the freezer is the compressor. It is a vital part of the freezer as it takes care of the device’s overall functionality. If the compressor is not working properly or stops working altogether, the freezer will no longer be able to get cold. This is because it’s the compressor that ensures the refrigerant is compressed and circulated throughout the device.

Cluttered Drawers or Shelves

It probably doesn’t seem that way, but cluttered drawers or shelves are a common cause of a freezer not getting cold enough. If the shelves and drawers are not organized, the air inside the freezer will not be able to circulate properly. As a result, some contents inside the fridge don’t freeze or get cold enough.

Sealed System Leakage

How does the refrigerant circulate through the unit? It’s through a sealed system. And if there’s a leak, then the appliance won’t freeze properly. As such, sealed system leakage is one of the possible reasons why your freezer is not cold enough to freeze ice cream. It’s not one of the most common causes, however.

Freezer Not Freezing Appliance Suggestions
Be sure that there is no excessive frost buildup in your freezer.

Frost Buildup

If the walls of the freezer are showing excess frost buildup, it’s likely causing the vents and coils to congest. This leads to the freezer to start malfunctioning, which includes not freezing properly. You may be able to restore the freezing ability of the freezer by breaking down the buildup. If you have a more modern freezer, it may have an auto defrost that you can use.

How to Fix a Freezer that’s Not Cold Enough

There are simple fixes you can try at home to repair a freezer that isn’t freezing. You’ll find these troubleshooting tips in the owner’s manual, which we advise you to consult before doing anything. Every brand, whether Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, GE, Amana, or Kenmore, is slightly different from each other, so it’s important that you check the manual first.

Before anything else, though, don’t forget to gather supplies. Get cleaning clothes and a cleaning agent suitable for freezers. You will also need an ice pick or scraper. If you have a vacuum with a crevice attachment, that would be amazing to have on hand as well. Check out simple freezer troubleshooting tips below:

1. Check for Power

Check if the freezer light is on. If it isn’t, then you might have a power problem. Make sure as well that the freezer is properly plugged in. Next, check the service panel and confirm that the breaker is on. If everything checks out but the freezer is still not freezing, you can move on to the next step – checking the settings.

2. Check the Settings

It could be that your freezer is not set to the appropriate temperature. Check the control settings and confirm. If it is set to the right temperature but is still not freezing, you will need to inspect the thermostat more closely. See if it works after changing the setting from low to high. There’s likely something wrong with it if you don’t hear a ‘click’ coming from it.

3. Clear Out the Freezer Drawers and Shelves

As mentioned before, cluttered drawers or shelves could be why your freezer isn’t freezing. In that case, it makes sense that decluttering could be the solution. Clear out the shelves and freezers to let the airflow circulate again. When you stack the items again, make sure that you don’t over pack and overcrowd or you’ll have the same problem.

4. Clean the Condenser Coils

We also mentioned that dirty condenser coils are a common cause of a freezer not getting cold enough. If the tips above didn’t work and you think the coils are the problem, see if cleaning the coils help. Try removing dust using your vacuum with the crevice attachment. Make sure that the coils are clean then try the fridge once again.

Freezer Not Freezing Appliance Repair Tips
Every so often, it’s a good idea to remove all frost buildup from your freezer. And you might as well declutter so your freezer isn’t overloaded.

5. Remove Frost Buildup

Another issue we’ve mentioned before is the frost buildup. Like we said, removing the frost buildup may help. You will need the ice pick or scraper for this, carefully detaching the frost from the freezer’s walls. Like before, you can also use the freezer’s auto defrost capabilities, if your freezer has this function.

Freezer Not Freezing FAQs

How Can I Keep My Freezer Working Properly?

It greatly helps if you learn how to defrost a freezer properly. Besides that, it’s good to know about different ways to hold the freezer’s temperature effectively, such as by keeping the fridge and freezer components clean. Make sure to clean the condenser coils regularly to prevent dirt buildup. Additionally, ensure that all fans and air vents are clear for optimal temperature regulation and airflow. Lastly, see to it that all door seals are tight to ensure internal freezer temperatures are optimal.

Can I Fix My Freezer by Myself?

You may be able to repair small and simple issues like changing the lightbulb, fixing door blockages, or cleaning the gasket. Consulting the owner’s manual should provide you with troubleshooting tips regarding this. But for more complex repairs, it is best to reach out to a professional appliance repair contractor. They know better and may be able to provide you with warranty benefits.

How Long Does It Usually Take for a Freezer to Freeze?

Normally, freezers freeze between 12 to 24 hours. So, don’t worry too much if your new freezer didn’t become cold right away after just plugging it in. On the other hand, there are some freezers with a special feature that allow the freezing process to speed up. Activating it usually uses more energy, but the benefit is your freezer cools quickly and you can freeze your foods right away. Just wait a while for your freezer to cool if your fridge doesn’t have this special feature.

Get Professional Freezer Repair Help

The methods above are effective DIY tricks to fix a freezer that’s not freezing. But if you still have problems with your freezer, then don’t hesitate to contact a professional local appliance repair pro using the phone number or form on this page.

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