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Tired of buying stale homeowners insurance leads that just end up being a waste of time? Join our Marketplace and get exclusive, inbound leads from people seeking homeowner’s insurance. There is no cost to you to get started & you choose your price per lead.

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Our Marketplace generates over 2,000,000 Phone Call Leads Across the United States each month.

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How We Generate Exclusive Homeowners Insurance Leads

Tell Us What Leads You Want

What Types of Customers and Where

Let us know what type of customer Leads you want and where your company’s Service Area is located so that we can target the perfect customer for your business.

Tell Us What Leads You Want
Tell Us What Leads You Want
Tell Us How Much You Want to Pay
Tell Us How Much You Want to Pay

Tell Us How Much You Want to Pay

You Decide The Price Per Lead

Let us know how much you want to pay per Lead and we will go out and get as many as possible for you. The more you can pay, the more we can get you.

We’ll Drive Exclusive Leads to You

Customers Contact You Directly

When we find someone in your area that is actively looking for your services, we connect them in real-time with your business exclusively so that you can win their business.

We’ll Drive Exclusive Leads to You
We’ll Drive Exclusive Leads to You
You Track Your ROI
You Track Your ROI

You Track Your ROI

Know Your Return to the Penny

Knowing your ROI has never been simpler or more transparent. Easily listen to calls and track your revenue and spend within your mySD platform so that you can know your exact ROI.

Growing Your Service Business Has Never Been Easier

We take the risk and complexity out of marketing your business.

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No Set-Up Fees

Create your account for free and only pay for valid Leads.

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You Control The Cost

Choose your Lead Price based on the value you see and the amount of Leads you want.

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No Contract

There is no term contract so if you aren’t seeing results you can cancel at any time.

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15 years of driving real revenue growth for our local service companies.


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How Much Does It Cost?

We give you the control and flexibility to grow your business, your way.

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The more you are willing to spend, the more Leads we can get your business.

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More competitive areas of the country command higher Lead prices.

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The greater the value of a new customer is, the more expensive it is to get a Lead.

How To get Homeowners Insurance leads online

There are many responsibilities for homeowners, but most would agree that obtaining reliable homeowner’s insurance is one of the most important things to do from the very beginning. As a homeowner’s insurance provider, you know this better than anyone. Without homeowner’s insurance, people have to pay out of pocket for disasters like house fires or hurricane damage, which can easily cost thousands of dollars. Homeowner’s insurance saves many from a world of hurt by covering costs from unavoidable problems, and that’s where you come in! Even though your business is in high demand, you might find yourself struggling with the competition, or maybe you’re just looking for a few digital marketing tips to get you started. Either way, Service Direct has the 411 on how to put your name on the map!

It’s no secret that online marketing has taken over the advertising industry as the best tool for growing businesses. Social media, websites, digital ads, and more are all fantastic resources to use to sell your product and set you apart from the crowd. The challenging bit is knowing the best strategies to get your homeowner’s insurance company to appear at the top of popular search engines like Google and Bing. That’s where we come in! Our expert advertisers are well versed in keyword research techniques to make sure your services don’t go unnoticed when people are looking for a professional in the homeowner’s insurance industry. 

One of the most successful online advertising strategies is pay per call. If you’re wondering why, one of the reasons is because most online searches are done through mobile phones. The more convenient you make it for a potential client to obtain information on your homeowner’s insurance, the higher chance you have at closing the deal. We make your phones ring, all you have to do is answer the phone and do what you do best: sell your amazing services! But before you decide on partnering with a marketing business, you should first understand what goes into pay per call advertising, how you can get the most out of your own online marketing, and some do’s and don’ts when you’re on a mission to grow your homeowner’s insurance business!

With Service Direct, you are buying real-time, exclusive homeowners insurance leads on a pay-per-call basis.

Understanding Homeowners Insurance Pay Per Call

As mentioned above, most online searches are done through mobile phones, making pay per call a convenient and successful advertising tactic. But that’s not the only thing pay per call has to offer. First of all, pay per call is a digital marketing strategy designed to bring more customers to your business by having them call your number. Behind the scenes there are search engine optimization tools and keyword bidding strategies being used by experts to get your search results high up on popular search engines. Pay per call is a great resource for busy business owners like you as it takes out a lot of the guesswork when it comes to online lead generation so you can focus on what you do best! 

Not all lead generation companies are made equal. The highest quality leads are exclusive leads that have true potential of turning into a customer. Those are more expensive, but well worth it for the high-quality results. Other marketing companies might try to sell you shared leads, which means you’ll have to compete with other homeowners insurance companies and have a headache of a bidding war and money lost, whether or not you get the lead. At Service Direct, we only provide exclusive leads and you only pay for the leads that have true potential in being new customers. 

How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Lead Generation Cost?

At Service Direct, homeowners insurance cost per lead ranges from $30 to $120. That might seem expensive, but placing your cost per lead (CPL) as high as possible will allow our advertisers to be more competitive with keyword bidding, ultimately bringing you the best results for lead generation. The average price of homeowners insurance could be as high as $4,445 a year depending on location, so you’re looking at a huge return on investment with a cost per lead of $120. However, we believe business owners should be in complete control of how high or how low their cost per lead is, which is why we allow you to change it at any time, for any reason. Whether you’re wanting to increase your lead generation or you’re overbooked and need to slow down for a bit, you have the control to optimize your CPL for any situation. 

As mentioned earlier, not all lead generation companies are created equal. If you come across a lead generation company with prices that seem too good to be true, they probably are. For example, prices as low as $1 might be tempting, but once you look into the quality of those leads, you’ll quickly realize why they’re priced so low. They could be anything from wrong numbers and spam calls to resold leads from months ago, or shared leads. The only leads you should be paying for are the ones that have true potential of turning into new customers for your homeowners insurance company.

Do’s and Don’ts for Homeowners Insurance Online Marketing

Do revamp your website to reflect your company values, high-quality services, and professionalism.

It’s important to invest time into your website as it’s the very first impression potential clients have of your business. Your phone number should be displayed at the top of your page in a contrasting color that’s easy to see and clickable to make it convenient for people to call. Use visuals like infographics, images, GIFs, or videos to give them an idea of your services and how you treat customers. Additionally, use keywords on your website to increase your chances of showing up higher on search engines when they search for homeowners insurance in your area.

Don’t sign any long term contracts before the pay per call marketing firm has shown you successful results.

If you sign before they’ve delivered, you’re signing off on the possibility of not seeing results after you’ve agreed to pay. In order to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, it’s best to work with a company that lets their services speak for themselves. A business that has a proven track record of success visible to potential clients, and is proud to showcase their results and testimonials, is a good sign you’re working with a company that has your best interest in mind.

Do stay active on social media.

Social media is a fantastic marketing tool that allows you to engage with your audience, show your company culture, share valuable information and promotions, and display your 5 star testimonials. The more active you are on social media, the more potential clients will be able to see how committed you are to top-of-the-line customer service as well as get to know what sets you apart from other homeowners insurance businesses.

Homeowners Insurance Lead Generation Best Practices

Investing time in your website, social media sites, and partnering with a pay per call company can certainly help bring more clients to your phones. But even the best marketing strategies won’t be much help if you’re struggling with closing the deal once the client calls. Luckily, there are many customer service tips to help you on your journey to grow your homeowners insurance business. For example, it can be tempting, as an expert in your industry, to assume you already know what the client is going to say and take over the conversation. But people can tell when they aren’t being listened to and there’s nothing worse than being talked at by a salesperson who doesn’t have the client’s best interest in mind. So, before assuming what their needs are, it’s best to fully listen in order to communicate clearly and take their concerns into consideration. 

Taking time to ensure you’re meeting the best customer service and sales standards is the first step to making sure the rest of your homeowners insurance business is on the same page! We recommend spending extra training time with your staff to encourage the best practices for closing the deal, like mentioning current promotions, unique offers that set you apart from other companies, and your company values. Anything you can do to ensure you close the deal with every lead you get will be time and money well spent!