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Water Mains Issues
Water Mains Issues

Is There a Problem With My Main Water Line?

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Learn How to Tell If Your Main Water Line Has a Problem

The main water line is an important part of your home’s plumbing system. It’s your primary water source, connecting the mains to your home’s water supply. That’s why it’s a big problem when faced with a main water line problem that potentially leads to significant water damage and costly repairs.

Figuring out what’s wrong with your main water line can be daunting, but some signs can help you figure it out before it’s too late. If you suspect a problem with your main water line, it’s important to address it as soon as possible. With that said, this blog helps you learn about the signs of a main water line problem and what to do about it.

Signs Of Faulty Water Mains
Check out the common signs you’re having issues with your water mains.

Signs That Tell There’s a Problem With Your Main Water Line

There are some main water line leak symptoms that you’ll notice even without the help of a plumber. Some signs are easier to see if you understand how main water lines work, but you can still catch the signs of a problem if you know what to look for. Below are some of the most common signs that something’s wrong with your main water line:

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is one of the most common signs of a leak in the main water line of your house. If the water pressure is down everywhere in the house, it could mean a blockage or a leak in the main water line. If the water pressure is only low in one area, it might be a localized problem with a particular fixture or pipe.

Discolored Water

Is the tap water appearing cloudy, discolored, or smelling foul? This might mean a water line break outside your house. There might be a leak causing the discolored water, rust, sediment buildup, or other things contaminating your water supply. The discolored water, possibly containing harmful bacteria or chemicals, could be a health hazard.

Wet Spots on the Lawn

Wet spots on your lawn, especially on usually dry parts, could mean a water line break outside. If left unaddressed, this leak can damage your home’s foundation, landscaping, and other outdoor features. As soon as you notice the wet spots, you should call a qualified plumber to check if there really is a leak and fix the problem.

Our resident home repair guru, John Turpin, explores some of the symptoms and causes of issues with your water mains, including some suggested solutions and DIY tips.

Unusual Sounds

Unusual sounds from the plumbing system, such as hissing or gurgling noises, can indicate an issue with the main water line. These sounds can be caused by water or air bubbles escaping from the pipes. If you hear these sounds, it’s important to have a licensed plumber inspect your plumbing system to determine the problem’s cause.

Puddles of Water

Just like with wet spots on the lawn, finding puddles of water around your home’s foundation is a sign that there might be a leak in your main water line. Water may be seeping through the holes or cracks in the pipe or leaking somewhere else in the line. If not addressed right away, this can lead to water damage to your home.

Water Stains

Water stains on the walls, ceilings, or floors are also signs of a water leak caused by a problem with the main water line. These water stains may appear as water rings, discolored patches, or mold growth. If left untreated, the water stains can cause damage to your home’s structure and pose a health risk.

Unpleasant Smells

A foul odor is also a sign of a main water line problem. If you can detect unpleasant smells from your plumbing fixtures, it might be due to bacterial growth or other contaminants in the water supply. This usually happens when there’s a break or a leak in the water line or plumbing system. You’ll notice this when you turn on the faucet, with the water having a strange taste or color.

High Water Bills

Has your water bill been increasing steadily despite having the same water usage? This is one of the biggest signs of a main water line problem. There could be a leak that’s causing water to flow continuously even when you’re not using water, resulting in a higher water bill. If you notice a sudden increase in your water bill, you should get your plumbing system inspected by a pro.

If you suspect a problem with your main water line, contact a licensed plumber as soon as possible. A professional can diagnose the issue and make necessary repairs to ensure your home has a reliable and safe water supply. Delaying repairs can result in further damage and more expensive repairs in the future.

Faulty Water Mains Causing Excessive Bills
Excessive water bills could might be a symptom of issues with your mains.

What to Do if There’s a Problem With Your Main Water Line

Now that you know how to tell if the main water line to the house is leaking, the next question is, “What can I do about it?” Having found that the water line is leaking or has another issue, let’s talk about how to fix your main water line and ensure a quality, reliable, and safe water supply. Check out the steps below:

1. Shut Off Your Water Supply

If you suspect that there’s a problem with your main water line, the first thing you need to do is shut off the water supply. This helps prevent flooding or further damage from happening. If you don’t know where the main water shut-off valve is, the likely places are outside near the water meter, in your crawlspace, or basement. Once you find the valve, turn it off to stop water flow into your home.

2. Contact a Licensed Plumber

With main water line problems, it’s best to let a qualified plumber handle them since it’s a complex and potentially dangerous job. Hire a professional plumber with experience in fixing main water lines. A pro will have the necessary equipment and expertise to identify and repair the issue and provide valuable advice to prevent future problems.

3. Assess the Damage

Depending on the severity of the problem, there’s likely water damage to your home’s foundation, landscaping, or other outdoor features. Once the water line is fixed, assess the damage and take the necessary steps to correct the destruction around your home as soon as possible. This may include repairing or replacing damaged pipes, repairing water damage, or restoring landscaping.

4. Check Your Insurance Coverage

Depending on the cause and extent of damage, you may be able to fire an insurance claim to cover the repair costs. Check with your insurance provider to see what’s covered under your policy. Document the damage and keep all receipts for repairs and related expenses to make the insurance claim process easier.

Plumbing Pros Can Fix Your Broken Water Mains
Expert plumbers can help you resolve any issues relating to water supply.

Mains Water Line FAQs

What are the common causes of main water line problems?

One of the common causes of main water line problems is aging pipes. Over time, the pipes corrode and develop leaks, causing water quality and pressure issues. Another common cause of the main water line problem is tree roots, which grow and invade the pipes. They can cause blockages and damage to the pipes, often leading to leaks and reduced water pressure. Other common things that damage or rupture pipes include ground movement or shifting soil, construction, or excavation work.

Can I repair a main water line problem myself?

We don’t recommend trying to repair a main water line issue on your own. These problems are usually complex and potentially dangerous, requiring specialized expertise and equipment. It’s best to hire a licensed plumber to repair the water lines correctly and safely.

How much is a main water line leak repair cost?

The cost to repair a main water line leak can vary depending on several factors, such as the severity and location of the leak, the accessibility of the pipe, and the labor rate in your area. Generally, small leaks in easily accessed sites cost a few hundred to a few thousand. Moderate leaks that need some digging range from $3,000 to $6,000 and more. But for large leaks that need extensive excavation, you might have to prepare a budget of $10,000 and more.

Hire a Local Plumbing Pro

When it comes to a main water line problem, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. Delaying repairs can cause more damage around your home and more expensive repairs than your budget can cover. Contacting a licensed plumber is the best way to ensure the issue is resolved quickly and safely.

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