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When your household appliances aren’t working properly, they can make it hard to keep up with your daily routine. We know it can be frustrating and stressful when your chores take longer than they should so it’s important that you know a trustworthy repair service you can call when you’re faced with appliance troubles. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and take advantage of our free service to find reliable Oakland appliance repair technicians today.

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Emergency Service And Repairs

Emergency Appliance Repair Services

Most appliance repair companies offer emergency appliance repair services for when your household appliances need urgent attention.

Appliance repairs are typically non-emergency projects. Most of them can wait a day or two, which also means you will have to deal with the hassle and frustrations of not being able to use your appliance for a couple of days. But if you need this matter dealt with right away, preferably on the same day, you need to bring in an emergency appliance repair technician.

Most repair companies provide emergency appliance repair to cater to homeowners in need of immediate help. A good example of this is when the refrigerator needs to be restored as soon as possible to prevent newly purchased fresh produce from spoiling. At times like this, let the company know you need emergency assistance and a contractor will come to you right away.

Brands Serviced by Appliance Repair Companies

Appliance repair companies in Oakland service most major brands of household appliances.

Whether you need an expert on dishwasher repair, oven repair, or washing repair, it’s important to ask specifically which brands they service. This is to ensure that the contractor you hire is familiar with the inner workings of the appliance that you need fixed. Most appliance repair companies in Oakland service the following major brands:

  • Kenmore
  • Frigidaire
  • Amana
  • LG
  • GE
  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool
  • Waste King
  • Maytag
  • KitchenAid
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Miele, and more
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Common Appliance Repair FAQs

How do you know if the compressor of your refrigerator is bad?

There are some warning signs, such as abnormal sounds coming from your refrigerator. Other signs that the compressor is bad include the appliance running too hot or an increasing frequency of a clicking-on-and-off sound. If your refrigerator is showing these signs, we suggest getting it checked by a qualified appliance repair contractor.

Why is my dishwasher not draining?

Standing water in your dishwasher occurs when the device inadvertently shuts off during a cycle. The simplest solution is to run a second cycle, which will override and complete the first one. If this doesn’t resolve the issue it could be something else a service technician can best help you with.

Can I get appliance repair service quickly?

Emergency appliance repairs are available. Just be sure to inform the contractor you need urgent support. That way, they can send someone right away to assist you ASAP.

Is it a good idea to DIY an appliance repair?

As long as the work you undertake does not require a license, you are free to conduct your own DIY repairs. Bare in mind DIY repairs can also void any remaining warranty on y9our appliance.

Are appliance repair services in Oakland expensive?

Appliance repair is relatively expensive, but there are affordable options if you look around. The repair costs also depend on the brand and type of appliance that needs servicing. You will know for sure how much money you can expect for the repair when you enquire with a contractor for an estimate.

How do I know that an appliance repair service will provide quality work?

It’s hard to say for sure when you haven’t seen their work before. But to be more confident that the contractor you chose will deliver quality work, you can look up online reviews and interview them beforehand.

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Freezer Repair

Freezers help reduce food waste and save money. They’re a great convenience to prepare meals in advance and freeze them to consume later. As such, it’s a big hassle if the freezer suddenly stops working. Fortunately, our appliance repair experts are standing by ready to help ensure the food in your freezer doesn’t go bad.

Washer & Dryer Repair

Washers and dryers are the laundry room’s best pair of appliances. While the washer cleans the clothes, the dryer dries them within minutes, effectively eliminating one chore within a short time. But what should you do if they’re both not working right? In that case, call an expert on washer and dryer repairs who can fix the appliances in no time.

Oven Repair

The oven is one of the modern conveniences that help you have a fun, enjoyable experience cooking in the kitchen. It is thanks to the oven that you can make delicious meals that the family can enjoy, quite easily and quickly too. Get your faulty oven back up and running in no time with help from a qualified oven repair expert.

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers help you clean dishes while relaxing on the couch. It’s convenient when they run properly but when they break down, it can become a huge hassle and annoyance. There are various issues that you may encounter with dishwashers, from stagnant water to leaving spots and draining problems. If you haven’t been getting quality washes lately, call an appliance repair contractor for help.

Average Appliance Life Expectancy

Major Home Appliances’ Life Expectancy Guide

Given the increasing costs of energy and concerns about the environment, it’s vital for every appliance owner to preserve their devices for as long as possible. The good thing is that these appliances are built much better than before, so you can expect them to last.

Part of preserving your appliances is to understand how long they should last. This way, you will know if fixing them is worthwhile, or if it is time to replace them instead. That said, below are the common life expectancies of most major kitchen and laundry appliances.

Kitchen & Laundry Appliance Life Expectancy

Most of today’s appliances last for a good decade. Let’s see which of your appliances you can use for a long time:

  • Refrigerators – 14 years
  • Freezers – 10 to 20 years
  • Dishwasher – 9 years
  • Garbage disposals – 12 years
  • Gas ranges – from 10 to 18 years
  • Electric ranges – from 13 to 15 years
  • Range and oven hoods – 14 years
  • Dryers – 13 years
  • Washing machines – 11 years
  • Microwaves – 9 years

Tips to Extend Their Lifespan

If you want to make the most of your appliances and save money on repairs, the following maintenance tips should help:

  • Regularly wipe/clean your appliances
  • Prevent clogs and dryer fires by removing dust, lint, and fibers.
  • Frequently clean and wipe refrigerator door gaskets.
  • Regularly vacuum refrigerator condenser coils
  • Avoid forcing bones, eggshells, and grease down the garbage disposal.
  • Keep the washing machine’s drainage line clear and clean its drum regularly.

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