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Reliable Appliance Repair in Orange County and Surrounding Areas

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Professional Appliance Repair Services by Local Pros

A home appliance that keeps acting up can quickly ruin your day. It’s not fun when you suddenly have to deal with a refrigerator that isn’t cooling, and most of your food items are on the verge of spoiling. It’s the same feeling of frustration when you find any kitchen or laundry appliance not working properly. Before you find yourself in a similar situation, it would be great if you already had a reliable appliance repair pro on your speed dial. But if you haven’t yet, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can connect you with some of the best contractors in Orange County.

Local Appliance Repair Services

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How to Find Local Repair Companies in Orange County

Finding the right appliance repair company near you is possible, even from the comfort of your home.

Besides finding an appliance repair contractor, part of the process involves researching the particular services you need. In your search, make sure that you pick a company that handles brand and type of appliance you have. Many of our providers offer full-service appliance repair on most of the common brands and models.

The easiest and fastest way is for you to give us a call and we can connect you to skilled and experienced repair pros that are more than qualified to handle your appliance issues. With our free service, you don’t need to spend much time combing the internet to find a suitable company.

Appliance Repair & How It Saves Money

It might not seem like it, but hiring a professional appliance repair company can actually save you money in the long term.

Proactive homeowners are always concerned about extending the lifespan of their appliances. The key to achieving this is maintenance, designed to detect issues and fix them right away before they turn into faults. Professional appliance repair technicians are the best at doing this, effectively reducing the possibility of major issues happening in the future.

Less risk of appliance issues means you won’t waste time on repairs, with the money going to your savings instead. Besides saving you money, professional appliance repair is better because it won’t void the manufacturer warranty of your appliance, is safe, offers emergency services, and has faster results.

Appliance Repair Can Save You Money
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Common Appliance Repair FAQs

How do you fix a malfunctioning garbage disposal?

It depends on the exact issue. If it’s jammed or clogged, resetting the disposal may solve the problem. But for more serious issues, it is best to hire a qualified technician to handle them.

How much does it cost to install a range hood?

The average cost that most homeowners spend to install a new range hood is between $500 and $1000. The exact price depends on the type or style of hood you want, the labor rate, service fee, warranties, and other modifications. Call your trusted technician to discuss your project and ask for a cost estimate.

How do you know if a dishwasher should be repaired or replaced?

If repairs would be more than 50% of its original price, then it is best to replace it with a new dishwasher. The same thing is if you have been using your dishwasher for more than a decade. If you’re not sure what to do, you can ask a trusted repair contractor for advice.

How much does a stovetop cost to replace?

Replacing a stovetop can cost around $200 to $1000. The actual price depends on the type and model of stovetop you choose. High-end brands are usually more expensive, but there are also great quality units that are simpler and cheaper. Contact us if you’re thinking of replacing your stovetop and we will connect you with a reliable contractor.

How do I find an appliance repair contractor near me?

You can judge them based on their previous work, but you still can’t be sure how well they will do their job once you hire them. However, you will feel more confident that you made the right decision hiring a specific contractor if you can confirm their credentials and experience.

Does an appliance repair technician need to be licensed to repair a refrigerator?

Yes. Federal law requires that a technician performing repairs on refrigeration systems must be licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This means that the contractor who will service your appliance cannot be just experienced, but must also be certified.

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Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerators are convenient appliances that make it so much easier to go through our daily routine. It helps save money for groceries and food, as well as ensures we have cold beverages. Without a refrigerator, it would be tough to store food items and make them last for more than a week. This makes it crucial to have a skilled repair technician at your disposal.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals are among the kitchen appliances many homeowners take for granted until they start malfunctioning. As an appliance that helps keep your food waste to a minimum, garbage disposals are vital in the effective operation of the kitchen. But jams and leaks are common for disposals, so it’s a good idea to have a repair contractor on your speed dial.

Dishwasher Repair

While it’s not a necessary appliance, dishwashers make life convenient, especially for busy homeowners. With this appliance, you can have more free time to do other things instead of washing dirty dishes by hand. But your dishwasher has not been working properly these past few days. What to do? Call for a reliable Orange County appliance repair technician.

Washing Machine Repair

Washing machines are, in a way, luxury. It is thanks to these appliances that washing clothes does not have to be a heavy task. Now, it only takes several minutes to wash even piles of dirty laundry, which used to take a day to complete. With how useful washing machines are, you need a trusted repair technician to fix them when the appliances start to fail.

Before Calling A Pro Try These Things

Things to Do Before Calling an Orange County Appliance Repair Pro

Is your appliance starting to malfunction? Was your refrigerator not cooling properly? Have you been hearing loud noises from your washing machine? Or is your garbage disposal jammed again for the third time since last week? If you keep running into problems with your appliances, it’s time to call for a professional appliance repair pro.

If you use our free service, finding a repair company should not be a problem. However, you might want to do a few things first before you call for an expert. To ensure you truly need the assistance of an appliance repair contractor, we suggest that you first follow the instructions below:

Confirm That the Appliance Is Malfunctioning

If you can’t confirm exactly what is wrong with your appliance, you want to at least make sure there is truly something wrong with it. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time and money to call a repair technician for an issue that you could have resolved on your own. For instance, it might be that the appliance was not plugged in properly. On that note, be sure to:

  • Check that the appliance is plugged in
  • Ensure the connection is good
  • Confirm the socket is receiving power
  • Ensure doors, lids, and seals are shut
  • Check for damaged hoses or pipes

Consult the Owner’s Manual

Before calling for an expert’s help, it would be good to consult the owner’s manual first. There, you might find error codes and ways to troubleshoot the device for any issue. At the same time, it provides solutions you most likely can do on your own. If you can resolve the issue by yourself, then that is great for your budget. But if not, don’t hesitate to contact a local repair pro.


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