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Get Help Fast Hooking Up Your Palm Desert Home Generator So You Can Keep the Lights On

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Hook Up Your Palm Desert Home Generator to Stay Powered Up

When the power goes out, it has a domino effect that impacts every area of your life. We live in a modern world and depend on ongoing electrical access throughout the day, which is why it’s a smart investment to install a generator hook up to the house. If you want this feature, then it’s time to call a Palm Desert electrician for help with selecting the ideal type of equipment and installing the generator transfer switch on your property.

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Palm Desert Electrical Generator Transfer Switch

A Generator Transfer Switch: How It Works

When you purchase generator equipment, also budget for generator transfer switch installation.

The generator transfer switch gives you the ability to change between the generator and grid system. This switch can be manual. Or, you might install an automatic transfer switch to detect power loss so the generator starts automatically when the power goes out.

You need a generator switch that is hardwired into the home, with specific electrical circuits that are powered through the generator. Most generators don’t have enough power for the entire home, which means you will need to choose where the generator is most effective in emergency circumstances.

Are Whole-Home Generators Worth It?

Yes, the investment in a whole home generator is worth the cost when the power goes out.

You might be tempted to go with a smaller generator when you are considering your options and comparing pricing in the industry. Before you make the purchase, schedule a consultation with a Palm Desert electrician for personalized recommendations. You can learn about the different types of generators, then select the equipment that is an ideal fit for your home.

Portable, small generators work great for recreational use, but they aren’t sufficient for the whole house. These smaller generators can only run a few lights and appliances. On the other hand, a bigger, integrated generator enables you to keep multiple appliances running so you have ongoing power for several days.

Palm Desert Electrical Generator Portable Vs. Whole-Home
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Common Generator Installation & Repair FAQs

Is it expensive to hire an electrician for a generator hook up to house?

The upfront costs for generator installation are worth the investment because of the many benefits you’ll receive for your family. Most whole-home generators cost around $5,000 to $10,000, including both the installation services and cost of equipment. Then, you’ll have minimal repair and maintenance services going forward.

Does it require an electrician to wire a house for a generator?

Yes, you’ll need to hire a master electrician to hook the generator up to your home. The equipment needs to be connected to the breaker box, which is why it’s best to hire a contractor instead of attempting a DIY installation. A pro will optimize the overall performance of the system.

Do whole-home generators have extended warranties?

The good news is that generators often come with warranty coverage from the manufacturer. Additionally, your Palm Desert electrician will likely offer a guarantee for installation services. You can have confidence in the overall durability and quality when you are working with an industry expert.

What kinds of generators are available?

Learn about the industry and you’ll find a variety of options for generator equipment and installation. An electrician can offer advice about different types of generator hookups. Share information about your preferences and needs, then invest in a system that provides optimal electricity for your family’s power requirements.

When do I make the call to wire the house to a generator?

If the power goes out, then you’ll be glad that you hired an electrician to wire the house to a generator. This connection between the generator and breaker box means that you can easily switch to generator power if the electricity is out. Proper installation helps you avoid common issues in the future.

What qualifications should an electrician in Palm Desert have to install my generator?

When you are ready to invest in a new generator, then the first step is to research local contractors to find an electrician to hire. Choose a team with licensing, experience, and industry certifications. You can have confidence in the services when you are working with a reputable provider in Palm Desert.

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Palm Desert Electrical Generator Wired To Breaker Box

An Electrician Can Wire a Generator to Your Breaker Box

Talk to a local electrician about wiring the breaker box and generator hook up to your house.

This hook up gives you fast and easy power options when electricity isn’t available through the grid. If emergency energy is necessary, then the breaker box and generator connection can power your home with the flip of a switch. As a result, you have ongoing power and the convenience of running appliances and electrical devices.

Choose the rooms in the house where emergency electricity is required. Then, your electrician can help you connect the generator to the ideal switches in the breaker box.

Is a Generator Transfer Switch an Extra Cost?

A generator transfer switch is often an important part of the installation process.

Ask an electrician about generator switch installation cost to see if this service is necessary for your system. Check the full estimate to ensure that the switch installation is included in your scope of work. Don’t skip this step!

In most situations, the cost of a generator transfer switch installation runs between $500 to $1,500. Even though it increases the upfront costs, it’s worth the investment because you will have uninterrupted power in emergency situations. Install a full, quality system right now to minimize the complications and risks in the future.

Palm Desert Electrician Generator Transfer Switch Cost
Palm Desert Elecrtical Generator Emergency Power Supply

No More Power Outages: How a Whole-Home Generator Comes to the Rescue

You’ll be glad you invested in a whole home generator when you are in an emergency situation in the future.

You never know when a natural disaster could disrupt the electricity in your home. The cost for generator installation is a valuable investment because of the peace of mind it brings to your family. You know that you are prepared for any emergency situation that might occur in the future.

A good generator keeps your appliances running and gives you the ability to charge electronic devices and even an electric vehicle when needed. Take a proactive approach right now so that you have less to worry about in the future. Here are a few reasons why homeowners in Palm Desert, CA often choose to invest in whole-house generators:

Backup Power

You can’t predict how natural disasters might affect your power access in the future. Having an automatic generator transfer switch means that you always have a backup option to switch to when power outages occur. If you are away from home, then the automated generator system can keep the sump pump working and fridge running.

Reliability in the Home

Generators mean that you always have reliable power available, with an ongoing power source that you control. This emergency power helps to reduce the disruption to your daily life. It’s as simple as refueling the generator with gas or propane so you can keep it running.

Sufficient Power Source

A Palm Desert electrician will help you choose the ideal size of generator so you always have sufficient power for your family’s needs. Schedule a consultation for personalized recommendations and information about available services.

It’s important to identify the appliances and outlets that need to continue running in an emergency situation. Then, wire the generator to those circuits so the power is directed in the right way when the generator kicks on.


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