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Are you stressed because your garbage disposal is jammed? Is your refrigerator not cooling or your washer making funny noises? If you are experiencing issues with your home appliances and in a lot of stress because of them, you need immediate help. It’s tough to deal with everyday chores when the devices you depend on are acting up. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you let a qualified technician take a look at them and fix the problems found. With that said, we are here to help connect you with some of Pasadena’s best technicians. Contact us for more information or a quote today!

Local Appliance Repair Services

Commercial & Residential • Appliance Repair • Dishwasher Repair • Garbage Disposal Maintenance • Washer & Dryer Repair • Fridge & Freezer Repair Oven & Stove Repair Range Hood Repair

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Questions For Prospective Contractors

Questions to Ask When Hiring

When you finally contact a local appliance repair technician, it’s crucial to ask them questions that will let you know more about the services they offer.

Following are some useful things to ask prospective contractors:

  • Are you licensed and certified?
  • Are you insured?
  • How experienced are you?
  • What types of appliances do you repair?
  • What brands do you service?
  • Do you offer warranties? What are they?
  • How much is the cost of repairs?
  • Do you have reviews or testimonials we can read?

Costs Included in Appliance Repair Service

The cost of fixing an appliance is one of the biggest concerns of homeowners, who might think that professional appliance repair services are not worth it.

Professional repair may sometimes be more expensive than handyman or DIY solutions, but they are a worthy investment. They are, in fact, more affordable in the long term since these repairs can be more efficient and longer-lasting.

If you are worried about the price, perhaps knowing what’s included in the calculation can ease your mind. Following are the key factors often included in calculating repair costs:

  • Type of appliance
  • Repair or replacement
  • Emergency repair fees
  • Refinishing
  • Maintenance
  • Warranties
  • Labor
Cost Breakdown Of Appliance Repair Services
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Common Appliance Repair FAQs

Is it better to repair or replace a failing appliance?

This is difficult to answer accurately because several factors determine whether your appliance is worth fixing or is better replaced. These factors include the type and age of the appliance, its energy efficiency, required maintenance, and repair costs. A professional appliance technician can better help you answer this question.

When should I call an appliance repair technician to check my appliance?

It’s best to contact a service technician as soon as you notice issues with your appliances. The longer you wait, the more severe and costly an issue can become. Getting a professional diagnosis and repair immediately is much better for your pocket too.

What common appliance problems should I know?

Some common issues that kitchen and laundry appliances experience refrigerators not cooling, dryers not drying, dishwashers leaving spots, garbage disposals clogging, and washing machines leaking or not completing cycles.

When should you replace your appliance?

The typical life expectancy of home appliances is 10 to 15 years. Some of them can last longer depending on usage, regular cleaning, and routine maintenance. But if your appliance is nearing its lifespan or has already been repaired before, have it checked by a technician to confirm if it is best to replace it.

What sort of credentials should an appliance repair technician have?

Ideally contractors are certified, insured, and experienced. This means they have the skills and know exactly how to fix different appliances, no matter the type and brand.

What are the signs my range hood needs to be replaced?

Common signs of wear and tear include: • Smoke not venting
• Damaged fan
• Unresponsive switches/buttons
• Faulty Circuitry
• Noisy on low settings

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Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers help remove the task of cleaning dishes out of your hands. With this appliance, you can focus more on other things while you simply load your dirty dishes to be washed. As it’s one of the best convenient appliances in the kitchen, it’s annoying if it starts malfunctioning. If that happens, let it get checked by a professional appliance repair pro right away.

Stovetop Repair

Stovetops are among the kitchen appliances that are best handled by professional appliance repair technicians. Letting an unskilled contractor try to fix it can risk your safety. For this reason, it’s crucial that you find reliable and highly trained appliance repair pros in Pasadena to take care of your malfunctioning stovetop.

Range Hood Repair

Range hoods help the kitchen stay free from smoke and grease. It’s an important device that makes working in the kitchen so much more comfortable. But even though it is a highly useful appliance, many homeowners neglect their range hood until they stop working. Make the most use of this appliance with help from skilled Pasadena appliance repair professionals.

Washer & Dryer Repair

The washer and dryer help make your household efficient. Without them, you are probably going to have to spend so much time doing laundry, making it an even bigger chore. Given their usefulness, it makes sense that homeowners feel frustrated if either one of them doesn’t work right. If faced with the same situation, call for an appliance repair pro you can trust.

Characteristics Of Expert Repair Companies

Qualities of the Ideal Pasadena Appliance Repair Technician

If your home appliances are starting to malfunction, it’s best to have them checked and repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can lead to more serious problems like fire and flooding. In this case, it’s great to have qualified and trustworthy appliance repair technicians on your speed dial.

Pasadena has many repair companies and technicians who can help with your repair issues. The question is, “who should you pick?” Having a lot of options make it tricky, which is why you must take time to research. On that note, it’s good to keep in mind the different qualities that make the best appliance repair contractor.


Of course, you want to hire a contractor who has the right skills and can actually repair different types of appliances. It would be good if they’re licensed, but it’s not a requirement. It’s only important that they are highly trained in repairing various types, makes, and brands of home appliances.


Insurance is crucial when hiring an appliance repair service because it protects both the owner and the contractor. Handling appliances poses certain risks, so it matters that you work with someone with insurance in case of an accident. The good news is that most appliance repair companies are insured.


While some competent technicians aren’t that experienced, it’s ideal when they are. Homeowners can feel more confident in hiring a contractor if they have a solid reputation from years in the industry. This indicates a contractor likely has experience from handling many different types of appliance issues before.


It’s not the most important but being professional means that the contractor is respectful and will do a good job. Professionals go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. They are communicative and responsive, so you can expect a more positive experience in working with them.


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