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Earn More for Your Traffic

Join the Service Direct Affiliate Program to access an active marketplace of call buyers that place a high value on consumer-initiated, inbound phone calls.

Service Direct stands out through our direct relationships with thousands of local service providers and enterprise lead buyers, bringing Affiliates the opportunity for higher payouts.

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Explore Our Pay Per Call Buyer Coverage & Payouts

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Our network of Call Buyers stretches across the United States, giving Affiliates access to industry-leading payouts per call.

Not All Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs Are The Same

We understand what Pay Per Call Affiliates need to succeed.

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Higher Payouts

Phone calls earn high commissions because they are much more likely to convert into revenue for service providers.

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Better Data Transparency

We unlock the data you need to optimize your marketing efforts and maximize payouts.

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Personalized Optimization

Our Affiliate team helps you achieve better results through data-centric feedback specific to your business.

We Buy Phone Calls And Form Leads In Dozens of Categories

Our Affiliate Program lets you best monetize consumer intent.

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Phone Call Leads

Since 2006, Service Direct has been an innovator in the Pay Per Call space and specializes in optimizing phone call lead payouts to Affiliates.

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Form Leads

We also recognize the desire for many businesses to purchase high-intent, real-time web Form Leads. As such, we purchase Form Leads in select Categories from reputable traffic sources and can offer competitive payouts for these Lead types.

Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs Categories

Here are just some of the industries we are proud to serve.

Home Services Pay Per Call Marketing

When it comes to home improvement pay per action affiliate programs, no one has a longer history than Service Direct. We’ve been focused on driving high-quality calls and leads to home improvement contractors across the US since 2006.

If you have traffic within the home services industry, or you’re looking to diversify your income sources and want a rapidly growing industry, look no further.

We buy a massive amount of Phone Calls in the following home service categories:

  • Plumbing
  • Mold Remediation
  • Appliance Repair
  • Remodeling
  • HVAC
  • Roofing
  • Locksmith
  • Flooring
  • Electrician
  • Windows
  • Pest Control
  • Siding
  • Water Damage
  • Solar
  • Handyman
  • More…
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Other Categories

We also have expansive buyer coverage in the following industries:

Automotive Services

  • Towing
  • Auto Glass
  • Auto Repair

Insurance Services

  • Life Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Health Insurance

Medical Services

  • Dentist
  • Chiropractor
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Choose Your Integration Type

We offer both Static DID and Ping/Post API integrations depending on what’s best for your Affiliate Business.

Service Direct Affiliate Program Integration Type Static DID

Easy Earn Static DID Integration

If maximizing income from inbound phone calls is your goal, Easy Earn provides a seamless, high-reward solution without the need for complex integrations, allowing you to focus on driving more and better phone calls to our Call Buyers.

Service Direct Affiliate Program Integration Type Ping / Post API

Earn API Ping/Post Integration

More advanced Affiliates have the option of selling Phone Calls and Form Leads in real time via our Earn API Ping/Post integration. Earn API empowers affiliates to maximize their earnings by seamlessly connecting them with thousands of service businesses partnered with Service Direct.

See Earn API Documentation Here

3rd Party Integrations

Our technology seamlessly integrates with industry-leading Lead Distribution Platforms.

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Service Direct Affiliate Program FAQs

Does Service Direct offer static payouts?

The home service affiliate space is much different than other affiliate niches. For most niches, there are many nationwide buyers with traditional ‘offers,’ allowing affiliate marketers to drive as much volume as possible knowing they will get paid a set payout based on whatever event is considered a conversion.

Within the home service space, the reality is that there aren’t many nationwide advertisers that can provide this sort of offer. Instead, buyer coverage consists of mostly single-location SMBs with some regional enterprise buyers. Each Advertiser typically has the freedom to choose a Cost Per Call they are willing to pay for an inbound phone call from a potential customer. On top of that, they have the ability to pause and unpause their Campaigns, meaning the buyer coverage is constantly in flux.

Given this dynamic nature within the home service industry, static pricing isn’t a viable option for affiliate networks. Instead, pricing is dynamic and based on Advertiser inventory at the moment a call is generated.

As an example, we may be able to payout $100+ for a Plumbing Phone Call in Los Angeles in one moment, but a call in that same zip code the following day may only be sold for $35.

We understand the challenges this type of fluidity (read: uncertainty) can cause affiliate marketers, especially those generating paid media. We work hard to provide our Pay Per Call Affiliates data and insights to help them understand where the largest payouts exist, allowing them to focus on the most promising marketing strategies that will produce the most optimized payouts and highest ROI.

What are payment terms?

Getting paid from Service Direct is easy. We provide real time reporting so that you can always see what you will be paid. We offer wire payment via ACH so you’ll get paid promptly, and if you have any billing questions someone our our team will be happy to help.

Are there any prohibited marketing channels?

Yes. Free marketplace directories such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and others are prohibited traffic sources for our Affiliate Network. Lead quality is of the utmost importance to Service Direct and therefore we don’t accept calls from channels that don’t produce calls that convert into paying customers at a high enough rate.

Are there any advertising quality control guidelines?

Yes. Service Direct is serious about lead quality and has important guidelines that must be followed by our affiliates. You can review those guidelines at

What are conversion rates for Phone Calls versus Form Leads?

If you’re an experienced lead generation affiliate marketer and you’re considering diversifying into phone calls, you’re probably curious what you can expect.

When it comes to home services, the reality is this: homeowners greatly prefer speaking with a contractor in their area as opposed to submitting their information into a form. Just how much do they prefer calling over submitting their information? In our experience, where both CTAs are prominently displayed, visitors to a landing page are 9X more likely to call than enter their information in a form.

Will I have a dedicated Account Manager to help optimize my Campaigns?

Yes. Our Affiliate Account Managers are here to make sure we all see success through our partnership. We are constantly analyzing account performance to find areas for improvement and are always available to brainstorm ways we can achieve better results.

What metrics does Service Direct track to measure Affiliate performance?

Our focus when working with Pay Per Call affiliates is quality over quantity. We’ve been generating consumer-initiated phone calls for almost 20 years and understand how important it is to focus on the right traffic and messaging to drive calls that will convert for our Call Buyers.

To ensure quality, our team listens to and scores most calls within our platform across dozens of criteria, but most importantly:

Caller Need
While not all calls will end up being serviceable opportunities for our Call Buyers, its important Affiliates are consistently driving calls from potential customers (as opposed to wrong numbers, solicitors, out of service area calls, etc.).

Booked Appointment Rate
When it comes to home service phone calls, our goal is to drive calls that end up as booked appointments for our Call Buyers. As such, we need to make sure our Affiliates are sending calls that meet certain thresholds in terms of booked appointment rate.

What are average CPMs for Pay Per Call CTAs?

If you have a steady flow of consumer traffic and are wondering how best to monetize it, you’re probably wondering what average CPMs (Cost Per 1000 visitors) are.

Obviously your conversion rates and commission payouts will be dictated by both the quality of your traffic along with the quality of the content you are serving visitors. For our O&O traffic, we mostly focus on search traffic, so the following data is gleaned from our experience driving calls from search engines.

Our average payout for home service calls is around $40.

A well converting landing page should be able to convert between 10-15% of unique visitors into phone calls. So let’s assume a 12.% conversion rate.

Of those calls that are generated, roughly 60% convert into monetizable calls for our Affiliates.

Given those figures, an average CPM for pay per call in the home services category is around $3,000.

What are the best marketing channels for Pay Per Call Affiliates?

High-intent channels like hyper-targeted paid search, display advertising, and social media make great matches for Pay Per Call campaigns. Phone Call Leads are themselves considered high-intent – when a potential customer is willing to pick up their phone or follow a click-to-call CTA they are expressing serious interest in the product or service.

This also makes engagement channels like content, email, and influencer marketing great options for Pay Per Call Affiliates. Phone Call Leads work well with big-ticket items and services, as potential customers typically want to do a little research before making a purchase, and often prefer the opportunity to talk with a knowledgeable representative to understand and relate the specifics of their unique situation.

What is pay per call affiliate marketing?

Pay per call affiliate marketing is a type of Pay Per Action marketing where advertisers pay their affiliate publishers based on the number of phone call leads they generate. Affiliates use a unique tracking phone number that connects callers to the Call Buyers, who agrees to pay the Affiliate based on the number of conversions that are able to generate.

This type of affiliate marketing is especially powerful for service-based businesses where consumers typically want to speak with the Call Buyer prior to procuring their services.

How does Pay Per Call marketing work?

Pay per call marketing is a lead generation strategy that involves a Call Buyer, an Affiliate publisher, and potentially a pay per call network. The process starts with the Call Buyer’s campaign, which includes the cost per phone call lead they’re willing to pay and the criteria for what will count as a “qualified call.” Affiliate publishers then promote that campaign to their audience using a custom, trackable phone number that will connect callers directly to the Call Buyer.

Some Call Buyers will use call verification systems to ensure incoming calls meet the given criteria, such as length of the call or geographic location, before paying the Affiliate publishers for the leads they produced.

Is pay per call worth it?

Whether you’re a Call Buyer or an Affiliate publisher, there’s a lot to like about pay per call. Affiliate marketers can diversify their earnings model by working with a new set of Call Buyers and by engaging with their audience in a new way. Plus, since inbound phone call leads are typically easier for businesses to convert into sales, Call Buyers are willing to pay higher commissions on pay per call leads than traditional web form fill leads.

Getting creative and taking advantage of a variety of lead types for multiple income streams is a great strategy for making money with affiliate marketing and pay per call.

What are the benefits of pay per lead?

For Affiliate publishers, pay per lead programs are a great way to get started making passive income and monetizing your traffic. These affiliate programs have relatively low barriers to entry, accepting a wide range of lead types that are relatively easy to generate. The performance-based payout structure offers a clear incentive to deliver quality leads, as it offers much greater potential revenue than fixed payouts.

Pay per lead is also available for a wide variety of industries and niches, making it easier for Affiliate publishers to find offers that align with their content. It also offers a great deal of flexibility, as publishers can adapt and change their approach, broaden or narrow their scope, and test out new strategies based on performance data with very little risk.

What are the highest-paying Pay Per Action Affiliate Programs?

Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs tend to offer significantly higher commission payouts than other forms of affiliate programs that pay per lead. Phone Leads are high-intent, and connect businesses directly to motivated potential customers in real-time, which makes them among the most valuable of all lead types. The best way to get started with Pay Per Call is by joining an Affiliate Network or Affiliate Program. We’ve compiled a list of the Top Pay Per Call Networks for Affiliate Publishers to help you get started.


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