pay per lead affiliate program
pay per lead affiliate program
pay per lead affiliate program
pay per lead affiliate program
pay per lead affiliate program

Quality Control Requirements

Service Direct is interested in working with Affiliates that generate high quality, high converting local service Leads. Here are some of our general quality control requirements.

Service Request Requirements

  • Service requests may not come from computer-generated sources (robots, spiders, scripts, etc.) or be obtained using misleading or confusing language that is used to encourage persons to submit their contact information.
  • Service requests may not be incentivized (including, without limitation, generated by offering incentives, payments, rebates, sweepstakes entries, prizes, etc).
  • Service requests may not be generated through the use of ad creative or by purchasing keywords that infringes upon any trademark, copyright or other third-party intellectual property rights, including any brand names of competitors OR dynamic keyword insertion.
  • Service requests may not come from consumers under eighteen years of age.
  • Service requests may not come from through the use of Craigslist or other similar online classified ad websites.
  • Service requests may not come from any marketing and/or lead generation via SMS, Smart Messaging, EMS, MMS or any other type of text messaging service or protocol.

Landing Page Requirements

Service Direct offers a service that connects consumers/users with service providers. Service Direct does NOT perform any services directly. Any Creative used on landing pages should make that distinction clear, in addition to the following:

  • All Creative used on Call Seller’s website landing pages should be generically branded and should NOT make any representations that make it appear that Service Direct is performing the service being requested.
  • There CANNOT be any fake testimonials or reviews.
  • There CANNOT be any statements or claims made that cannot be substantiated.
  • Affiliates CANNOT use superlatives (like best, cheapest, greatest, lowest, highest, etc.).
  • Affiliates CANNOT use any brand or content that would be considered misleading based on the service that Call Buyer provides.
  • Affiliates CANNOT make any guarantees regarding the quality or service being performed.
  • DO NOT use the word “free” (i.e. free estimates, free consultation, free service, etc.)
  • DO NOT make any suggestions about price (i.e. cheap prices, lowest prices, affordable prices, etc.).
  • INCLUDE disclaimer describing the service provided (connecting consumers with service providers) that specifies that all contractors/providers are independent, that we do not warrant or guarantee any work performed, and It is the responsibility of the consumer to verify that the service provider is qualified to provide services.