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Hire Trusted Home EV Charging Station Installers in Phoenix, AZ

Get a Level 2 Electric Car Charger Installed Fast in Phoenix and Surrounding Areas

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Our Phoenix Home EV Charging Station Installers Are Ready to Help

Driving an electric car is a great way to make a difference in the world, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and do your part to slow down global warming. When you invest in an electric car, it’s essential to hire EV charging station contractors in Phoenix, AZ, so you can top-up the vehicle when you pull into the garage at home. Special considerations are required to ensure you have the right type of charging equipment and outlet to charge your car whenever needed quickly.

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Phoenix Home EV Charging Station Advantages

Benefits of Installing an EV Charging Station at Home

When you invest in an electric vehicle, it’s smart to also install an electric car charger for convenience.

Here are some of the benefits of having your own wall-mounted EV charger in your Phoenix, AZ, home:

  • At-home charging is cheaper than paying to use public charging stations
  • The convenience of charging your electric vehicle whenever you are home
  • Faster charging if you choose level 2 charger installation
  • Improved property value because future homeowners will want this feature
  • Specific compatibility with the type of electric vehicle you are driving
  • Preserve the battery life by charging to full instead of a small amount of charging at public stations throughout the day

Questions to Ask Before Installing an Electric Car Charger

Talk to EV charging station contractors in Phoenix, AZ, to learn more about installation before moving forward with the project.

During your consultation, it’s smart to ask questions such as:

  • Do I need level 1 or level 2 charger installation?
  • How much experience does your team have as electric car charger installers?
  • Do I need off-street parking for a wall-mounted EV charger?
  • Before installing a level 2 charger electrical hookup, is it necessary to get a permit?
  • How long will it take to charge my electric vehicle with this type of EV charger?
  • Do you recommend a tethered or untethered charger?
Phoenix EV Charger Installation Questions
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Common EV Charging Station FAQs

How much does it cost to install EV charging in Phoenix?

The installation cost depends on a few factors, such as the location of the installation and the type of charger. Most electric vehicles need level 2 charger installation, which costs a little more than level 1 since the wiring and outlet need reconfiguration. Before you install an electric car charger, ask the contractor for an estimate.

How do I repair an EV charging station?

EV charging stations usually don’t require much maintenance or repair work. But if the station isn’t charging correctly, it might be time to call an electric car charging station electrician in Phoenix. This contractor will inspect the wall-mounted EV charger, diagnose the problem, then provide specific repair services to restore the function of your charging station quickly.

How to choose the right electrician for EV charging installation and repair?

Call local electricians to find contractors who know how to install electric car chargers. The electrician should have previous experience with the charger installation process, including 240-volt charger installation. Also, read reviews to learn more about each contractor and their reputation in the industry.

Is it necessary to install an electric car charger in Phoenix?

You need the convenience of charging your car at home, and most Phoenix, AZ, residences don’t come with a charging station pre-installed. Understand that your car can’t be plugged into a regular outlet. You need level 2 charger installation with 240-volt power for faster-charging capacity. EV charging station contractors can provide specific recommendations.

What type of wall mounted EV charger do you need?

Most electric vehicles require 240-volt charger installation (level 2 charger installation). Standard electrical plugs are 110 volt, which has a slower charging capability because of the lower voltage levels running through the connection. The 240-volt charging station provides a much faster charge compared to a typical 110-volt unit.

Why do I need a level 2 charging station?

Not only do you get a faster charge with a level 2 station, but this type of wall-mounted EV charger is designed for heavy, repeated usage. So, you can expect better long-term performance instead of using a 120-volt outlet. This applies to Tesla home charger installation as well as other brands of electric vehicles.

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Phoenix 240 Volt EV Charger Installation Overview

Overview: 240 Volt Charger Installation

Since level 2 charger installation uses 240 volts of electricity, you can expect a faster charging time for your car.

The charger install process requires several steps to ensure the safety and efficacy of the charging station. For example, this particular installation procedure requires a “double-pole” circuit breaker so you can attach two 120-volt connections to create a 240-volt charger.

EV charging station contractors in Phoenix must attach a ground wire, common wire, and hot wires to complete the system. Sometimes, it’s necessary to replace the breaker box, so you have a compatible interface for the charging station.

Investing in an Electrical Vehicle? Install a Charging Station

If you are going to drive an electric vehicle, it’s essential to invest in an electric car charger hookup in your Phoenix, AZ, home.

The convenience of having an at-home charging station is necessary for busy families. When you pull into the garage, it’s nice to hook up the car right away. Then, your vehicle is always topped-up when you are ready to get back on the road again.

Some electric vehicles can be charged using standard 120-volt electrical outlets. But this slower voltage can take as long as 12 hours for a full charge. So it’s worth the investment to hire electric car charger installers to help with level 2 charger installation so you can charge the vehicle in just a few hours.

Phoenix EV Charging Station Investment
Phoenix Important EV Charger Facts

What You Need to Know About Installing an EV Charger

Where should you start if you are ready to hire EV charging station contractors for a wall-mounted EV charger in your home?

Many Phoenix homeowners are choosing to invest in this feature, which means you can find qualified installation teams in the area. When you hire a trusted electrician to install an electric car charger, it’s smart to educate yourself about the industry to understand the services you are receiving.

Here are a few considerations to ensure you are receiving top-notch services:

Always Hire an Experienced Contractor

Even though there are online tutorials about DIY installation for an electrical car charger hookup, this project can be dangerous if you don’t have training or experience in the industry. Instead, make the investment to hire a professional contractor.

A pro ensures safety in all stages of the installation. An experienced electrician makes sure that the charger is installed safely and correctly. Additionally, they offer personalized recommendations to ensure long-lasting, quality results for your charging station.

Compliance Considerations

It’s essential to ensure that your charger is fully certified, including compliance with wiring regulations and more. A trained electrician understands the specific steps to follow to ensure everything matches up with government requirements. They will certify the installation with the local department, then provide you with a compliance certificate for your charger.

Full-Service Support

Make sure you are hiring EV charging station contractors who offer end-to-end service. Some contractors will install the equipment, then leave you to figure out how to use it. It’s a better investment to find installers who offer comprehensive service packages, including pre-installation advice and a post-installation tutorial to ensure you are using the equipment correctly.

This full-service support ensures that you have expert insights and help through every stage of the charger install process. Additionally, you always have an electrician on call if you need repair or maintenance services in the future.


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