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Get Help Fast Hooking Up Your Phoenix Home Generator So You Can Keep the Lights On

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Phoenix Electricians Are Ready to Hook Up Your Home Generator Now

Your family depends on electricity for daily activities, which is why a power outage can be frustrating and disruptive. One solution is to hire a Phoenix electrician to help with a generator hook up to the house, creating a backup solution so you can always stay connected. Even if the grid goes down, a generator will kick in to provide ongoing electricity for your appliances and electronic devices. Schedule a consultation with a local electrician to learn more about the installation of a generator transfer switch and full-service installation.

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Tips to Know about Transfer Switch for Generators in Phoenix

What to Know About Installing a Generator Transfer Switch

Part of the process requires a transfer switch for generator installation.

Call a Phoenix electrician to learn more about these services. For example, a generator transfer switch installation gives you the manual ability to switch from grid electricity to power from the generator. Or, you might choose an automatic transfer switch that detects the loss of power and starts the backup generator automatically when the power is off.

The switch is permanently hardwired into your home. Most of the time, a backup generator doesn’t provide enough power for all of the electrical circuits in your home, so you’ll need to choose selected circuits where the backup current will be directed.

Whole-Home Generators Vs. Portable Generators

Is it worth the cost to install whole-home generators, or are portable generators sufficient for your needs?

Schedule a consultation with a Phoenix electrician to learn more about the differences between these types of generators. Portable generators are cheaper and easy to use, but they are only sufficient to run a few lights and appliances. These small systems aren’t adequate to handle all of the needs throughout the home.

On the other hand, a whole house generator is powerful enough to offer ongoing electricity throughout the home for several days at a time. So if you want a reliable energy source, then make sure you go with whole-home generators and hire a Phoenix electrician to write a generator to a breaker box directly.

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Common Generator Installation & Repair FAQs

Is a generator hook up to house an expensive project?

How much should you expect to spend on installing a generator in your Phoenix home? Not only do you need to buy the generator equipment, but there are also expenses for installation services to set up a generator transfer switch and more. Most whole-home generators cost between $5,000 to $10,000 or more.

Do you need a Phoenix electrician to wire a house for a generator?

It’s necessary to wire a generator to a breaker box, which requires specialized services from an experienced electrician. In addition, you must have a licensed contractor to assist with this type of installation, particularly when you are installing larger systems for whole-home generators. Finally, proper wiring is essential to prevent common complications.

Do whole home generators come with guarantees?

Most generators are warrantied, but a certified electrician must install the wiring and equipment to maintain the warranty coverage. Additionally, Phoenix electricians often offer a guarantee for their labor and services. You can always call the electrician for maintenance and repair if something goes wrong.

What are the options for generators in my home?

Different generator hookups to the house are available, depending on your unique needs and preferences. For example, you might want to wire a generator to a breaker box and hire an electrician for full-service solutions. Small inverter generators work for outdoor recreational activities, but home standby generators are best for residential use.

When is it time to wire the house to a generator?

There’s no reason to wait to wire the house for a generator. Invest in these services right now so you are prepared for anything that might happen in the future. Investing in generator installation right now is smart, so you are ready for any power disruptions that might happen in the coming years and months.

How do I find the right Phoenix electrician for my generator installation?

When you need to hire an electrician in Phoenix, learning about local contractors is smart before choosing the service. Reach out to multiple contractors for consultations. Ask questions about available services and research the electrician’s reputation to ensure you hire the best team for the job.

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Phoenix Wire Generator To Breaker Box Panel

Hire a Phoenix Electrician to Wire a Generator to Your Breaker Box

An electrician provides full-service solutions for generator hook up to house, including the installation of a generator transfer switch and complete installation.

The breaker box contains the circuit breaker panel, which is basically a big switch to manage the complete power supply in your Phoenix, AZ home. The generator needs to be connected to the breaker box to give you continuous power if electricity isn’t available from the grid.

Identify the household outlets and appliances that require emergency electricity when the generator kicks in. Make sure the generator and the appliances are compatible, then choose a wiring system to connect the generator to the breaker box. A Phoenix electrician offers full-service solutions to ensure safety and quality for all of these services.

Does the Generator Transfer Switch Cost Extra Money?

Ask your Phoenix electrician for a price breakdown when requesting information about the cost of generator installation.

When you are paying for a full-service generator hook up to the house, it typically includes generator transfer switch installation cost. But you’ll want to be sure that the transfer switch is included in the scope of work.

Generally, generator transfer switch costs run between $500 to $1,500 depending on the type of switch you need and the electrician you hire to complete the work. This installation can be done in a day, giving you a fast and effective way to hook up a generator in your Phoenix, AZ home.

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Be Prepared for the Unexpected: Install a Whole Home Generator

Your family depends on ongoing electricity, which is why a whole home generator is an excellent investment for emergency situations.

When the power goes out, a whole home generator ensures that you can keep the lights on and continue using appliances and electronic devices. A Phoenix electrician can assist with this installation process, ensuring you have guaranteed power in unexpected circumstances. Take a proactive approach, so the generator is ready if a storm or natural disaster disrupts electricity in Phoenix.

Here are a few benefits of a whole house generator:

Automatic Power

When the power goes out, the generator automatically kicks into gear to provide power. You don’t have to be home for the power source to switch from the grid to the generator. For example, suppose you are away from the house when the power goes out. In that case, this automated system ensures that your home security stays connected, the fridge continues to run, and the sump pump is in working condition.

Sufficient Power

An experienced electrician will help you determine the generator size sufficient for your power needs. Install a standby generator to ensure you have the proper amount of power to continue running the most critical appliances in the home. Most portable generators aren’t sufficient for powering the entire home, so it makes sense to invest in a bigger generator integrated into the electrical system.

Ongoing Power

This generator has the ability to continue running for days – as long as you need power. Most generators are powered by propane or natural gas. Similar to running a car, you can continue refueling as long as you need the system to stay running.

This whole house generator is like having an insurance policy to ensure that your home is always protected. You can avoid dangerous voltage fluctuations and keep the power turned on when storms or other issues disrupt your power source.


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