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Plumbing Leads Near You

How We Generate Exclusive Plumbing Leads

Tell Us What Leads You Want

What Types of Customers and Where

Let us know what type of customer Leads you want and where your company’s Service Area is located so that we can target the perfect customer for your business.

Tell Us What Leads You Want
Tell Us What Leads You Want
Tell Us How Much You Want to Pay
Tell Us How Much You Want to Pay

Tell Us How Much You Want to Pay

You Decide The Price Per Lead

Let us know how much you want to pay per Lead and we will go out and get as many as possible for you. The more you can pay, the more we can get you.

We’ll Drive Exclusive Leads to You

Customers Contact You Directly

When we find someone in your area that is actively looking for your services, we connect them in real-time with your business exclusively so that you can win their business.

We’ll Drive Exclusive Leads to You
We’ll Drive Exclusive Leads to You
You Track Your ROI
You Track Your ROI

You Track Your ROI

Know Your Return to the Penny

Knowing your ROI has never been simpler or more transparent. Easily listen to calls and track your revenue and spend within your mySD platform so that you can know your exact ROI.

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

With any marketing service, success should be measured in dollars and cents.


Average Return on Investment


Average Leads Delivered per Month


Average Ticket Price

“Not only has Service Direct helped us increase our sales considerably, we’ve actually been able to do that while decreasing our marketing expenses. As a company hyper-focused on our profit margin, they have had a big impact on our ability to improve not only our top line, but also our bottom line!”

—Stephan Brodar
Rooter-Man Plumbing and Drain Service

“Service Direct is an honest lead gen company in a world where I have been burned by so many other marketers. They have really worked closely with me over the past year and have helped me get the business I needed. They are a great way to make sure you can be found online.”

—Bobby Johnson, CEO
New Era Plumbing

“Service Direct has been the backbone of all our leads this year. Their service is straight forward and simple to use. Of all the services we use, we are closing the most through SD. Our business has grown considerably since we started using them and we couldn't be any more satisfied with the quality of the leads we end up paying for.”

—Anthony Picarello, CEO
PIC Home Pros

“Working with Service Direct has changed the strategy of my business. They’re generating new clients every day and that makes me appreciate their hard work.”

—Weston Barnes
3 Brothers Plumbing & Heating

“Our field is very competitive and Service Direct knows exactly how to advertise and give you the upper hand. Every dollar spent is worth it. We used many other companies for advertising but contractor marketing was the most honest and helpful one.”

Day & Night Services

Day & Night Services Logo

“The leads coming in are high-quality, high-price point type of leads. Service Direct helps us generate new customers. Once we acquire them and give them good service, they come back to us to do business in the future.”

—Carlos Lee
Black Diamond Experts

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Growing Your Service Business Has Never Been Easier

We take the risk and complexity out of marketing your business.

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No Set-Up Fees

Create your account for free and only pay for valid Leads.

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You Control The Cost

Choose your Lead Price based on the value you see.

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No Contract

There is no term contract so you can cancel at any time.

Proven Results For Our Clients

15 years of driving real revenue growth for our local service companies.


Revenue Generated for Our Clients


Leads Delivered to Our Clients


Satisfied Clients

Inc. 500 – America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies
Microsoft Advertisting – Select Channel Partner

How Much Does It Cost?

We give you the control and flexibility to grow your business, your way.

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Lead Volume

The more you are willing to spend, the more Leads we can get your business.

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Service Area

More competitive areas of the country command higher Lead prices.

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Service Category

The greater the value of a new customer, the more expensive it is to get a Lead.

See Price Ranges for Your Industry

How To Get Plumbing Leads Online

It’s no secret that plumbers are an essential part of keeping homes and companies around the world intact. A simple kitchen leak, burst pipe, or clogged toilet can be detrimental to any household or business and send property owners running to the nearest plumber to save the day. So why is it so difficult to receive the plumbing leads you counted on when you started your plumbing business? One of the hardest things to do as a business owner is to make yourself known to people in your area. 

There are so many marketing companies available to help grow your business, but what exactly will they do? Each marketing firm may do things a little bit differently, but the goal is the same – to generate more leads for your plumbing company. It’s all about finding an honest company that uses the best strategies, showcases their results with current and past clients, and provides quality lead growth over quantity. The hard part is being able to differentiate between the good and the bad. 

Before you decide what marketing firm to go with, it might help you to know a bit more about what exactly goes into lead generation strategies. Having a website that is easy to navigate, informative without being cluttered, and showcases your success like testimonials or before and after photos is key. Being active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter make you easily accessible and more approachable because social media tends to create a domino effect of likes and reposts which lead to more potential customers. What you might need help with is SEO, conversion strategies, and ultimately, quality lead generation whether it’s through pay per call or per per click. Whatever marketing strategy you choose, understanding lead generation concepts will help you build the plan that’s a good fit for your business needs.

With Service Direct, you are buying real-time, exclusive plumbing leads on a pay-per-call basis.

Plumbing Pay Per Call – How Does It Work?

A lot of plumbing lead generation companies have a pay per call strategy, meaning you will pay for each call made by a potential customer for your services. The great thing about this is it doesn’t involve any shared leads which often result in bidding wars and pricing your services much lower than they’re worth. With pay per call, all you have to do is pick up your phone! 

If you choose pay per call as your advertising strategy, there will be a campaign created with your unique tracking number that a potential customer sees and clicks on to call. That information is tracked in order to tell exactly who called the number. Depending on your lead generation partner, you could be paying for anything from spam to resold leads from months ago. So, asking about the leads you’ll be charged for is a great question for any marketing firms you’re looking into. With Service Direct, our services are centered around our clients only paying for valid plumbing leads so you’ll never need to pay for a bad lead again.

Red Flags – What To Look Out For When Searching For Plumbing Lead Generation Companies

Signing up with a lead generation company is not a decision to take lightly. Ideally, this will be the beginning of a positive and reliable partnership that results in growing your plumbing business. Before making your decision, here’s a couple things to look out for:

If a marketing firm wants to charge you by the lead and states that you’re required to sign a long term contract before moving forward, beware. This allows the company to take your money before they’ve provided any leads for your business and whether or not the leads turn out good or bad, you’re already locked in. With us, we have no problem showcasing our successful track record of lead generation and letting our services speak for themselves. 

Another thing to watch out for are lead generation companies that have an extremely low cost per lead. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is, especially with brand new companies that are just trying to get their foot in the door whether or not it’s a good fit. Remember, quality over quantity is key when it comes to lead generation. There’s no use spending all your money on leads that never had the potential to be customers in the first place.

Show Me The Money – How Much Will Plumbing Leads Cost You?

Although quality leads might be more expensive, they will prove to be much more valuable in the long run. Paying for hundreds of leads that really had little to no potential of turning into real customers is a waste of time and money. Paying for one lead that turns into a real customer is much more valuable than paying for 9 less expensive leads that don’t amount to a paying customer. Plumbing leads can range anywhere between $20 to $125 per call while the average ticket price reported by our clients is $638. Looking at those averages, you’re getting so much more in return for leads, especially if you’re only paying for valid plumbing leads. 

Another reason why quality leads could seem more expensive is because higher Cost Per Leads allow your marketing firm partner to spend more towards keeping your search results at the top of search engine pages like Google and Bing. When you partner with Service Direct, you can change your CPL at any time to meet your marketing needs and you’ll be guaranteed that each lead you pay for will be a potential new customer every time!

Our Two Cents – Make The Decision That’s Right For Your Plumbing Marketing Plan

After narrowing down the top businesses that provide marketing strategies that will best suit your needs, it’s all about vetting the companies and comparing results. Speak to past and current customers and ask for a proven track record of their success with lead generation. If they’re vague or hesitant to go into it, then they’re probably not doing so great and you don’t want to fall victim to a company that knew they couldn’t deliver high quality results. A trustworthy company will showcase their testimonials and will be happy to help out by explaining any of their services or terms  even if in the end you decide to go a different direction. 

Whichever company you choose, answer your phone! Answering your phone will not only increase your chances of closing a deal with the leads you’re paying for, but it creates a reputation of great customer service and quick response time. That’s great marketing for your business! Promoting your outstanding business reputation is one of the best marketing strategies around and essential to the growth of any company. When people have a pleasant experience with a company, they typically share their great experience with others. Whether it’s through a testimonial, family, or friends, they’re essentially advertising for you due to the positive experience they had. All of that starts by simply answering your phone!