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Plumbing is an essential system of your home – while it’s great to have a basic understanding of how it works, as well as some knowledge with DIY plumbing maintenance tips and tricks, it’s also important to know when it’s time to hire a trusted local plumbing company. Whether you need pipe repair or leak detection or drain clearing, connect with our premier Redlands plumbing pros for a quote on any project big or small.

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Commercial & Residential Repair • Leak Detection and RepairGarbage Disposal • Drain Cleaning • Sewer System Backups • Water Line Pipe Repair • Emergency Service • Hot Water Heater Repair and Install • Running ToiletLeaky Faucet • Clogged Bathroom or Shower Drain Low Water Pressure

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Diagnosis And Repair

Plumbing Troubleshooting & Repair

What happens when you hire a professional plumbing contractor?

Taking a proactive approach can save money and time long-term. When you hire a plumbing contractor, the first thing that happens is an analysis and diagnosis. Redlands plumbers can inspect your plumbing using tools, including gauges and cameras, to get to the root of any problems.

Camera inspections are particularly useful. Besides helping determine the exact cause of the current issue, they can determine the current state of the whole system and identify potential future issues. By troubleshooting your plumbing system, you can catch problems early and repair them promptly.

Choosing A Reliable Plumber

It is not easy to pick a contractor from a list of candidates. Your choice must be a professional, reliable, reputable, and experienced plumber.

The plumber you choose must be someone you can be 100% confident in. Consider the following when looking for the right local plumber:

  • The contractor must be licensed.
  • Check licensing and credentials beforehand.
  • Choose someone with workers’ compensation and liability insurance.
  • Confirm they offer 24/7 emergency service.
  • Reputation and time in business
  • Verify they’ll write a detailed estimate.
  • Ensure everything is in writing.
Picking Dependable Pros
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Common Plumbing FAQs

How will I know when I have low water pressure?

An obvious sign is when water flow from fixtures noticibly drops. Another way to tell is by turning all showers and faucets in a single bathroom. Flush the toilet, and if you see the pressure drop from the taps and showers, you might have an issue. Lastly you can check using a pressure gauge. The ideal water reading should be from 40 and 60 PSI.

How does a Redlands plumber charge for their work?

It depends on the plumber. It can be per hour or by project, and rates often scale for emergency services or on holidays. Cost will also depend on what the contractor discovers after an inspection, the quality of materials and type of equipment required to complete the job. In Redlands, the average cost for many basic repairs is between $100-450.

Can I expect the work done by a professional plumber to be covered by any warranty?

Again, this will depend on the company and the type of work. Where applicable, it is common for contractors to offer 12 months warranty on parts and labor. Warranties generally aren’t offered in situations where clients opt for temporary fixes over more expensive or intrusive permanent solutions to issues.

What are the top things to consider when hiring a professional plumber?

Number one is proper licensing. The contractor must be licensed, certified, and insured. Next is reputation, which indicates the plumbing company is a good service provider. Experience also matters to ensure they provide correct repair or installation the first time. Other things to consider include references, warranties, and customer service.

Is hiring a residential plumber really necessary?

If you don’t want repeat repairs after just getting your leaky pipes or clogged drains fixed, hiring a professional plumber is best for your home. Professionals are experienced and highly trained contractors who have previously repaired, installed, and replaced drains, pipes, water heaters, faucets, and toilets. They are more efficient and reliable than DIY.

Are you able to repair a hot water heater?

Yes and no. Professional plumbers can repair hot water heaters. However, if it has been more than 10 to 15 years, plumbers might not be able to find the right parts for it anymore. In that case, it can be better to replace the device. Also, plumbers can repair/replace some elements of an electric water heater. However, they cannot replace the tank if it’s corroded and leaks.

Featured Plumbing Services in Redlands

Leaky Faucet

Dripping faucets are typically a symptom of a more serious plumbing issue. Get a professional plumbing contractor to inspect your faucet before it gets worse. One of the possible causes of a leaky faucet is hard water that leads to limescale buildup. Redlands residential plumbers can fix this problem at a fair price.

Low Water Pressure

Weak water pressure is inconvenient and annoying. Not only do chores take forever, but you also can’t shower as much as you want. The likely culprit is a mineral buildup, which requires cleaning, repairing, or replacing a fixture. It could also be because of a leaking pipe. Either way, a professional plumber has the ability to restore your home’s water pressure.

Toilet Installation & Repair

Whatever is wrong with your toilet, there’s a great chance of it becoming an ugly mess. But no matter, our local plumbing service can handle any toilet issue, whether leaks or installation. Replacing or installing a toilet is difficult, particularly for those without experience. Instead of struggling to do it yourself, our skilled plumbers can do it for you.

Garbage Disposal Problems

The garbage disposal keeps unwanted substances from your plumbing system. A garbage disposal that becomes inoperable or jammed puts a lot of limitations on what you can do in the kitchen. Fortunately, a professional plumber can fix this device, get rid of anything stuck inside it, and be able to use it again like it’s brand new.

Responding To Emergencies

What to Do When You Have a Plumbing Issue

When you notice issues with your plumbing, whether minor repairs or major projects, reach out to us to connect with a local contractor who can help. But first, read through this guide for key steps to take so you’re best prepared for a discussion with the plumber.

Start by identifying the problem as much as you can. Take note of the issues you see, like what is working with your plumbing system and what’s not. Then, create a list of questions to ask the contractor that will help decide whether to hire them or not.

Provide Details of the Problem

Once you reach a plumber, give them details about the problem as much as possible. The more information you can provide, the better it is. The details help them give an estimate for the repair. This is why it’s essential to take note of the plumbing problems you see. Be sure to tell the plumber no matter how minor the issue is.

Get an Estimate if a Quote is Not Possible

Before hiring a contractor, don’t forget to ask for a quote. You don’t want to be surprised with what you must pay after the repair. It is also vital because some emergency plumbers charge for coming out after hours. You might assume that this fee is absorbed into the job cost, but find out shocked when it turns out it’s not.

Get a Quote for the Service

Some plumbing contractors in Redlands don’t give precise quotes over the phone because they want to diagnose the issues in person before providing accurate pricing. However, if you can describe the problem in detail to the contractor, they can often provide a price estimate for a ballpark cost range.

Ask All the Questions You Prepared

Don’t forget to ask the questions you prepared. If it is your first time hiring a plumber, you might be confused about a lot of things. Ask away – how do they charge? Are they licensed? Do they offer a warranty? Do this to be confident that you are hiring a reliable contractor.


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