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The Ultimate Appliance Repair Marketing Guide

The online marketing space for appliance repair companies is complex and competitive. Here’s everything you need to know in order to find success advertising your appliance repair business.

Appliance Repair Marketing Guide – Digital Advertising Tips mobile

Digital Marketing Toolbox

The Ultimate Appliance Repair Marketing Guide

The online marketing space for appliance repair companies is complex and competitive. Here’s everything you need to know in order to find success advertising your appliance repair business.


As an expert in the appliance repair industry, you have valuable skills to offer homeowners and business owners who need help with large appliances. But advertising your services is another set of skills that is likely outside of your expertise. What is your strategy for appliance repair marketing to bring in customers?

One of the best ways to grow your business and maintain a steady stream of clients is by connecting with leads online. But without a good appliance repair marketing strategy in place, you may miss out on this potential revenue. Investing in digital advertising is an excellent way to fill your pipeline and strengthen your online presence.

Running a business in the past was simpler because direct mail, phone book listings, and advertisements on local TV or radio stations were often enough to bring in customers. Now, if you want to stay relevant in the industry, then it’s necessary to have a more extensive and well-rounded strategy for appliance repair internet marketing.

Capitalizing on online marketing for appliance repair companies can be challenging, as the landscape is constantly changing. Getting started can be daunting, especially for small and mid-sized contractors with limited budget, time, and resources to invest in marketing. But with the right strategic approach, digital marketing is a great way for appliance repair companies to reach new customers.

This quick start guide is designed to help you get started with appliance repair marketing and improve your current campaigns. The goal is to help you avoid the ups and downs of building a marketing strategy from scratch. These online marketing methods help you bring in leads that grow your business and improve your bottom line.

Getting Started: A Solid Foundation for Appliance Repair Marketing

If you are going to spend money on appliance repair company ads, then it’s important to make sure that your investment will pay off by bringing the ideal leads for your business.

Set up a system for tracking your Return on Investment (ROI), before launching a campaign. This will allow you to see what’s working and what needs fine tuning to improve conversion rates. When appliance repair marketing strategies fail, the problem often isn’t with the content, but instead with optimization, ad implementation, and data tracking. Always have these elements in place before you launch your digital marketing campaign.

Every successful online marketing campaign should include the following:

1. Be Clear with Your Offer

Identifying your ideal target audience is a great way to customize advertising campaigns. The more you know your customer base, the better the messaging to speak to their needs.

One way to do this is by segmenting your marketing campaigns to promote specific services, such as refrigerator repair, stove and oven repair, washer and dryer repair, etc. This allows your ads to connect with homeowners based on their specific needs, and makes it immediately clear to potential customers that you can help solve their problem.

Create a clear Call to Action (CTA) with the intention of collecting contact information to book consultations with your leads.

2. Data Tracking: Leads and Conversions

Just because you connect with leads online doesn’t mean you will stay busy with house calls. You still need to convert them from prospects to paying customers.

Leverage click and conversion tracking as part of your appliance repair marketing strategy to help you see and understand how people respond to your ads and landing pages.

Also, consider using tracking technology for important milestones such as phone calls, appointment booking, engagement, project revenue, and email open rates. The data sheds light on what is working so you can improve the campaigns even more.

3. Nurturing Each Lead

In some cases, potential customers won’t be quite ready to move forward with your services right away. Therefore, you’ll need to invest in relationship-building while the lead is moving through your sales funnel.

Use sales funnel insights to help your sales team meet each lead at the ideal point in the conversation. One effective strategy is to use a lead scoring system to help with relationship development and conversion rates.

Make sure you are using both one-on-one conversations and one-to-many communication methods, such as email marketing and text messages.

4. Sign the Contract

The most important outcome for every appliance repair marketing plan is to close the deal.

What is the best way to nurture each lead, so they feel comfortable hiring your team for appliance repair services? First, be sure nothing falls through the cracks by giving your sales team specific responsibilities, such as ongoing conversations with homeowners, answering incoming phone calls, and following up with warm leads.

Standardization for lead follow-up reduces the risk of losing leads and should always include sales pitches and customer education. If you are proactive about responding within 5 minutes of a request for information, you’ll see the conversion rates improve.

Appliance Repair Marketing Guide key illustration 2

The Best Strategy for Appliance Repair Marketing

Don’t fall into this common trap: spending money on appliance repair advertising without a clear strategic plan in place. First, you need to set the foundation for a successful campaign before you start spending money on advertising to bring in leads.

To develop the ideal strategy for your appliance repair business’s marketing efforts, it helps to start from the desired end result and work backwards.

What Is Your End Goal?

Always start with the end in mind: identify the target result you want to achieve with appliance repair marketing, then create a sales funnel that leads to this goal. Knowing your desired result makes it easier to map out milestones that lead to success – turning your wishes into reality.

Ask specific questions to clarify your goals:

  • What is the most crucial action each lead should follow?
  • How will your team reach these milestones to boost lead conversion?

There’s a fine line between immediate results while also maintaining a focus on long-term accomplishments.

6 Proven Steps for Achieving Your Goals

First, get clear about your business goals, then create an appliance repair marketing campaign to support these goals. Clearly defined goals are essential, so you know when your goals are met.

With a good appliance repair advertising campaign, focusing on milestones and benchmarks will lead to a successful outcome. Make sure these milestones stretch the sales team without setting the bar too low (which can result in a lack of motivation).

Here are a few proven tips that line up your business goals with your marketing strategies:

Determine your number: how much money do you want to bring in through digital marketing campaigns?

Calculate the specific number of sales that are necessary to reach these revenue goals.

Estimate the number of leads you’ll need based on anticipated closing rates.

Consider website conversion rates to determine the amount of traffic you need to hit lead generation goals.

Focus on measurable milestones and track your progress daily, weekly, and monthly.

Invest in appliance repair ads that will connect you with the desired number of leads.

How to Use Appliance Repair Advertising for Online Lead Generation

Now that you have defined your goals and have a solid foundation for your appliance repair marketing strategy, it’s time to get started with your campaigns. Effective methods include:

Website Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google Business Profile

Meaningful Presence on Social Media

Email Marketing and Newsletters

Each of these strategies is effective on its own, but by addressing all or most of these methods, you can set your business up to consistently bring in quality leads.

In this guide, we’ll cover each of these strategies in-depth so you can see how it all fits together to create an appliance repair advertising plan that works.

How to Build Out Your Appliance Repair Marketing Plan
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Lead Generation Roadmap

Home Contracting Company Lead Generation Roadmap

Appliance Repair Online Lead Generation Roadmap

1. Choose Your Goal

Pick a goal that is attainable and clearly defined. Choosing a goal first is essential so you can accurately measure the success of your campaign and ensure that you’re focusing your efforts and resources strategically.

2. Develop Landing Pages

Since you are offering multiple appliance repair services, you’ll need a dedicated landing page for each service in the industry. These landing pages are separate from your main homepage, and you should create one page per service. For example, you might have a landing page for washer and dryer repair, another for refrigerator maintenance, and a landing page for seasonal campaigns.

3. Always Use a Call to Action

When a potential customer comes to your landing page, what is the desired action you want them to follow? The landing page design should always include a Call to Action that promotes the next step each lead should take. For example, a button that allows them to set up an appointment or schedule a call. CTA design elements include text, images, and buttons to invite the person to move forward and share their contact information.

4. Put Together a Sales Funnel

Bringing in leads is the first step. Then, you need a sales funnel for them to move through. How will your sales team nurture these leads? In addition to answering incoming phone calls, your sales team should also have a follow-up strategy in place to keep leads moving through the funnel and closer to the buying point. The simplest solution is to automate and streamline this process through relationship management tools, such as Hubspot or Service Titan.

5. Refer to Your Lead Database

You always need to know where a lead is within your sales funnel, which is where a good CRM comes in. This data helps you focus time and effort on leads that are most valuable while also showing which leads should be deleted from your list. Use lead scoring to access measurable data.

Website Optimization for Appliance Repair Contractors

A well-built, optimized website should be the foundation for your appliance repair marketing campaigns. Everything leads back to your site, so you need to be sure that the website is both user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The success of your appliance repair company ads is directly connected with the quality of your website design. Focus on the essential features of your website, including:

Function and Technical Features of a Website

Internet users are trained to expect information on demand, so you must be sure that you minimize delays when someone lands on your site. Technical details matter to help Google see that user experience is a priority, which has a positive impact on search engine rankings.

It might seem like a small detail if your website takes a few extra seconds to load. But the truth is that a delay of a few seconds is probably causing you to lose leads and money. When you improve page load time, it has an impact on conversion rates – which helps to boost profit margins.

Fast Page Loads

Use a Page Load Speed Tester to check each page. The goal is to achieve a load time of 2 seconds or less.

Image Compression

Every image should be compressed in size before uploading to your website.

Link CTAs

Check each CTA and link to ensure everything is working correctly.

Responsive Web Layout

Make the website visible on devices of all sizes by using a mobile-friendly design.

How Calls to Action Move Visitors Through Your Funnel

Not only do you want each lead to visit your website, but it’s important to make sure that they are taking the desired action to move through the sales funnel. CTAs help connect leads with your sales team, creating the opportunity to turn the lead into a paying customer. CTAs might include:

  • Call our team to book a free consultation
  • Enter a phone number
  • Request a work estimate
  • Submit an email address to sign up for newsletters

One way to ensure that a lead follows through with the CTA is to show the benefits they will receive. For example, “Call our professional appliance repair team for a free estimate and a complimentary consultation.” This CTA provides the next step the person should be following and also establishes your skills in the industry.

Ask for Customer Reviews

97% of consumers use online media to read customer reviews before making a purchase.

When you have positive reviews, it’s easier to establish your reputation and trustworthiness. Leads can see that other customers are happy with your services, and these reviews support the claims you are making in your appliance repair company ads.

You can share customer reviews on all of your online profiles, including your website, social media accounts, landing pages, and more.

Build Trust with Specific Design Features

Your website is your chance at making a great first impression with many of your prospective clients. Build trust through consistency in the design, using graphics, copywriting, images, and more. Design is important because it builds your website brand and communicates many messages about the quality of your services.

Don’t underestimate how much it can make a difference to focus on the small design details. A well-designed website keeps your company at the top-of-mind, so customers know who to call when appliance repair services are needed. You need to be sure that your company stands out from the competition. One strategy is to share information about affiliations and awards to build your reputation.

High Converting Contractor Website Checklist

Checklist for Your Appliance Repair Website to Convert Well

Appliance Repair Website Best Practices

Search Engine Ranking Tips for Appliance Repair Contractors

When a major appliance stops working, Google is the first place homeowners look to find local appliance repair services. So it’s critical to ensure your website ranks in the search results for relevant keywords.

Google AdWords for appliance repair companies is a good place to start for immediate traffic. Then, identify the highest-performing keywords to build out a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. Pay-per-click ads are also useful for reaching the local industry. This data is valuable for building a long-term SEO campaign.

The best approach is to leverage both paid advertising and organic traffic. This two-part appliance repair marketing system brings in the leads you need throughout the year. Since SEO takes time, make sure to focus on the long-term results you want to achieve.

Search Engine Marketing in 3 Steps

There are three important components that should always be included in every successful appliance repair advertising campaign.

The goal is to be sure that your website is easy to find when people need your services. These three strategies will keep your company at the top of the search engines and ahead of the competition.

1.) Pay Per Click PPC Advertising

You have full control to bring in leads on-demand using Google AdWords for appliance repair companies. These immediate results will keep coming as long as you pay for the right keywords.

2.) Search Engine Optimization

Even though it takes more time to see results, SEO is worth the effort because of the long-term traffic you will receive. The goal is to bring in organic leads through natural search engine rankings, eliminating the need to pay for every click.

3.) Google My Business Listing

A business listing in Google Maps is important to show that your business is credible while also boosting your visibility in search engines. Having a local listing increases the possibility that potential customers will find you in Google Maps.

In the next few sections of this appliance repair marketing guide, you will find practical information to help you implement these important search engine marketing strategies.

Google AdWords for Appliance Repair Companies

You aren’t alone if Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising seems overwhelming at first. Will the money you are spending on paid ads turn into higher revenue and better profit margins?

If you don’t have much experience with PPC advertising, then paid ads might feel like gambling. But look at the data and see that a good PPC campaign is worth the investment because of the potential ROI you can achieve. A well-crafted and managed PPC campaign returns $2 for each $1 you spend. These ads offer a proven method when you need to advertise an appliance repair business.

Google AdWords: Best Way to Market an Appliance Repair Company

Step #1: Pick the Best Keywords

Set your PPC campaign up for success by starting with keyword research.

Find the ideal keywords by considering your audience’s mindset when searching for local appliance repair contractors. Also, focus on relevancy to ensure your services line up with the targeted keywords.

The keyword research process helps you see what people are searching for and the anticipated search volume that can come from each phrase. Always ensure you pick keywords with affordable clicks and sufficient search volume. Building a list of relevant keywords makes it easier to share your message when customers are searching for related services.

Search online and find many popular keyword tools, such as Semrush and Wordtracker. One reliable tool is to go straight to the source and use the Google AdWords keyword planner.

Step #2: Select Ad Groups for Your PPC Campaigns

The next step is to take your list of keywords and divide them out into ad groups, using a maximum of 4 keywords per group.

Quality should be a higher priority over quantity. For example, you might be able to get a lot of website traffic from “DIY washing machine repair.” But your conversion rates are going to be much lower compared to the response you will get from a keyword phrase like “emergency washing machine repair contractor near me.”

Don’t waste your limited appliance repair marketing budget on keywords with low buyer intention. Stay away from keywords where people are searching for free or DIY information because those people are looking for tutorials (not a service provider).

Step #3: Use Creativity with Appliance Repair Ad Design

When someone sees your ad, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. So be creative and use eye-catching copywriting and ad design.

Use keywords in the headlines and share a clear message. Also, encourage each lead to move forward with a specific call to action, such as scheduling a consultation. Creating a straightforward process moves the lead from viewing the ad to visiting your website.

You can see how your target audience is responding by split-testing different types of ads. This split testing makes it easier to improve your profit margins and optimize conversion rates because you will be able to identify the most compelling messages.

The Anatomy of a PPC Search Ad for Contractors

Step #4: Optimize Your Landing Pages

To get the best ROI, you need to look at the performance of both the landing pages and PPC ads.

If you split-test different PPC ads and drive traffic to a poor-performing landing page, you are losing money. Make sure the landing page is direct, clear, and simple to navigate.

Also, be sure that the landing pages align with the ad groups, using one landing page per service. For example, your conversion rates will increase when a refrigerator repair ad goes to a refrigerator repair landing page instead of a generic appliance repair page.

PPC Advertising Tips for Appliance Repair Specialists
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Search Engine Ranking Tips for Appliance Repair Advertising

There’s no question that Google AdWords for appliance repair companies is one of the fastest ways to connect with leads. But when you stop paying for the keywords and clicks, then your traffic stops. Use SEO to build on your PPC efforts so you can continue bringing in organic leads in the coming months and years.

Ultimately, your goal is to maintain a presence in the search engine rankings without paying for every click. SEO makes it possible for homeowners to find your services in organic search results.

Think about this: when your website ranks high in the search engines, it means that you are the owner of a prime piece of virtual real estate.

Even though SEO takes time and money, it’s worth the investment because of the long-term results you can achieve. Talk to any appliance repair digital marketing agency, and they will agree: SEO should always be included in an effective marketing plan. Additionally, they understand that PPC sets the foundation for a successful SEO strategy.

Yes, the competition is high to rank for appliance repair keywords. But a proactive SEO campaign makes it possible for you to outrank the competition. Here are a few best practices so you can dominate the search engines:

Effective Strategies for SEO Rankings in Google

Even though it’s very competitive to rank in the search engines, it’s made much easier if you follow SEO strategy best practices. Here are several SEO tips to boost your website rankings:

Content is King

The phrase still holds true: Content is King! Put quality text on your homepage, services pages, landing pages, and blog posts. Investing in good quality content casts the net wide so you can bring in traffic from different keywords.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword research helps you see which phrases are ideal for your SEO campaign. Add these keywords to your website content, tags, title, subheadings, images, and more. The goal is to show Google your relevancy to the keywords.

Website User Experience

Is it easy for someone to navigate your website and find the information they need? Be deliberate about good site organization and structure. Also, always use a mobile-friendly site design so people can view your website using screens of all sizes.

Website Security

Use security software to avoid issues like malware and hacking. If security threats are present, your website will immediately lose SEO rankings because of the threat to potential website visitors.

Page Load Time

How long does it take for website pages to load when someone lands on your site? Ideally, page load time should be 2 seconds or less. Slow page loading harms your SEO rankings because it negatively impacts user experience.


When other websites link back to your site, it is basically a “vote” to show Google that you are trusted. Backlink building is time-intensive but worth it. The fastest and most effective strategy is to hire an appliance repair marketing company for these services.

SEO Ranking Factors for Home Improvement Companies

These components contribute significantly to positive impact on your search result rankings and bring your website more visitors and leads for your appliance repair business. Putting in the necessary effort and resources will likely result in positive lift for your marketing strategy.

How to Drive Organic Traffic with SEO for Appliance Repair Companies

Google My Business for Appliance Repair Contractors

Homeowners start searching for local contractors when appliance repair services are needed – and Google Maps is one of the first places they look. In the search results, you will see that Maps listings are some of the most prominent listings at the top of the page. So, an updated Google Business Profile should always be included in appliance repair company marketing.

Homeowners want to connect with local companies when they need in-person services, such as appliance repair. Listing your appliance repair business in Google means that you can find leads based on geographical location.

Additionally, having a Google Business Profile effectively shows that your business is credible and trustworthy. Build out your profile as much as possible with contact information, pictures, reviews, service descriptions, and more.

Google Business Profile Checklist for Appliance Repair Marketing

When setting up a Google Business Profile, refer to this quick checklist. These steps will complete your listing and increase the likelihood that you will achieve high search engine rankings:

Claim Your Business Listing

Some businesses find that there is already an unclaimed listing for their company. Start by claiming the listing. Then you can start filling out the profile information.

Name, Address, Phone (NAP) Contact Info

Name, address, and phone number are essential details you can include on your local listing. Check your contact information several times to ensure everything is accurate. Also, revisit this information at least two or three times a year, as needed.

Upload Quality Photos

Include a visual element on your company listing by uploading professional photos of your business space. These photos can contribute to your branding efforts. Keep the page relevant by adding new images regularly.

Additional Profile Info

Be proactive about filling in as much profile information as possible. You can add service categories and lists of products and services. There is also a section where you can put special offers and discounts when applicable.

Customer Reviews

Provide current and past customers with a link to your Google My Business listing and ask them to leave a review. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely your company will show up high in the search rankings – which will bring in more leads.

Respond to Questions and Reviews

All reviews, both positive and negative, deserve a response. Your engagements show that you are proactive with customer service. Thank reviewers for posting their opinion, and look for opportunities to handle complaints.

Chat with Google Messaging

People don’t often want to make a phone call, which is where Google Messaging can bridge the communication gap. Enable messaging on your phone, then be proactive in responding to messages as quickly as possible. Timing is essential!

Google My Business Checklist For Home Contractors

Other Local Directories and Listings

There’s no question that Google My Business is the best source of local traffic. But there are also other directories where you can upload company information on a listing.

These smaller directories will only bring in a fraction of the traffic compared to Google. But it’s still worth the effort because they create backlinks that can support your SEO plan.

Creating local directory listings can be tedious. So, the ideal solution is to hire an appliance repair advertising company for assistance.

Facebook and Social Media for Appliance Repair Advertising

When moving down your to-do list for the best advertising for appliance repair businesses, don’t forget about social media. A meaningful presence on Facebook and other platforms can be an excellent method for lead generation.

Almost every adult has a Facebook account, making it a goldmine to connect with customers who need your services. Unfortunately, you are losing out on potential income if you aren’t leveraging Facebook advertising as part of your appliance repair marketing campaign.

Connecting with Potential Customers Through Facebook Ads

You have several design options when you are using Facebook ads. First, pick the layout by determining the action you want each lead to take:

Facebook Ads to Facebook Landing Page

The first option is to keep the lead on Facebook. Conversion rates are higher using this type of appliance repair marketing because people are already familiar and comfortable with Facebook. For example, you might have a form submission located on a Facebook landing page.

Facebook Ads to Company Website

Another possibility is to move leads from a Facebook ad to your company website. This strategy is an effective method for traffic generation to your main landing pages.

Retargeting Ads on Other Sites

The third option is to use retargeting so your messaging shows up on 3rd party websites. If someone has recently engaged with your Facebook page or website, then retargeting boosts the likelihood that they will come back to your website again.

How to Design an Effective Ad Campaign on Facebook

2.91 billion people access Facebook each month. Use Facebook to run marketing ads on a platform where people spend their time.

When creating Facebook ads, it’s essential to keep the user experience in mind. People are spending time on Facebook for entertainment and connection, so use engaging messages, eye-catching designs, bright colors, and photos of smiling people. Also, consider using humor when it is appropriate.

Follow this step-by-step process to create Facebook ads that effectively drive traffic and bring in relevant leads:

Identify Your Ad Goals

Why are you running Facebook ads? Be clear about the action you want people to take, then create ads that align with the end result. Desired actions might include things such as scheduling a consultation or joining an email list. Or, the ads might share information about current specials and discounts.

Test Different Ads

There are various layouts you can use for Facebook advertising, including slideshows, carousel ads, videos, and canvas. The most common type of ad includes one photo and corresponding text. Split-test different ad designs to dial in the ideal conversion rates and click-thru results.

Connect with Your Target Audience

Demographic targeting matters because you only want to spend money on ads shown to the ideal customers. For example, it’s a waste of money to show appliance repair advertising to teenagers. Facebook allows different demographic filtering, including age ranges, location, Lookalike audiences, and current/past customers.

Setting Your Budget

Picking a daily budget helps you manage the amount you are spending on Facebook ads. Choose a cap, so you don’t overrun the budget. Next, track your ROI and be sure that you have positive profit margins in the campaign. When the campaign is working, then you can increase your spending.

Facebook Ad Objectives for Contractors
Facebook Ad Formats for Contractors
Facebook Ad Audiences for Contractors
How to Grow Your Appliance Repair Company with Facebook Ads

Email Marketing to Maximize Your ROI

Email marketing is still alive and thriving and should be an integral part of every appliance repair marketing plan. When you use email marketing with other forms of lead generation, then you have a powerful system that brings in leads and converts them to paying customers. In addition, an email list with readers who are responsive and engaging with your messages is a valuable asset for your appliance repair business.

The numbers speak for themselves: for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you’ll return $42. In fact, email marketing delivers one of the highest ROIs you can find in the online marketing industry.

Tips for Leveraging Email Marketing for Your Success

The most effective way is to use email marketing alongside your other appliance repair marketing strategies. This method makes it simple to leverage one-to-many communication so you can build long-lasting relationships with potential, current, and past customers.

For example, use social media, PPC, or SEO to bring customers to your website. Then, continue your appliance repair advertising strategy by getting people onto your email list. Most of the time, customers won’t buy on their first visit to the website.

Capturing their contact information helps you stay in touch and maintain communication going forward. Then, the lead knows who to call when appliance repair is needed.

Top 3 Email Marketing Priorities

These are the three highest priorities when you are optimizing your email marketing system:

Email Delivery

Are your messages showing up in people’s inboxes? Cleaning your email list helps to improve delivery rates. Use an email validation tool so that you can eliminate typos and errors. Also, get rid of bouncing email addresses and inactive subscribers.

Open Rates

A good subject line is critical to enticing people to open the email. The goal is to capture someone’s attention, so they want to click through and see what is inside. Also, open rates go up when you email between 10 am and 1 pm on weekdays.

Click-Thru Rates

Finally, after someone receives your email and opens it, the next targeted action is for them to click through a link within the email, taking them to a landing page. Add CTAs within the content and invite them to call for appliance repair services, fill out a form, or send their contact information. Emails that are concise and direct have the best click-thru rates.

The Best Way to Advertise an Appliance Repair Business

These appliance repair advertising ideas build a solid system so that you can maintain communication with your leads. As you are making your email list, continue sending messages to follow up with quality information in the future. Often, appliance repair marketing ideas start with a welcome email at the beginning, as well as information about how the reader can contact your company when they need appliance repair in the future.

Continue delivering quality messages to your subscribers, which will help you maintain a warm list of leads. In addition, you can offer value by sharing videos, tutorials, blog posts, and eBook downloads. These digital marketing tools show your expertise and authority in the local appliance repair industry.

Other messaging that you can share through email advertising includes discounts on services, holiday greetings, event announcements, and more.

Email Marketing For Contractors Cheatsheet

Email Marketing Cheatsheet for Appliance Repair Contractors

Appliance Repair Email Marketing Best Practices to Generate Leads


We hope the key concepts covered in our Appliance Repair Marketing Guide has helped you think through some of the best practices for your online marketing strategies to grow your business. Build your campaigns around your customers’ challenges, goals, and concerns. Provide useful content and engaging messaging, whether it’s in ads, landing pages, social media posts, and every other chance you have to connect with your target audiences.

At Service Direct we’ve been marketing contractors online for over 15 years and we’ve worked with appliance repair companies all over the United States to help grow their businesses. We know that online marketing can be complicated and confusing and no one-size-fits-all approach is going to be effective enough to generate the kind of ROI you expect. We focus on generating exclusive, high-quality leads from potential customers ready to discuss their projects with you. Learn more about how we work with appliance repair companies.

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