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The Best Pay-Per-Call Networks for Affiliate Marketers

Everything you need to know about working with some of the top pay-per-call networks

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Affiliate Marketing Tools

The Best Pay-Per-Call Networks for Affiliate Marketers

Everything you need to know about working with some of the top pay-per-call networks


Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or have been using it to monetize your traffic for years, it’s worth considering expanding into pay-per-call (PPCall) marketing. Unlike traditional cost-per-click (CPC) models that payout based on clicks, or traditional e-commerce models that share a percentage of any products purchased, PPCall networks are looking for publishers who can generate qualified phone calls to advertisers. This shift in focus from clicks/purchases to phone call conversions presents a lucrative opportunity for publishers to monetize their traffic and partnerships effectively.

If you’re an affiliate publisher seeking to diversify your revenue streams and capitalize on the growing demand for pay-per-call campaigns, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the big names among pay-per-call networks.

Let’s delve into some of the top pay-per-call networks, explore their unique features, and take a look at how to determine the right network for your niche and audience. Prepare to unlock the potential of PPC marketing and maximize your affiliate earnings.

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Service Direct pay-per-lead marketing company logo

Service Direct

Service Direct is a specialized pay-per-call affiliate network that connects publishers with local service providers seeking qualified leads. Their buyer network consists primarily of local businesses operating in various industries, including plumbers, attorneys, CPAs, dentists, veterinarians, body shops, and even dog walkers. Publishers can access detailed information about each offer’s payout before committing to the network. Service Direct’s focus on high-payout niches and its established reputation in the pay-per-call market make it a compelling choice for publishers seeking to further monetize their traffic effectively.

  • Best Verticals – Home Services (Plumbing, Electrician, HVAC, Appliance Repair, Roofing, Water Damage Repair, Locksmith, Mold Remediation, Pest Control, Towing)
  • Integration Types – Ping/Post API, DID
  • Payment Types – Duration-based, Rev share
  • Years in Business 18 years
  • Account Management – Real-time tracking and reporting, transparent performance metrics, dedicated account manager, and ongoing feedback & optimization
  • Average Payouts Varies by industry, as low as $10 per lead, as high as $900 per lead
  • Payout Terms Net 15
  • Payment Methods ACH Transfer
Aragon Advertising logo

Aragon Advertising

Aragon Advertising, a performance marketing network specializing in pay-per-call advertising, has established a strong reputation since its inception in 2012. Their data-driven approach, coupled with proprietary call routing and ping/post technology, maximizes results for advertisers. Aragon’s extensive experience in lead generation, access to a network of high-quality publishers, generous publisher programs with high commission rates, advanced tracking tools, and dedicated affiliate managers make them a compelling choice for publishers.

  • Best Verticals – Finance, Insurance, and Home Services
  • Integration Types – Ping/Post API
  • Pricing Models – CPS, CPA, CPL
  • Years in Business 12 years
  • Account Management – Dedicated account team
  • Average Payouts Up to $100 per call
  • Payout Terms Monthly Net-15, Semi-Monthly Net-15, Weekly
  • Payment Methods PayPal, Wire
Astoria Company logo

Astoria Company

Astoria Company stands out in the affiliate marketing landscape through its dynamic growth, unwavering commitment to publisher development, and comprehensive selection of pay-per-call offers spanning various industries. Their focus on generating high-value B2C leads directly aligns with the needs of many advertisers seeking to connect with potential customers. Astoria Marketing’s brand access and hands-on management services for affiliates further differentiate them, making them a compelling choice for affiliates seeking a successful partnership in the ever-evolving affiliate marketing arena.

  • Best Verticals – Mortgage, Payday, Auto Finance, Legal, Insurance, Solar, Home Improvement, Education, Auto Loan Refinancing
  • Pricing Models – CPA, CPL, Pay-Per-Call
  • Years in Business 17 years
  • Account Management – Real-time tracking and reporting, transparent performance metrics, and monitored compliance systems
  • Average Payouts – Varied
  • Payout Terms Weekly, Net-30
  • Payment Methods ACH (Direct Deposit), Wire, PayPal
ClickDealer logo


ClickDealer is a well-established affiliate network with a wide range of offers in popular niches, such as dating, gaming, casinos, retail, software, and vouchers. They also have a strong focus on lead generation, e-commerce, and pay-per-call marketing. With over a decade of experience, ClickDealer offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources for affiliate publishers, including in-house optimization and tracking solutions, exclusive deals, and SmartLink technology. Top-performing affiliates can also enjoy bonus payouts and private parties. Overall, ClickDealer is a solid choice for affiliate marketers looking for a reliable and profitable network.

  • Best Verticals – Car Insurance, Home Services, Flight Booking, Medicare, Dentists, Pest Control, HVAC
  • Integration Types – API
  • Pricing Models – CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, Rev share
  • Years in Business 11 years
  • Average Payouts From $2-$20 per lead
  • Payout Terms Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly
  • Payment Methods Wire, Bitcoin, PayPal, Paxum, Tipalti, Payoneer, Dana, eCheck
CJ logo


CJ, formerly Commission Junction, remains a prominent affiliate network in the industry, offering a comprehensive platform with a wide range of tools and a strong focus on supporting beginners. Their acquisition by Publicis has revitalized their position in the market, making them a formidable contender. Despite lacking some of the advanced features of other networks, CJ’s user-friendly platform, extensive data access, and early adoption of pay-per-call campaigns make it a reliable choice for publishers seeking to connect with established brands and generate meaningful revenue.

  • Best Verticals – E-commerce, Retail
  • Integration Types – API
  • Pricing Models – CPA, CPL, CPS, Pay-Per-Call
  • Years in Business 25 years
  • Account Management – On-demand affiliate customer journey analysis, customizable program analysis, training, and knowledge base resources
  • Payout Terms Net-20, Net-30
  • Payment Methods Check, FedEx Check, ACH (Direct Deposit), Payoneer
Digital Market Media logo

Digital Market Media

A leading pay-per-call company, Digital Market Media is guided by an experienced leadership team with a demonstrated history of success in the industry. The company features high-paying offers, with some leads generating up to $400. Even their entry-level offers provide a minimum payout of $11.50 per sale, ensuring ample opportunity to earn income. Additionally, they offer live transfer campaigns, guaranteeing that referrals receive immediate assistance and support. DMM is a reliable and trustworthy partner for businesses seeking high-paying pay-per-call opportunities and a deep understanding of the industry.

  • Best Verticals – Insurance, Financial Services, and Health Care
  • Years in Business 9 years
  • Average Payouts Between $11.50 and $400 per call
  • Payout Terms Monthly
  • Payment Methods PayPal, Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Digital Media Solutions logo

Digital Media Solutions

Digital Media Solutions, a renowned provider of technology-enabled, data-driven digital performance advertising solutions, acquired the W4 Performance Ad Market in 2018. Founded by veterans in online performance advertising, the W4 Performance Ad Market delivers results-oriented internet marketing solutions utilizing cutting-edge platforms to drive engagement. Their approach prioritizes long-term campaign efficiency and intelligent channel management while maintaining a personalized touch akin to traditional service models.

  • Best Verticals – Consumer Finance, Education, Insurance, Sweepstakes, Health, E-commerce
  • Integration Types – API and/or Postback
  • Pricing Models – CPA, CPC, CPM
  • Years in Business 24 years
  • Account Management – Account support team, Preferred Publisher Program
  • Payout Terms Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Weekly
  • Payment Methods Check, wire, direct deposit
eLocal logo


eLocal stands out in the pay-per-call affiliate network landscape by catering to experienced affiliates with a proven track record. Their direct relationships with local advertisers and national brands provide affiliates with access to a wider range of offers and potentially higher payouts. The competitive bidding platform and proprietary call distribution algorithm further enhance the earning potential for affiliates by maximizing conversions and optimizing call routes. With a strong reputation built over a decade of experience and a commitment to providing high payouts, eLocal emerges as a differentiated and attractive choice for both advertisers and affiliates seeking a reliable and profitable partnership in the pay-per-call marketing arena.

  • Best Verticals – Home Services, Legal, Insurance, Medical, Automotive
  • Integration Types – API
  • Pricing Models – Rev Share
  • Years in Business 15 years
  • Account Management – Affiliate support team, call tracking, affiliate dashboard
  • Average Payouts Up to $200 per lead
  • Payout Terms Weekly
GlobalWide Media logo

GlobalWide Media

GlobalWide Media is a leading data-driven digital marketing company that provides premium media solutions to top brands and agencies. With extensive experience in performance marketing, they have quickly gained popularity among advertisers and affiliates for their expertise in pay-per-call marketing.

GlobalWide Media is an excellent choice for affiliates looking for a data-driven partner with access to some of the world’s biggest brands.

  • Best Verticals – Automotive, Travel, CPG, E-commerce, Education, and Finance
  • Integration Types – Customizable APIs
  • Pricing Models – CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI Revshare and CPM
  • Years in Business 17 years
  • Account Management – Customizable, multi-level sub-id tracking and reporting, and 24/7 assistance
  • Payout Terms Monthly payments with Net-15 payment terms
  • Payment Methods PayPal, Check, Wire, Echeck, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Goojibear logo


Goojibear’s specialization in mobile optimization ensures they are well-positioned to capture the growing trend of consumer behavior shifting towards mobile devices. By leveraging cutting-edge call tracking technology and creativity tools, Goojibear generates high-quality phone leads for advertisers, a testament to their commitment to delivering premium results. As a dedicated click-to-call network, they cater specifically to mobile offers, aligning with the increasing preference for instant communication through phone calls. Goojibear’s commitment to advertiser success and its ability to balance global reach with local expertise further sets it apart, making it a compelling choice for publishers.

  • Best Verticals – Finance, Home Services, Entertainment, Insurance, and E-commerce
  • Years in Business 8 years
  • Account Management – Call tracking, customizable banners and landing pages, server-to-server postbacks, and step-by-step guidance
  • Average Payouts Most offers are in the range of $7-$25 CPA
  • Payout Terms Monthly payments, net-15 (default, minimum payment of $100); Semi-monthly (bi-weekly) payments, net-15 (payments of $5000 per half-month (two weeks) and above; Weekly payments, net-7 (special cases)
  • Payment Methods Wire, PayPal, Payoneer
HyperTarget logo

HyperTarget Marketing

HyperTarget Marketing distinguishes itself from other pay-per-call networks through its unique traffic acquisition strategy, rigorous quality control measures, precise targeting approach, and comprehensive tracking and analytics. The network’s commitment to quality and its holistic approach to marketing make it a valuable partner for businesses seeking to maximize their return on investment and achieve sustainable growth.

  • Best Verticals – Finance, Legal
  • Integration Types – Pixel tracking and API integration
  • Years in Business 14 years
  • Payout Terms Net-30
  • Payment Methods ACH Transfer, Check
LeadSmart logo

Lead Smart Inc

Lead Smart is a well-established pay-per-call network that focuses on lead generation for local services, particularly for home improvement and contractors. They are dedicated to helping local service businesses buy or sell consumer-initiated phone calls. They strive to provide consistency in both quality and volume for advertisers across dozens of pay-per-call verticals. Their expertise in this field enables them to stand out as leaders in the pay-per-call marketing industry.

  • Best Verticals – Home Improvement and Repair Services
  • Integration Types – Ping Tree
  • Years in Business 15 years
  • Account Management – Track Earnings, Affiliate Dashboard
  • Average Payouts Variable
  • Payout Terms Monthly
  • Payment Methods Check, Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Marketcall logo


Marketcall, a pay-per-call affiliate network established in 2015, has made a name for itself in the industry with its in-house call-tracking technology and rapid growth. With a welcoming attitude towards new affiliates, Marketcall provides a platform for individuals and businesses to earn from a diverse range of offers across various industries, including insurance, finance, real estate, home services, home improvement, travel, and rehab. The network’s quick approval process and weekly payments offer an attractive proposition for those seeking to capitalize on this lucrative pay-per-call marketing opportunity.

  • Best Verticals – Insurance, Financial Services, Home Services, Real Estate, and Travel
  • Integration Types – API, Post Back, Lead-to-Call Service
  • Pricing Models – CPL, CPA
  • Years in Business 8 years
  • Account Management – 10-day statistics on calls and leads, personal account manager
  • Payout Terms Weekly
  • Payment Methods – Tipalti, PayPal, Wire, ACH, Check
PALO logo


Established in 2010, PALO has carved a niche in the pay-per-call affiliate marketing landscape by prioritizing publisher satisfaction and understanding their needs. Their commitment to timely payments, dedicated account managers, and responsive tech support have fostered high publisher loyalty and contributed to their thriving PPC marketplace. PALO specializes in performance-based campaigns across various verticals, with a particular focus on legal, healthcare insurance, and financial services. These problem-solution niches offer significant revenue potential, but it’s important to note that PALO’s stringent affiliate vetting process ensures quality and expertise among its partners.

  • Best Verticals – Finance, Legal, Healthcare
  • Pricing Models – Pay-Per-Call, CPA
  • Years in Business 14 years
  • Account Management – Custom landing pages, starter keywords, expert advice
  • Payout Terms Net-15
  • Payment Methods – Check, PayPal, Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Perform CB logo


Perform[cb] stands out in the affiliate marketing industry with its comprehensive suite of services, encompassing both pay-per-call and media buying, while maintaining its established expertise in various cost-per-acquisition (CPA) marketing strategies.

A key differentiator of Perform[cb]’s outcome-based technology lies in its proprietary learning algorithm, which intelligently matches the most suitable offer to each consumer for every visit. This optimization and offer-rotation technology empowers affiliate partners to focus on business growth rather than micromanaging campaigns.

  • Best Verticals – Financial, Entertainment & Lifestyle, E-Commerce, Downloads & Software, and Health & Beauty
  • Integration Types – API
  • Pricing Models – CPA, CPI, CPL, CPE, CPS, and PPCall
  • Years in Business 21 years
  • Account Management – Weekly updates based on client feedback, team of experts, mobile app for publishers, custom dashboards, and real-time reporting
  • Payout Terms Net-15, Weekly
  • Payment Methods Check, PayPal, Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit)
PX logo


PX distinguishes itself from other pay-per-call networks through its unique hybrid marketplace approach, combining the flexibility of an Open Exchange with the control of Private Marketplaces. This dual approach caters to both advertisers seeking a wide range of offers and publishers seeking customized campaigns. The network’s emphasis on advanced technology, data-driven decision-making, quality control, and customer-centricity makes it an attractive option for any publisher.

  • Best Verticals – Medicare, Solar, Education
  • Integration Types – Ping/Post API
  • Pricing Models – CPL
  • Years in Business 13 years
  • Account Management – Expert Compliance with TCPA, CCPA, WCAG-1, CAN-SPAM, and GDPR
  • Average Payouts Up to $125 per lead
  • Payout Terms Net-30
  • Payment Methods Check, PayPal, Wire
RingPartner logo


RingPartner distinguishes itself in the affiliate marketing arena through its cutting-edge real-time bidding platform, patented technological expertise, unwavering focus on high-quality lead generation, selective publisher partnerships, and a diverse range of pay-per-call offers spanning various verticals and geolocations. Their commitment to continuous technological innovation, evident through their patented inventions, further cements their position as a leader in the ever-evolving affiliate marketing landscape. RingPartner’s strong track record and industry experience since 2013 underscore their reliability and ability to deliver exceptional results for both advertisers and publishers. Overall, RingPartner emerges as a differentiated and compelling choice for businesses seeking a reputable and effective partner in the affiliate marketing realm.

  • Best Verticals – Hotels and Travel, Legal Services, Home Services, Medical Services, and Business Financing
  • Pricing Models – Pay-Per-Call
  • Years in Business 10 years
  • Account Management – Real-time campaign performance monitoring, reporting, and analytics
  • Average Payouts Around $20 on average, but up to $80 per lead
  • Payout Terms Single-tier commissions, defined in each campaign
  • Payment Methods PayPal, Wire Transfer
ShareASale logo


ShareASale is a prominent affiliate network that has established itself as a reliable and versatile platform for publishers seeking to monetize their traffic. With over 270,000 publishers and 25,000 brands, ShareASale offers a vast array of affiliate opportunities across diverse product categories and commission rates. The network’s dedicated pay-per-call platform provides additional monetization options for publishers, allowing them to generate revenue from qualified phone calls. ShareASale’s longstanding reputation, consistent track record, and free membership make it an attractive choice for publishers seeking to partner with reputable brands and earn competitive commissions.

  • Best Verticals – E-commerce
  • Integration Types – API
  • Pricing Models – CPS, CPA, CPL, CPC
  • Years in Business 22 years
  • Account Management – Custom publisher tools, real-time reporting, product discover browser extension, and affiliate link generator
  • Payout Terms Monthly, Net-15
  • Payment Methods ACH Direct Deposit, Payoneer, Check
Visiqua logo


Established in 2015, Visiqua has rapidly emerged as a prominent player in the performance marketing landscape. Their team of experienced professionals, coupled with proprietary technology and strong financial backing, positions them as a formidable force in the pay-per-call space. Visiqua’s comprehensive performance marketing solutions encompass lead generation through calls, clicks, and forms. Their robust tech stack and algorithms seamlessly integrate into any business model, making them a preferred choice for Fortune 500 companies. Strategic partnerships with top insurance, health, home security, beauty, and auto companies ensure publishers have access to high-quality offers. Visiqua’s innovative voice-activated performance marketing solution empowers potential customers to connect with relevant companies using their voice assistants. Overall, Visiqua’s promising performance marketing platform stands out as a compelling choice for publishers seeking to accelerate customer acquisition and generate premium leads.

  • Best Verticals – Insurance, Healthcare, Beauty & Cosmetics, and Travel
  • Integration Types – Call Ping Tree
  • Pricing Models – CPA, CPL, CPC
  • Years in Business 8 years
  • Payout Terms Monthly
  • Payment Methods – TBD
WeCall logo


WeCall Media is a rapidly growing pay-per-call affiliate network based in Charlotte, NC. They offer weekly payouts, competitive rates, consistent disposition reports, and mutual respect to all partners. Their dedication to providing a positive experience for both advertisers and publishers has helped the company land a spot as one of the fastest-growing companies in America by Inc. 5000.

  • Best Verticals – Insurance and Home Services
  • Pricing Models – Pay-Per-Call, CPL
  • Years in Business 4 years
  • Account Management – Disposition Reports
  • Payout Terms Weekly, Net-7
  • Payment Methods Wire, ACH Transfer


When choosing a pay-per-call network, consider factors such as the network’s reputation, payout rates, traffic quality, and advertiser relationships. Carefully evaluate each network’s offerings to ensure they align with your niche, target audience, and overall monetization strategy. Remember, the right network can be a catalyst for your affiliate marketing success, driving significant revenue growth and establishing a strong foundation for your business.

As you’ve explored these top 20 pay-per-call networks for affiliates, it should be clear that the affiliate marketing landscape offers a diverse range of options to suit your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate or just starting out, there are networks that provide the tools, resources, and support you’ll need to succeed.


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