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The Ultimate Locksmith Marketing Guide

The online marketing space for locksmith companies is complex and competitive. Here’s everything you need to know in order to find success in advertising your locksmith business.

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Digital Marketing Toolbox

The Ultimate Locksmith Marketing Guide

The online marketing space for locksmith companies is complex and competitive. Here’s everything you need to know in order to find success in advertising your locksmith business.


You’re an expert in the locksmith industry, helping customers with everything from key replacement and copying to rekeying, lock repair, lock installation, building lockouts, electronic access installation, and more. No matter how much you know about locksmith services, bringing in customers can be challenging if you aren’t implementing the right locksmith marketing campaign.

The only way you will maintain success in your locksmith business is if you have a consistent stream of leads coming through. One of the biggest mistakes made by contractors is that they don’t invest in locksmith advertising to maintain a competitive edge in the industry. The only way you can help homeowners and business owners stay safe is to ensure they know whom to call when they need locksmith services.

Many tools and resources are available online, but it can be challenging to keep up with everything since the marketing industry is constantly changing. Many small- and mid-sized business owners have difficulty keeping up with their digital marketing campaigns. It’s critical to prioritize these tasks because they are crucial to bringing in leads and turning those leads into paying customers.

In the past, listing a locksmith business in the phone book or sending direct mailers were effective for local lead generation. But homeowners no longer use these outdated methods for finding local providers. As a business owner, you must put together a digital marketing strategy and choose from different locksmith advertising ideas to ensure customers can find your company.

How do you find the best locksmith marketing companies? What are the best tools to use for digital marketing?

In this guide, we are taking an in-depth look at the most effective strategies for locksmith company marketing. Not only will you learn more about the best practices for locksmith marketing, but the information will also give you proven techniques to follow so you can bring in qualified leads that boost your bottom line.

Setting the Foundation for Successful Locksmith Marketing Strategies

While it’s important to invest in a locksmith marketing campaign, this process can be ineffective if you aren’t dedicating the right resources and strategies to deliver the results you need. The key to maximizing your investment is to leverage proven locksmith advertising methods and conversion tracking to see how the campaigns perform. Too often, business owners blame the marketing campaign itself without realizing that failure can happen because of ineffective implementation, measurements, and optimizations.

Before you invest a dime in a locksmith marketing plan, start with this pre-launch checklist to set a solid foundation for the future:

1. Campaign Strategy

In the beginning, the most important thing you need to know is the target demographic you want to reach. The more you know about these customers, the better you can dial in the offer to share messages that resonate with the audience.

For example, locksmith marketing goals should focus on connecting with homeowners and business owners who need lock repair, lock installation, rekeying, electronic access installation, and more. Set up individual landing pages for each service, and don’t forget to include a direct Call to Action that shows the customer how your team will solve locksmith-related problems.

The most common locksmith advertising goal is to gather lead contact information so you can schedule an appointment.

2. Measuring Leads and Conversions

The next piece of your locksmith marketing campaign is to develop a strategy for measuring, tracking, and analyzing success. Make sure you always use click and conversion tracking because the analytics show customer behavior when they visit your website.

There are various types of routing and tracking technology that you can also use for specific actions, including appointment booking, phone calls, locksmith marketing ads engagement, revenue, email open rates, and more. Invest in a good tracking system to optimize the results in every stage of the marketing funnel.

3. Lead Nurturing

Don’t assume that a customer will be ready to buy from the moment they land on your website. The truth is that most leads need to be nurtured, which is why your locksmith business marketing campaigns need to include both lead generation and follow-up contact.

Evaluate the quality of your leads by using a lead scoring method. This information helps you develop a system that assigns the best leads to your sales reps. Be proactive about immediate contact every time a lead comes through, as well as effective communication to build the relationship without delay. Prompt action helps to boost conversion rates.

In addition to one-on-one communication, such as phone calls, leverage one-to-many communication through email marketing. A follow-up email can establish a point of contact even if you can’t get in touch with a lead.

4. Close the Deal

What are you doing with your list of locksmith marketing leads? The final and most important point is to create a sales process to close the deal. Assign responsibilities to team members, so you always have someone answering phone calls, touching base with warm leads, and continuing the conversation with potential customers.

Make sure the sales process is standardized and your team implements these strategies consistently. For best results, the first contact point must happen within 5 minutes of receiving the lead. Then, follow your streamlined system to reach out and manage each lead using sales pitches and customer education that contributes to higher conversion rates.

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How to Develop an Effective Locksmith Marketing Strategy

Most business owners know they need to invest in marketing, but make the mistake of spending money on campaigns without having a clearly defined plan. The key to success is to set the foundation in the beginning, then implement a strategy for generating traffic and bringing in leads who are interested in your services.

While different locksmith companies may choose different marketing strategies, there is one proven approach to developing an effective locksmith marketing strategy that many teams rely on: working backwards.

Focus on the End Results

Start with the end in mind by considering your campaign goals. You need to reverse-engineer this process by defining the milestones that will get the desired results. Map out the system using the specific actions that turn goals into proven results.

Consider these questions that help to define your goals:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What actions need to happen to reach target milestones?

Not only is it important to identify longer-term accomplishments, but you also need to break down individual stepping stones that contribute to the locksmith marketing campaign.

6 Tips for Establishing Your Locksmith Marketing Goals

Set a few marketing goals as you are getting started so you have a clear vision of the objectives you would like to accomplish. Make sure these goals are well-defined, so you can easily know when specific milestones are met.

There is a balance when setting these goals to stretch your achievements while maintaining a realistic perspective about what’s possible. The numbers need to keep the team focused and working hard. On the other hand, goals that are too low can result in an unmotivated team, not to mention lost potential revenue!

Follow this 6-step process to pick quality marketing goals that are in alignment with your revenue and business goals:

Determine how much revenue you hope to generate through these locksmith advertising campaigns.

Calculate how many sales need to occur in order to meet these revenue goals.

Identify the number of leads necessary for this target number of sales based on the anticipated closing rate.

Approximate how much website traffic you need to generate to reach this target number of leads.

Identify benchmarks that ensure you are meeting these numbers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Pick the specific locksmith marketing strategies that will increase the number of leads that will fill your sales funnel.

Generating Online Leads with Locksmith Marketing Strategies

Now that you’ve identified your specific goals, it’s time to create your unique locksmith marketing strategies. A full plan must include multiple features within the sales funnel, including lead generation, designing landing pages, methods for measuring conversion rates, data analysis, and more:

Modern, Attractive Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google Business Profile

Active Social Media Profiles

Email Newsletters and Marketing

Each item is effective as a standalone marketing strategy. Combine one or more strategies when marketing a locksmith business, and you have a proven system that keeps quality leads coming in for your team all year long.

As you continue reading, you will see a clear explanation for each of these subtopics, which will make up your encompassing locksmith marketing plan.

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Effective Roadmap for Lead Generation

Home Contracting Company Lead Generation Roadmap

Water Damage Pro Lead Generation Roadmap

1. Choose a Clear Goal

Make sure your objective is possible to attain and clearly defined. When you have a goal, it aligns your marketing efforts, so you are always filling the pipeline with quality leads.

2. Build a Landing Page

Multiple landing pages are necessary, so you have one page for each sub-service your locksmith company offers. These pages are separate from your business homepage, and you should have a landing page for each offer. For example, you might have a landing page for a seasonal campaign offering 10% off new installation services in the slow season.

3. Create a Clear CTA

When a potential customer reaches the landing page, what action do you want them to take? Create built-in invitations so the next steps are clear and the leads move through your sales funnel. Call to Action examples include images, buttons, and text that take website visitors from the landing page to the action, such as sharing a phone number or email address.

4. Outline Your Sales Funnel

In addition to leveraging locksmith marketing strategies for lead generation, ensure you have a process to develop relationships with these leads. What will your sales team do to engage with the leads that are received? Make sure to assign responsibility to a team member to answer the calls and use a tracking system to know that every lead receives follow-up communication. Consider using a relationship management tool such as Hubspot or Service Titan.

5. Using a Lead Database

Using a CRM facilitates your campaigns because you can always see where leads are located in the sales funnel. This data helps your sales team pursue leads with the most potential. Increase the likelihood of closing a sale by using lead scoring.

Every Locksmith Needs a Well-Optimized Website

One essential piece of your locksmith marketing campaign is a well-designed website. Customers expect user-friendly websites with an easy-to-navigate design where they can information about the products and services you are offering.

It’s impossible to win with online marketing without a good website. There’s a lot that goes into designing an effective locksmith website. Make sure you have these essential features while building the website so that you are not only bringing in customers but also moving them through your sales funnel efficiently.

Functional Details for an Effective Website

The website needs an effective load time, without delays when the pages are pulling up. Pay attention to these technical details to help Google see that your website prioritizes user experience. As a result, fast page-load time contributes to search engine rankings.

It might seem like a small factor to work on page load time. But a few seconds’ delay could potentially result in a loss of money! For example, the first 5 seconds of a page-load time will impact your conversion rates the most.

Fast Page Loads

Always check page load time using a speed tester tool

Image Compression

Images should be compressed because smaller files support faster page load times

Link CTAs

Review all CTAs to ensure the links are directed to the correct landing pages

Responsive Web Layout

Use a responsive website design so the content can be viewed on all screen sizes

Guide the Website Visitors to Action with Clear CTAs

Always know the specific action you want a person to follow when they come to your website. Calls to Action (CTAs) involve specific design features that show customers what actions they should be taking next:

  • Call to book a consultation
  • Share their number to receive a phone call
  • Sign up for a newsletter with an email address
  • Ask for a complimentary project estimate

When you implement specific CTAs, it shows customers the benefits they will receive from these actions. Here is an example of a good CTA: “Call our pro locksmith team to receive a free estimate and consultation.” This CTA shows the customer they can schedule a no-cost appointment while establishing industry expertise.

Highlight Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an essential part of every locksmith marketing campaign because 99.9% of customers are looking for reviews before choosing a product or service online.

You want to build trust with current and potential customers, and this credibility comes by showing that you are a reputable locksmith. Potential customers will feel more confident about your services when they see the results other customers have received. These reviews back up your marketing claims.

Place customer reviews throughout your sales funnel, including your homepage, landing pages, and social media profiles.

Building Trust with Other Website Design Features

Not only will your website design affect your company brand, but copywriting and page elements have an undeniable impact on building trust. Be selective about the images, words, and graphics on each page because these details communicate a message about the quality of your services.

If you have awards and affiliations, then share these details on your website to help your locksmith company stand out in the industry. The goal is to show how your team is the authority so your brand stays at the top-of-mind of customers.

High Converting Contractor Website Checklist

Checklist for Your Locksmith Company Website to Convert Well

Locksmith Marketing Guide Website Best Practices blog

Ensure Website Rankings When Homeowners Are Searching for Locksmith Services

When a homeowner needs to hire a contractor, Google is often the first place they look to find local providers. When you need to bring in locksmith leads, having your website ranked in the search engines is an essential step.

One effective strategy is to start out with paid advertising. Then, you can use the data to find the most effective keywords for designing your Search Engine Optimization campaign. Paid advertising is a way to test the industry, then investing in organic search offers long-term results.

You always have immediate access to locksmith leads through Pay Per Click advertising. But if you want consistent traffic without paying for every click, your locksmith advertising campaign must also include SEO. This two-step process keeps leads moving through your sales funnel now and in the future.

3 Tools for Visibility in the Search Results

Every effective locksmith marketing campaign should include three methods to support search engine visibility.

These marketing strategies make it easier for potential customers to find your website when they are using keywords that relate to the locksmith industry. These rankings help you stay ahead of the competition and bring in a steady stream of leads.

1.) Pay Per Click PPC Advertising

PPC ads are available through Google AdWords, and it’s as simple as turning a key. As long as you pay for your target keywords, you will have steady leads.

2.) Search Engine Optimization

It takes more time to implement an SEO plan, but it’s a critical part of locksmith marketing because of the long-term benefits. SEO establishes organic rankings for your website, so you don’t have to pay for each click.

3.) Google My Business Listing

Don’t forget to set up a Google business listing for your company to help with search engine visibility and maintain your business’s authority. Having a presence on Google My Business improves the chances of homeowners finding your company through Google Maps.

Keep reading for more information about each of these and best-practice tips to ensure your campaigns are effective.

Pay Per Click for Locksmith Services

Do you feel overwhelmed at the idea of spending money on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing? Most locksmiths are worried that they will spend cash on these ads without seeing a boost in profit margins.

If you don’t have experience with locksmith marketing, then PPC might seem like a risky approach. But look at the data and it’s simple to see that a PPC campaign can have a direct impact on your profit margins. For example, you can expect a 200% ROI from a well-optimized PPC campaign, with 65% of customers clicking on PPC ads. These marketing methods should be part of every locksmith advertising campaign because they help you connect with homeowners who need your services.

Proven Tips for Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Step #1: Pick Relevant Keywords

The quality of your keyword research will affect the success of your paid advertising campaigns.

Consider the psychology of what your target customers might be searching for when they need locksmith services. Prioritize keyword relevancy to ensure the searches align with the services you are offering.

Leverage keyword research tools so you can get a feel for the services customers want, as well as the potential search volume from your selected keywords. Compile a list of keywords and then start campaigns to put your locksmith marketing message in front of your target audience. The most effective campaigns have affordable clicks and reasonable volume.

You can find many different keyword research tools, such as Keywords Everywhere and Moz. One of the most effective and user-friendly systems comes from Google’s Keyword Planner tool.

Step #2: Create a Locksmith PPC Campaign

Now it’s time to split your keyword list into ad groups using no more than 4 keywords per list.

The best campaigns focus on quality more than quantity. For example, you might see that “DIY lock installation” gets a lot of website traffic. But the conversion rate will be dismal compared to a keyword with buyer’s intention, such as “locksmith services near me.”

Evaluating buyer’s intention helps you avoid wasting money on low-potential keywords. It’s not likely that a customer will be ready to pay for professional services if they are searching for free or DIY information.

Step #3: Effective Locksmith Ad Design

Creative copywriting is key because you only have a few seconds to capture that person’s attention when someone sees your PPC ad.

Incorporate target keywords in a catchy and clear headline. Always use a CTA to help the lead follow through with the next step (such as booking a consultation). Every step of the sales funnel should be simple and clear, starting from the moment a homeowner sees your ad and clicks through to the website.

Try split testing with locksmith advertising variations to test how the audience responds. This process helps you dial in the most effective messages so you can increase conversion rates and optimize profit margins.

The Anatomy of a PPC Search Ad for Contractors

Step #4: Optimize Your Landing Pages

You want to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI), starting with creative PPC ads and quality landing pages.

Don’t leave money on the table by split-testing keyword groups without using a landing page that converts. When a lead clicks on your ad, they need to land on a simple, direct, and clear page. For best results, you should have multiple landing pages with copywriting for each of the sub-services you are offering. For example, you might have ad groups and landing pages for electronic access installation, lock repair, rekeying, safe selection and installation, and more. Companies with 15 or more landing pages get 55% more leads than companies that direct to the home page.

Locksmith Marketing Guide PPC Search Ads blog
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Organic Rankin Tips: SEO for Locksmiths

While Google AdWords and other forms of Pay-Per-Click marketing are great for immediate leads, the traffic comes to a stop when you aren’t paying for the campaigns. Search Engine Optimization is a great strategy to implement since it builds on your PPC efforts to establish ongoing, organic website traffic.

Through SEO, you can create a presence to that your locksmith business shows up in the search engines. The benefit is that you don’t have to keep paying for every lead that comes through because organic search traffic doesn’t require a payment for each click.

When you have a website that is ranking high in the search results for relevant keywords, it’s like owning a prime piece of virtual real estate.

Dedicating a portion of your marketing budget to SEO is worth the long-term investment. Afterall, SEO has an ROI of 22:1. Every locksmith marketing company includes SEO as part of the foundational services, typically paired with PPC, to start the campaign quickly.

Improve SEO Rankings with These Locksmith Marketing Strategies

Even though there is a lot of competition in the locksmith SEO results, a proactive approach with your campaign can keep you ahead of the other providers. Here are a few strategies that will help you maintain an edge in the industry:

Content Publishing

There’s a reason why people say that “content is king.” Publishing quality content improves user experience. Put this content on your home page, landing pages, blog posts, and anywhere else you can share information about your company and services.

Keyword Optimization

Popular keyword research tools can be helpful for identifying which phrases you should incorporate into your website content. Look at successful PPC campaigns to get ideas about the keywords you might use in your SEO campaign.

Website User Experience

A website that is well-organized and has a good structure helps with SEO. Be sure you are using a responsive design that can be viewed on tablets, smartphones, computers, and more.

Website Security

Keep malware and viruses off your website, because these issues raise a red flag that will keep your site out of the search rankings. You can use different types of security software to protect your server and website, showing Google that your site is safe.

Page Load Time

Every page on your website should load in 2 seconds or less. Slow page loading has a negative impact on user experience, which can affect search engine rankings. Talk to your website developer to make sure your page load times are within this range. 86% of websites that market to customers load in 5 seconds or less. Is your website up to speed?


Show Google that you have a trusted site with backlinks. These “votes” are links coming from other websites to your website. Backlinking can be complicated, which is why many business owners hire a marketing firm for assistance.

SEO Ranking Factors for Home Improvement Companies

These components contribute significantly to positive impact on your search result rankings and bring your website more visitors and leads for your locksmith business. Putting in the necessary effort and resources will likely result in positive lift for your marketing strategy.

Locksmith Marketing Guide Local SEO blog

Google My Business for Locksmith Marketing

When a homeowner wants to hire a local contractor, then Google Maps is one of the most common places they will search. Also, Google prioritizes map results in the main search results, which helps to pull people into Google Maps. One of the most important locksmith industry marketing goals is to set up a Google My Business page.

If a homeowner needs to hire a contractor, they feel good knowing that the repair and installation team is close to home. Often, map location is a factor that can bring nearby customers into your business.

Additionally, having a Google My Business profile is a way to show potential customers that your company s reputable and trusted. Include as much information as possible to help your business page stand out from the competition: pictures, reviews, company ratings, contact information, and more.

Checklist for Setting Up a Google Business Profile

When you are working on your locksmith advertising campaign, follow this simple checklist to ensure that nothing is overlooked on your Google My Business page. These best practices improve the likelihood that you will achieve higher local search engine rankings.

Claim Your Business Listing

Before setting up a Google My Business profile, check to see if your business is already listed in Google. If you find a listing, then you will need to claim it and add profile information.

Name, Address, Phone (NAP) Contact Info

Make sure that your contact information is easy to find. Include your business name, address, and phone number (commonly known as NAPs). Then, check back often to keep these things up-to-date.

Upload Quality Photos

Strengthen your branding and improve the overall look and feel by adding photos to your business page. Add new photos regularly to keep it fresh.

Additional Profile Info

Look through the other sections where you can add information. For example, it’s possible to include a list of products and services, as well as service categories. If there are coupons or discounts, this is a great place to share the info.

Customer Reviews

Build credibility for your business listing by asking current and past customers to leave a review. The more positive reviews you have, the higher likelihood that your business page will bring in paying customers because it is ranking well in the local search results. Did you know 99.9% of consumers read reviews before signing up for a service? Reviews are that important.

Respond to Questions and Reviews

Take a proactive approach with customer service by posting a response to every review (both good and bad reviews). Thank positive reviewers for sharing their experience, and look for ways to solve the problems the bad reviewers encountered. Also, make sure you are answering questions in the Q&A section.

Chat with Google Messaging

People need an easy way to get in touch with your company, and Google Messaging is a great solution. Make sure this feature is turned on, so potential customers don’t feel intimidated about picking up the phone. Also, respond quickly whenever an inquiry comes through.

Google My Business Checklist For Home Contractors

Other Business Directories and Local Listings

There’s no question that Google My Business is the best place to bring in local traffic, but there are also benefits to using other local listings as part of your locksmith marketing campaign.

Don’t expect much traffic from these other directories and maps. But they can still be useful because of the backlinks they create to your website.

It can be time-consuming to set up all of these listings. So, consider hiring the best locksmith marketing company for assistance.

Setting Up a Facebook Page for Your Locksmith Business

As you work your way down the list of important locksmith marketing strategies, make sure you also establish a social media presence. Facebook is the best place to start. Set up a business page, then create a strategy so you can generate leads through paid advertising.

Most people have Facebook accounts, which means you can target the people who need your services. Skipping social media advertising is a mistake because you will miss out on potential sales.

Reach Potential Customers by Using Facebook Ads

Consider the action you would like the lead to take, then design a Facebook ad to match. Here are a few design options to consider:

Ads to Keep the User on Facebook

When someone clicks the ad link, they are redirected to another page on Facebook. This method is effective because people have more trust when they stay on Facebook instead of going to another site. For example, you might run locksmith marketing ads that go to a landing page with a form submission for collecting contact information.

Ads to Drive Website Traffic

Another possibility is to run ads from Facebook that bring traffic to your website. Create a good user experience and build trust by making sure the landing page aligns with the ad content.

FB Retargeting Ads

One other option is to use retargeting so your ads show up on 3rd party websites. Once a person has engaged with your brand (on your website or through social media), you can show ads on other platforms they are visiting. As a result, the chance of repeat visits to your website increases.

Pro Tips for Creating Effective Facebook Ads

When using Facebook as part of your locksmith advertising strategy, keep the right mindset to create ads that speak to your target audience. Remember that people are looking for entertainment when they are on Facebook. So, design ads with eye-catching features, bright colors, humor, and engaging messages. Ads perform well when they include pictures of smiling people.

Follow this approach when designing ads for your Facebook marketing campaigns:

Determine Your Advertising Goals

Why are you running the ads? Be clear about the action you would like each person to take so you can be sure that the ad aligns with their needs. For example, your goals might be to have people schedule a consultation, join an email list, or receive information about current specials and discounts.

Creating the Ads

Most Facebook ads use one image paired with text. In addition to this common layout, there are other options such as carousel ads, videos, canvas, or slideshows. Split test different layouts to find the design that brings the highest click-thru’s and best conversion rates.

Targeting Your Demographics

One of the undeniable benefits of Facebook advertising is that you can target the ideal audience who need your services. Choose details for location targeting, as well as other options to reach current and past customers or create a Lookalike Audience.

Set a Budget

Be proactive about setting a budget so you can stay within your spending goals. A cap will prevent the campaign from overrunning your budget. You want to make sure you achieve a positive ROI, which is why it’s smart to always test and start slow. You can increase your spending when you see the effectiveness of the campaign.

Facebook Ad Objectives for Contractors
Facebook Ad Formats for Contractors
Facebook Ad Audiences for Contractors
Locksmith Marketing Guide Facebook Ads blog

Use Email Marketing to Improve Campaign ROI

Email marketing is still alive and thriving, so make sure to include these strategies in your locksmith advertising campaign. Building an email list gives you an asset that you can use over and over again to keep your customers engaged.

Email marketing offers a strong Return on Investment (ROI). You can expect to receive $40 in sales for every $1 you spend on email marketing.

Best Email Marketing Methods for Locksmith Advertising

Email should be one tool among others in your locksmith digital marketing campaign. Both personalized email campaigns and email newsletters are effective for building and maintaining strong relationships with current clients and potential leads. This one-to-many method for communication leverages your time more effectively than one-on-one conversations.

First, generate locksmith leads by driving traffic to your website with PPC, SEO, and social media advertising. It’s rare for someone to schedule a consultation on their first visit to the website. Email marketing allows you to capture the person’s information, then you can continue communication going forward. Use these strategies for keeping in touch and establishing your business as an authority in the industry.

Sending regular newsletters is a way to keep your company in mind for your customers. When a homeowner needs locksmith services in the future, they will remember whom to call.

3 Priorities for Email Marketing

Here are three goals to keep in mind when you are working to improve results for your email marketing campaign:

Delivery Rates

Sending the emails is only effective if these messages are landing in the customer’s inboxes. Improve delivery rates by making sure your list is clean, and all of the email addresses are correct. Check everything with an email validation tool. Additionally, take off email addresses that are bouncing or inactive.

Open Rates

Next, make sure your subject lines are interesting enough so people want to open the messages. Timing matters! You can capture the biggest audience when sending emails between 10 am and 1 pm.

Click-Thru Rates

The best click-thru rates occur when the messaging is clear, short, and concise. When someone is reading your email, invite them to take the next step by clicking a link in the message. Choose a specific Call to Action, such as calling for a consultation, completing a form submission, or visiting your website.

The Best Email Strategies for Locksmith Marketing

The first goal is to build an email list using lead generation techniques. Then, make sure to follow-up with quality information and regular messages. Often, the initial email is a welcome message. Include a personalized approach by thanking the person for joining the list, and inviting them to reach out any time if they have questions about locksmith services.

Consistency is key in a successful locksmith marketing campaign. Share quality content with your subscribers, such as video tutorials, recent blog posts, and eBook downloads. You can use various types of digital media to show your authority in the industry and build relationships with your email subscribers at the same time.

Other options for newsletter content include holiday greetings, announcements about discounts, upcoming events, and any other relevant information in the industry.

Email Marketing For Contractors Cheatsheet

Email Marketing Cheatsheet for Locksmith Contractors

Locksmith Marketing Guide Email Marketing blog


We hope the key concepts covered in our Locksmith Marketing Guide has helped you find some of the best practices for your online marketing strategies and will help grow your business. Keep your customers as your highest priority and build your campaigns around their challenges, goals, and concerns. Provide useful content and engaging messaging, whether it’s in advertising campaigns, landing pages, social media outreach, or any of the other areas where you connect with your target customers.

At Service Direct we’ve been marketing contractors online for over 15 years and we’ve worked with water damage companies all over the United States to help grow their businesses. We know that online marketing can be complicated and confusing and no one-size-fits-all approach is going to be effective enough to generate solid Return On Investment. We focus on generating exclusive, high-quality leads of potential customers ready to discuss their projects with you. Learn more about how we work with locksmith companies.

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