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The Ultimate Roofing Marketing Guide

The online marketing space for roofers is complex and competitive. Here’s everything you need to know in order to find success advertising your roofing business.

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Digital Marketing Toolbox

The Ultimate Roofing Marketing Guide

The online marketing space for roofers is complex and competitive. Here’s everything you need to know in order to find success advertising your roofing business.


You have years of experience in the roofing industry, with in-demand skills that homeowners need for new roof installation and roofing repair. However, while most roofers are skilled with tools in hand, they don’t have the training or expertise to know how to implement roofing marketing ideas effectively.

There’s no question that roofer advertising is essential so your business can succeed by connecting with homeowners in the area. It’s a mistake to neglect your online efforts, but this task often falls to the back burner as you focus on other responsibilities in your roofing company. It’s essential that you prioritize roofing marketing to establish a strong presence online and bring in leads so your crews stay busy all year long.

How often do you feel like you are trying to hit a moving target when looking at online marketing options? The internet is constantly changing, which is why business owners can benefit from working with a team of online marketing experts. As you invest your time, money, and resources into roofing ads, SEO, and social media, you keep your business current and bring in potential customers seeking your services.

While direct mail campaigns and phone book listings worked in the past, they are no longer sufficient in our digital world. Successful businesses are proactive with their online campaigns.

This quick start guide is designed to help you implement the most effective solutions for roofer advertising ideas. If you are wondering about the best way to advertise a roofing business, take away the trial-and-error by implementing these proven strategies. The result: you will bring in paying customers, which increases your profit margins and adds to the bottom line.

Best Practices for a Strong Roofer Digital Marketing Campaign

One common concern about starting a new roofer marketing strategy is that you will spend money on an internet marketing campaign that doesn’t result in more leads or profits.

The truth is that you must keep track of conversion and click-thru rates when you are investing in Google AdWords for roofers and other types of PPC ads. Without tracking, you are likely wasting money and missing out on marketing opportunities. Usually, a failing campaign isn’t a total loss. All you need are a few adjustments in the ad copy, data tracking, and roofing marketing campaign optimization. However, a few critical elements must be in place to ensure success with your campaign.

Here is an overview of the most critical pre-launch elements to set you up for success:

1. Pick the Right Offer

You need to know your target demographic, so you can design an offer that taps into their needs and desires. When you know your audience, you have a better chance of personalizing the roofing marketing campaign.

Consider these roofing advertising examples: your online ads show up in front of homeowners who are searching for your services. Whether they are looking for a new installation, roofing repair, or reroofing, you have campaigns segmented with customized landing pages for each type of service. Also, these pages should always have clear Calls to Action so the customer can get in contact with your team.

Ultimately, the goal is to have a potential customer move through your roofing ads funnel to the point where they send in their contact information to book a consultation and proposal meeting.

2. Lead and Conversion Tracking

It’s a success to bring roofing leads through the door; the next step is using roofer advertising strategies to close the deals.

Creative roofing ads not only connect with homeowners, but the campaigns also leverage analytics. For example, you can see how leads are taking action on your website by tracking clicks and conversion rates.

There are different types of tracking technology that can help you stay ahead of the data through all stages of your marketing campaign: phone calls, appointment booking, email open rates, roofing ads engagement, etc. The use of a comprehensive tracking system to optimize your campaigns is an excellent investment.

3. Nurturing Your Leads

In most cases, the first point of contact isn’t sufficient to turn the lead into a paying customer. You must have a streamlined roofing marketing campaign that keeps the lead moving through your sales funnel so you can nurture and build the relationship.

A lead scoring system is one effective way for you to measure the quality of leads on your list. Then, your sales team is prepared to optimize conversion rates because they have clear information about where each lead is in the sales funnel.

Not only can you use one-on-one conversations, but you also look at one-to-many communication strategies and roofer advertising ideas (such as text messaging and email marketing).

4. Signing the Work Agreements

Ultimately, the final goal of implementing these roofing marketing ideas is to turn these leads into paying customers.

The process requires ongoing effort and continuous conversation to nurture each lead until they are ready to move forward. The best way to market a roofing company is to ensure your team members have clear responsibilities and thorough training. You’ll need people helping with all related tasks, including answering phone calls, following up with warm leads, and keeping the conversation open with people who have expressed interest.

Every successful roofing marketing campaign standardizes these processes to minimize the loss of leads. For example, one of the best roofing marketing ideas you can implement is to respond to leads within 5 minutes to optimize conversion rates. Customer education and sales pitches are also critical parts of a successful campaign.

Roofing Company Marketing Online key art

Proven Roofing Advertising Ideas

One common mistake we often see with contractors investing in roofing marketing is putting money into a campaign without defining the plan or sales funnel. Not only do you need to get started on a marketing campaign, but you need to be clear about how you bring in leads.

Talk to an experienced roofing digital marketing agency to learn more about effective lead generation campaigns. There are different approaches, but foundational elements ensure the success of these campaigns.

End Results Matter

Not only do you need to invest in roofer advertising, but it’s critical that you focus on the end result so you can build a sales funnel that supports your goals. Identify a specific goal for each campaign, then reverse-engineer milestones to help you reach that goal. A little preparation sets you up for success.

These questions help you clarify your goals:

  • What is the ideal action each lead should take on your website?
  • What milestones need to be reached to improve lead conversion?

The best approach is to keep your focus on the long-term results while also implementing the smaller stepping stones that set the foundation for a successful roofing marketing campaign.

6-Step Process for Defining Roofing Marketing Goals

Follow this 6-step process to choose the ideal business goals. Then you can shape your roofer advertising campaign to meet these goals. When you clearly define the desired results, it’s easy to see where the goal is reached.

Set smaller goals, such as milestones that lead to the successful outcome you desire. Then watch how the implementation and tracking lead to your ultimate goal. These benchmarks should be high enough to stretch the sales team while still being within reach.

Follow these tips for setting roofing marketing goals that support your business and revenue goals:

Write down a specific number: how much revenue are you hoping to generate through these roofer advertising ideas?

Identify the number of sales necessary to meet these revenue goals.

Estimate your closing rates so you can see the correct number of leads you need to bring in.

Look at website conversion rates that will help you determine the ideal amount of traffic you need to connect with the right number of leads.

Review statistics on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to ensure you are reaching important milestones.

Run enough roofing ads to bring in the leads you need to meet your goals.

A Guide for Online Lead Generation with Roofing Marketing

Now that your roofing marketing goals are in place, you are ready to move forward with your roofing marketing strategy. Every effective campaign includes different types of roofer advertising:

Well Optimized Website

Search Engine Optimization

Google My Business

Meaningful Presence on Social Media

Email Marketing and Newsletters

Each of these strategies is a standalone way to bring in leads. Combine all of the strategies, and it will result in an effective system to help you connect with homeowners who need your services.

This guide will share details to guide you through each of these subsections so you can see how everything fits together to create an all-inclusive roofing marketing plan.

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Your Roadmap for Lead Generation

Home Contracting Company Lead Generation Roadmap

Roofing Lead Generation Roadmap

1. Identify the Goal

Set a goal that is possible to obtain and is clearly defined. You need to focus on the goal when dialing in your roofing marketing efforts so you can reach plenty of leads to fill your pipeline.

2. Build a Landing Page

It’s worth the effort to design targeted landing pages, with sub-service offers on each of the pages. These pages are separate from the content on your homepage. You should have one landing page per offer. Some of the best roofing advertising examples leverage seasonal campaigns with targeted landing pages, such as a discount for roofing repair in the fall months to prepare for winter).

3. Have a Clear Call to Action

What is the target action you want each homeowner to follow? Make sure to build in clear invitations on your landing pages, so the leads follow the desired actions on your website. Create various types of Calls to Action, including text, images, or buttons that lead each person to submit their contact information.

4. Map Out Your Sales Funnel

Not only does roofing marketing bring in leads, but you also need to consider how these leads are being nurtured into paying customers. Is your sales team nurturing every lead that comes through? You must use tracking systems and follow-up to ensure your sales team stays on top of these opportunities. Consider using a relationship management tool, like Hubspot, for streamlining and automating the leads.

5. Maintain a Database of Leads

Invest in a good CRM so you can always see the status of your roofing marketing leads. The data helps you see which leads are worth the effort and which leads should be cleaned off the list. You can access measurable data through lead scoring to prioritize the sales team’s efforts.

How to Optimize a Roofing Website

Make sure to have a well-designed website for leads to visit when engaging in your roofing marketing campaigns. Everything leads back to your site, so it’s essential that the pages are user-friendly and offer valuable information for people who are interested in your services.

Keep in mind that your roofer advertising campaigns will only be as effective as your website landing pages. Every site should have these essential components for success:

Website Features: Functional and Technical

Our digital world has trained people to expect instant information, which is why you will lose potential leads if people encounter website delays. On the other hand, having these technical details in place shows Google that your website offers a quality user experience, which helps increase your search engine rankings.

Even though website load time might seem like a small detail, the truth is that you might be losing money if you don’t have an optimized site. One of the roofing marketing strategies to improve conversion rates is optimizing page load time because it can boost conversion rates and revenue.

Fast Page Loads

Use this tool for Page Load Speed Testing and make necessary changes to ensure the pages are loading in 2 seconds or less.

Image Compression

Don’t forget to compress images before they are added to your website.

Link CTAs

Make sure every CTA is leading to the desired results.

Responsive Web Layout

Create a mobile-friendly design experience so visitors can use any type of device to view your site.

Leveraging Calls to Action to Boost Conversion Rates

You always need to know the desired action you want each website visitor to take when they come to a landing page or your homepage. Building in these Calls to Action (CTAs) moves the leads through your sales funnel, which improves the interactions between the sales team and leads. Here are a few CTA examples to consider:

  • Submit phone number
  • Contact the office to book a consultation
  • Share an email address for a newsletter subscription
  • Request a work estimate

You want the CTAs to be clear and strong enough to encourage website visitors to take action because they can see the potential benefits of your services. An example of a compelling CTA looks like this: “Call our pro roofing team to book a no-obligation consultation and get an estimate for your roofing project.” Your CTA should establish your expertise, specify the action the person should take, and offer a free consultation.

Leverage Customer Reviews

When your website shares customer reviews, it means that up to 63% of potential customers are more likely to buy your services.

Sharing reviews as part of your roofer advertising campaign is an effective way to establish credibility and trust. You are showing how other customers are satisfied with your services. The reviews are essential for backing up the claims you make in roofing marketing campaigns.

These customer reviews can be helpful everywhere you have an online presence: landing pages, website pages, and social media profiles.

Build Trust Through Website Design

When people land on your website, the overall design can establish trust, so people are comfortable with the services you are offering. Important design features include images, copywriting, graphics, and more. The goal is to communicate the quality of your services, so customers want to move forward with the roofing project.

You can quickly establish trust by sharing information about affiliations and awards. The goal is to use roofing marketing to distinguish your company from others in the local industry. It makes a difference to pay attention to the small details. Ultimately, website design and branding make your business memorable, which increases the likelihood of customers reaching out when they are ready to buy in the future.

High Converting Contractor Website Checklist

Checklist for Your Roofing Website to Convert Well

Roofing Company Website Optimization blog promo image

Roofing Marketing Strategies for Ranking Your Website in the Search Engines

A search engine is one of the first places a homeowner will go when they need roofing services. So, every roofer marketing company will recommend that your website shows up in the relevant search results for customers looking for related keywords.

Start your campaign using Google AdWords for roofers. Then find the most successful keywords in your roofing ads to plan out your Search Engine Optimization campaign. Paid ads help you test the online marketing, then invest in a campaign that is profitable in the long run through organic search.

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the fastest and most effective ways to bring in immediate traffic. At the same time, you should also focus on the benefits of organic traffic, which pays off in the future because you are receiving free leads. When implementing this two-step roofing marketing strategy, you’ll have an ongoing source of leads.

3 Steps to Show Up in the Search Results

Every experienced roofer marketing company will recommend three components that help you establish a presence in the search engines.

When you use these roofer advertising ideas, it will be easier for homeowners to find your website while searching for related keywords. Ultimately, this three-part strategy helps you stay ahead of the competition because you are dominating the search results.

1.) Pay Per Click PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click, such as Google AdWords for roofers, turns on immediate traffic to your website. As long as you pay for the right keywords, you can expect a steady stream of leads.

2.) Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization takes your roofer marketing PPC to the next level. Even though SEO is a long process, it’s worth the time and money because of the future traffic. In addition, ranking your website in the search results eliminates the need to pay for every click coming to your site.

3.) Google My Business Listing

Your business listing can also appear in the search results. Additionally, it establishes credibility for your company. When you are leveraging Google My Business, there is a higher chance that homeowners will find you using Google Maps.

Continue reading this roofing marketing guide so that you can learn the best practices for each of these campaigns. Practical implementation will bring in leads through the search engines and grow your business.

Google AdWords for Roofing Advertising

Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea of spending money on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising? One concern for most roofing business owners is whether the ads will boost profit margins.

Spending money on PPC ads might feel like a risk if you aren’t familiar with the online marketing industry. But look at the data, and you can see how effective this roofing marketing strategy can be. Not only do you bring in leads, but you can also improve your profit margins. For every dollar you spend on PPC advertising, it’s possible to double your investment by bringing in two dollars in return. In addition, Google AdWords should be part of every roofing advertising campaign because your business is visible for homeowners who are searching for your services.

Google AdWords: Best Advertising for Roofers

Step 1: Choose the Ideal Keywords

The success of your PPC campaign depends on your keyword research.

You need to understand the psychology of your target demographic: what are people searching for when they need roofing services? Make sure your paid searches align with the services you are offering.

Look at keyword research, and you can see what customers are looking for and the potential volume available from the different keywords. Build a strong list of keywords, and you will be sharing your message with the ideal audience. Of course, bidding on keywords with affordable clicks and reasonable volume is the sweet spot.

You can choose from many different keyword research tools, such as Keywords Everywhere, Moz, and Google AdWords.

Step #2: Build a Roofing PPC Campaign

You have a list of keywords, so now it’s time to define your ad groups. Limit each group to a maximum of 4 keyword phrases.

Make sure to only bid on quality keywords with buying potential. Even though you might look at roofer advertising ideas and find a lot of traffic to “DIY roofing repair,” you’ll have a low conversion rate in this ad group since people are looking for tutorials – not roofing services. A better choice is to bid on campaigns like “reroofing services near me.”

Look at the psychology and buyer intention when you are creating these campaigns. Since people aren’t ready to hire a contractor when they are searching for free information or online tutorials, it means that these keywords will likely result in low conversion rates for your roofing services.

Step #3: Test Creative Roofing Ads

When someone sees your PPC ad, you have a few short seconds to capture the person’s attention. Therefore, creative copywriting is key to keeping their attention.

Incorporate target keywords into your headlines. Then, have a clear CTA to invite each website visitor to take action (such as scheduling a consultation). You want it to be clear and straightforward for people to follow when clicking on your roofing ads and coming to your website.

The best way to see how your audience responds is by testing different types of roofing ads. This process helps you narrow down the most compelling messages, which makes it easier to increase conversion rates and improve your profit margins.

The Anatomy of a PPC Search Ad for Contractors

Step #4: Optimize Every Landing Page

When you have creative roofing ads and optimized landing pages, it creates the ideal conditions to optimize your ROI.

Make sure you are always split-testing keyword groups using a quality landing page. When a person clicks through your ads, they need to find a landing page that is direct, clear, and simple to navigate.

You’ll need multiple landing pages, with a specific focus on each page for the sub-service you are targeting. For example, separate your landing pages with subtopics like new roof installation, reroofing, and roofing repair.

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SEO for Roofing – How to Rank Organically

SEO is a building block to include in every campaign for digital marketing for roofers. Remember that if you rely on PPC alone, the leads will stop if you are no longer paying for the campaigns. Instead, use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to leverage your PPC campaigns into longer-term traffic.

PPC can test the waters, then SEO helps you rank organically in the search engine. The result is a steady stream of leads in the future, without a need to pay for every visitor coming to your website.

Having good SEO rankings means you have invested in a valuable piece of digital real estate, and homeowners will have an easier time finding your roofing business. In addition, every pro roofing marketing agency will recommend SEO in your service package.

Even though the competition can be intense for SEO, it’s worth the investment because these strategies are so effective. Also, you have an opportunity to gain an edge in the local industry through SEO by outranking the competition.

Proven SEO Strategies for Roofer Marketing

Even though it’s very competitive to rank in the search engines, it’s made much easier if you follow SEO strategy best practices. Here are several components to boost your website rankings:

Quality Site Content

There is a reason why a roofer marketing company will tell you that “content is king.” Putting quality content on your homepage, services pages, and blog posts expands your reach to connect with more homeowners. Always focus on quality to ensure a positive experience when people visit your site.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword research tools help you find the ideal phrases to include in your website content. Start by looking at your most profitable PPC campaigns, then select these keywords for your SEO marketing campaign.

Website User Experience

Is your website easy to navigate and use when people come to visit? Be proactive about designing a website that is organized and structured. All navigation and pages should be dynamic to offer a good user experience on different devices: smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Backlink Building

Once your site is optimized, look for ways to get “votes” from other websites that show Google that your website is trusted. Since backlink building can be tedious and complicated, the best approach is to hire a roofing digital marketing agency for assistance.

Page Load Time

Ideally, every website page should load in 2 seconds or less. SEO is negatively impacted by longer page load times because it has a negative impact on user experience. Talk to your website developer about improving page load time.

Website Security

Good security tools eliminate your worries about security threats and malware issues. If there are security concerns, it’s an immediate red flag for your site – which can take a toll on your SEO rankings. Always show Google that your website is safe to visit.

SEO Ranking Factors for Home Improvement Companies

These tips add meaningful positive impact on your search rankings and provide your site with more visitors and leads for your roofing business. Putting in the necessary effort and time will result in lift for your roofing marketing strategy.

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Roofer Advertising Tips for Google My Business

When homeowners need local services, it’s common for them to look at Google Maps. Look at the search rankings, and you’ll see that the Maps listings are some of the most prominent listings in the search results. So, you should always use Google My Business as part of your roofing marketing strategy.

Homeowners need to connect with local businesses when searching for roofing installation or roofing repairs. When you list your roofing business in Google My Business, it increases the number of leads because people will contact you based on proximity.

Additionally, Google My Business shows that your company is established and reputable. This trust increases the likelihood that homeowners will call you instead of reaching out to the competition. Finally, add a variety of details to your listing, such as pictures, contact information, reviews, company ratings, and more.

Google My Business Checklist for Local Contractors

Check out this list when putting together your Google My Business profile for your roofing business. Following these steps increases the chances of high rankings in the search results:

Claim Your Business

Is there already a business listing online for your company? Then you need to claim it. Even if you haven’t filled out the business information yet, it’s possible that you have a listing.

Add Name, Address, Phone

Make it as easy as possible for customers to contact you by sharing your NAP info: name, address, phone. This information should be double- and triple-checked, with regular reviews to ensure that everything is current.

Add a Few Photos

Uploading pictures brings a visual element to your Google My Business listing. Make sure you only use professional photos because they affect your company brand. These pics should be updated regularly.

Additional Profile Info

Other sections need to be filled in, such as your list of services and products as well as primary/secondary categories. GMB is also a place where you can share information about special offers and discounts to entice potential customers.

Customer Reviews

An established Google My Business profile is a great place for people to share customer reviews. Be proactive about inviting satisfied homeowners to leave their comments. The more positive reviews you have, the better chance that your site will rank high in the search results.

Respond to Questions and Reviews

Regardless if the review is positive or negative, you should always share a fast response to show how you are proactive with customer care. Thank reviewers for sharing and look for solutions when addressing complaints. Always share answers when questions come through in the Q&A section.

Communicate through Google Messaging

One of the simplest ways for potential customers to get in touch is by reaching out through Google Messaging on your GMB profile. Most people don’t want to pick up the phone, but messaging feels more comfortable. Keep your messaging on at all times and respond to roofing inquiries proactively throughout the day.

Google My Business Checklist For Home Contractors

Other Business Directories and Local Listings

Include business listings as part of your internet marketing for the roofer’s campaign. The highest levels of traffic will come through Google My Business, but other directories can also offer benefits.

Even if you aren’t getting much direct traffic from these smaller directories and maps, they still are good sources for backlink building – which can boost your SEO results.

Building out the director listings is tedious, which is why most roofing business owners hire a roofing marketing company for assistance.

Create a Facebook Social Media Presence for Your Roofing Company

As you move down your roofing marketing to-do list, the next step is creating a meaningful presence on social media. Facebook is always the highest priority. Create a business page, then generate leads using paid roofing ads through Facebook and other platforms.

Almost every homeowner has a Facebook account, which makes it a great place to connect with your target customers. There’s no question: you are leaving money on the table if you aren’t using Facebook as part of your roofing marketing strategy.

Reach Potential Customers Using Facebook Ads

When you are designing your Facebook ads, there are several options to consider. Determine the user action you want each person to take, then create an ad that leads to these results:

Keeping the User on Facebook

This type of advertising takes the person to another page on Facebook when they click your ad. Because people are more comfortable staying on Facebook, it can increase your conversion rates. For example, you might run an ad that brings the person to a form submission page on Facebook – where they can enter their contact information.

Sending the User to Your Website

Another option is to have someone click through your Facebook ad and land on your website. These roofing ads are proven to increase website traffic overall.

Facebook Retargeting Campaigns

Finally, make sure you are using Facebook Ads and 3rd party retargeting. It’s unlikely that conversion will happen the first time someone interacts with your brand. Retargeting ads keep your business visible on other platforms, which increases the likelihood of repeat visits to your website.

How to Design Creative Roofing Ads for Facebook

Put yourself in the ideal mindset when designing roofing ads for Facebook. Remember that people spend time on social media to connect with friends and be entertained. Your advertising messages will be most engaging when you match the entertainment mindset using eye-catching designs and bright colors. Some of the best photos on social media show smiling people. Also, consider using a little bit of humor to make your ads memorable.

Consider these roofing advertising ideas for Facebook ads to connect with homeowners searching for your services, which means that you can bring in more traffic and vetted leads:

Identify Your Ad Goals

What is the reason why you are running paid ads? Before you start spending money, know which action you want each user to take: sign up for an email list, access info about current specials or discounts, or schedule a free consultation. Then, build these objectives into your ad design and shape the sales funnel to match.

Create Unique Ads

The basic Facebook ad layout uses a single image and text to match. Also, consider other ad layouts such as carousel ads, slideshows, canvas, or videos. Then, split-test the different designs to find the most effective combination to improve your click-thrus and conversion rates.

Choose Your Demographic

One of the benefits of Facebook advertising is that you can be selective about picking your audience. Not only can you use location targeting, but you also choose other Facebook targeting features such as a Lookalike audience or advertising to current and past customers.

Set a Budget

You have complete control to manage your daily budget based on the amount of money you want to spend. Set a cap, so you have the peace of mind to know that your campaign will never be higher than your desired budget. In the beginning, start slow and test the campaign. Then, increase your spending on the campaigns that are working.

Facebook Ad Objectives for Contractors
Facebook Ad Formats for Contractors
Facebook Ad Audiences for Contractors
Roofing Company Leads with Facebook Ads blog promo image

Use Email Marketing to Boost Customer ROI

Email marketing is still alive and thriving, especially when paired with other roofer advertising strategies. When you build an email list, you are creating a valuable asset to bring in new jobs – now and in the future. A quality email list has customers who are reading and engaging with the messages that show up in their inboxes.

Email marketing is an excellent investment, with as high as $42 in return for every dollar you spend! This ROI is the highest you will find in the online marketing industry.

Tips for Using Email Marketing in Your Roofing Business

The best strategy to advertise your roofing business is to pair email marketing with other lead generation strategies. First, bring the leads in, then leverage personalized email campaigns and newsletters to strengthen the relationships with potential and current customers. Email marketing gives you a one-to-many platform where you can connect with multiple people when you don’t have time for so many one-on-one meetings.

Lead generation, such as social media, PPC, and/or SEO, brings people to your website. Then email marketing keeps them coming back. However, it’s unlikely that someone will schedule a consultation the first time they find your site, which is why you need a way to maintain the communication going forward.

You can stay in touch and share valuable information, increasing the likelihood the person will reach out to your team when they are ready for roofing services. Use ongoing newsletters to ensure your roofing business is always at the top of mind.

Email Marketing for Roofers: 3 Goals

These should be your top 3 priorities when implementing an email marketing plan:

Delivery Rates

When sending emails, ensure the messages are getting through to your list. Keep this email list clean and optimize delivery rates by removing inaccurate addresses. It’s helpful to use an email validation tool. Additionally, remove addresses that are bouncing and inactive subscribers.

Open Rates

Boost the number of people who open your emails using exciting subject lines so people are curious about the message inside. Timing matters as well – you’ll capture the best audience when you are sending between 10 A.M. to 1 P.M.

Click-Thru Rates

Finally, look at the number of people clicking through the links and CTAs in your email messages. Add a specific Call to Action based on the action you want the person to take. For example, the email link can lead to a landing page for the person to enter their contact information, visit a landing page on your website, or contact your business for a consultation. Concise, clear, and short messages get the best click-thru results.

Effective Email Marketing Strategies for Roofer Advertising

Building your email list is a great place to start. But don’t forget to follow through by sending quality messages on an ongoing basis. The initial message is a great time to welcome the individual and add a personalized touch. Thank them for joining and invite the person to reach out if they need information about roofing services.

Then, you can be proactive with your roofing marketing campaign with consistent messages that share quality information. Send links to your video tutorials, recent blog posts, and free eBook downloads. Various forms of digital media help to establish your expertise and authority in the industry.

Also, consider timing-specific emails that you can send, such as holiday greetings, seasonal discounts, or upcoming events.

Email Marketing For Contractors Cheatsheet

Email Marketing Cheatsheet for Roofing Contractors

Roofing Company Email Marketing Best Practices blog promo image


We hope the above Roofing Marketing Guide has been of help in giving you some insight about the process. Keep your customers at the core of your marketing strategy – figure out their challenges, goals, and concerns and provide them with meaningful content in your advertising, landing pages, social media, and other avenues where your brand can genuinely interact with potential people in need of your services.

At Service Direct we have over 15 years of experience in marketing contractors online and we’ve worked with roofers all over the United States to help grow their businesses. We know full well that online marketing can be no easy task and no one-size-fits-all approach is going to be effective enough to generate solid ROI. We focus on delivering high-quality lead generation of customers ready to discuss their roofing projects with you. Learn more about how we work.

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