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The Ultimate Towing Marketing Guide

The online marketing space for towing companies is complex and competitive. Here’s everything you need to know in order to find success in advertising your towing services business.

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Digital Marketing Toolbox

The Ultimate Towing Marketing Guide

The online marketing space for towing companies is complex and competitive. Here’s everything you need to know in order to find success in advertising your towing services business.


As a towing expert, you have the right equipment and expertise to know what to do when a vehicle breaks down on the side of the road. But towing marketing can be challenging if you don’t have much experience with paid advertising, social media, or search engine optimization.

You want to be successful in your towing business, meaning you must bring in a steady stream of leads. The best way to connect with customers who need your services is through towing advertising to establish a presence for your business in the digital space. This investment means you will have leads calling for services throughout the year.

Old marketing methods of the past like direct mail campaigns and phone book listings aren’t as effective as they once were. Now, an in-depth marketing campaign is necessary to bring in towing leads.

Many business owners agree that the online industry can be challenging to navigate because things are constantly changing. This guide is designed to help you get started quickly, so you can implement a towing marketing strategy that helps your business succeed. Following the steps in this guide will help you avoid the trial-and-error issues common among small business owners. Instead, you can implement a campaign that works from the beginning, bringing paying customers that add to your bottom line.

Creating a Towing Marketing Campaign That Works

When investing money into towing advertising, make sure your marketing strategies bring in the leads you need.

Always track Return on Investment (ROI), so you can see what you’re getting for your money. Then, these campaigns can be modified when necessary. If you aren’t tracking the success of the campaigns, you’re missing out on possible customers. If the towing marketing campaign isn’t profitable, then changes can usually be made with measurement, ad implementation, optimization, and more.

Make sure your marketing campaigns are successful by implementing these pre-launch elements:

1. Choose a CTA

You need to understand your target demographic and create the perfect offer that supports their needs. The more you know about your audience, the easier it will be to connect with them.

For example, most towing leads come in when vehicle owners are in a stressful situation and need immediate services, but sometimes people call ahead of time when they know that a vehicle needs to be moved. Create separate landing pages for each focus, and then add a Call to Action that invites them to take the next step.

2. Track Campaign Results

Not only do you need to bring in leads, but you also need to know how to convert these leads into paying customers.

Every campaign should use conversion and click tracking. The analytics help you see how people are taking action when they visit your website.

This tracking technology is a valuable resource to see lead progress throughout the sales funnel, from phone calls to booking appointments, towing ads engagement, email open rates, campaign revenue, and more. Use a comprehensive system, then use the data for optimizing your campaigns., good tracking technology helps you book appointments, monitor email open rates, manage phone calls, and assess overall project revenue. A comprehensive tracking system is an excellent investment to measure campaign effectiveness.

3. Nurture the Leads

It’s not common for a lead to contact your business the first time they land on your website. But you can create a system that leverages different towing advertising ideas to build a relationship with each lead.

For example, a lead scoring system shows your sales team where their time is best spent. Your team knows which customers need attention. Then you can meet each lead in the ideal conversation based on their previous interaction in the sales funnel.

Leverage different forms of towing marketing to keep the conversation open: phone calls, text messaging, email outreach, and more.

4. Closing the Deal

The highest priority is to make sure that you are converting leads into paying customers.

Throughout the sales funnel, you can nurture the leads, so they move through the sales funnel as designed. The best way to avoid leads that “fall through the cracks” is by assigning specific responsibilities to team members, such as following up with warm leads, answering incoming phone calls, and keeping the conversations going as needed.

These practices should always be standardized to avoid losing leads. Keep in mind that proactive communication – within 5 minutes of when the lead contacts your company – has an undeniable impact on conversion rates.

Towing Marketing Guide digital advertising illustration

How to Design the Best Towing Company Marketing Strategies

You’re ready to spend money to grow your towing business. But without clear goals and a good plan, you might be wasting money on campaigns that don’t work. The best thing you can do is set a strong foundation with your campaigns to ensure you bring in towing leads who are a good fit for your services.

Towing service marketing can be simple when you are following a proven strategy. Continue reading to see some of the most important elements that should be included in your campaigns:

Start with the End in Mind

Make sure your sales funnel works by choosing the target end results, then reverse-engineering the process to reach these objectives. Not only should you clearly define a goal, but it’s also smart to identify the milestones that need to be set to achieve these goals.

These questions help with clarifying your towing marketing goals:

  • What is the preferred action you want the leads to take?
  • How do the milestones contribute to lead conversion?

For the best results, you need to focus on both the end result and the smaller stepping stones that lead to these results within your towing advertising campaigns.

6-Step Plan for Clarifying Towing Marketing Goals

When you have clear goals, it’s easier to implement towing advertising ideas that align with these goals. So, start by identifying your goals before implementing a marketing campaign.

Write down your specific goals, then outline the benchmarks that lead to success. These milestones should be within reach, but still challenging for the sales team to meet. Goals that are too easy can actually hurt motivation.

This 6-step process helps you create marketing campaigns that align with your business and revenue goals.

Pick a target number to know the specific revenue amount you want to achieve.

Calculate the number of sales necessary to meet this revenue goal.

Assess closing rates so you know how many leads you need to bring in.

Look at website conversion rates to ensure you bring in sufficient leads.

Identify measurable milestones, then reassess these numbers daily, weekly, and monthly.

Design towing industry ads that generate the number of leads necessary.

How to Use Marketing for Towing Companies to Bring in Online Leads

Now that your goals are in place, you have a solid foundation for designing and implementing a winning towing marketing campaign. There are several types of towing advertising ideas you should be using:

Optimized Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google Business Profile

Social Media

Email Marketing

Each of these marketing strategies can be effective on its own. Combine two or more methods to build a sales funnel, and you have a proven system to bring in towing leads.

Through the rest of this guide, we will provide detailed information about each of these subsections so you can see how to put everything together into the best towing marketing strategies that work.

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Roadmap for Generating Towing Leads

Home Contracting Company Lead Generation Roadmap

Towing Company Lead Generation Roadmap

1. Pick a Goal

Define an objective that is possible to attain and clearly defined. This goal should help you bring in the necessary leads that keep your pipeline full throughout the year.

2. Design a Landing Page

Each towing sub-service you offer should have a dedicated landing page. Don’t drive traffic from towing advertising to your homepage. Instead, use customized landing pages based on the campaigns.

3. Leverage Clear Calls to Action

There should be a specific action you want each lead to take when they arrive at your landing page – such as submitting their contact information. Be clear about the next steps using Calls to Action within the text and design. Examples include images, buttons, and copywriting that invite the lead to take action.

4. Outline a Sales Funnel

Develop a system that nurtures relationships with new sales leads. Identify and list actions and touchpoints that will help convert a lead into a paying customer. Use a tracking system to ensure that every lead receives the proper follow-up communication for where they are in your sales funnel. This process can be automated and streamlined using a relationship tool like Hubspot or Service Titan.

5. Keep Your Database Current

When you are using a good CRM, it means you can always see where a lead is within the sales funnel. Data helps you pick the leads that should be taken off the list and the ideal leads that are worth pursuing. When you score the leads, you have actionable data that makes it easier to close each sale.

Website Optimization for Towing Companies

Your towing advertising ideas will only work if you have a well-designed website. Keep in mind that all marketing leads back to your website, so it’s worth the investment to design a user-friendly location where you share information and services with current and potential customers.

The website design can add to the overall success of your towing business marketing. Make sure you include the most important website components to ensure you achieve success with these towing advertising ideas:

Technical Features for a Functional Website

When someone lands on your website, they are expecting immediate information. Minimizing website delays is important not only for user experience but also helps with higher search rankings because you can reduce bounce rates.

It might seem like a small detail to analyze your page load times. But if your pages aren’t optimized, then it’s likely that you are losing leads – which means you are losing money. In fact, optimized page load times are essential to boost conversion rates and boost overall revenue.

Fast Page Loads

Use a page load speed tester, then take steps to optimize your pages so that they load in 2 seconds or less.

Image Compression

Compress images first, then upload them to your site.

Ensure CTAs are Active

Double- and triple-check Calls to Action to ensure links are working.

Responsive Web Layout

Over 60% of people are likely to visit your website from their smartphone, so be sure you’re using a mobile-friendly design.

Getting a Lead to Take the Next Step with Website CTAs

When someone comes to your website, what is the ideal action they should be taking? Design specific Calls to Action (CTAs) so your leads move into the sales funnel, and your sales team can step in to nurture the leads. Here are a few CTA examples to help with your website optimization:

  • Contact us to schedule a towing service
  • Enter your phone number
  • Sign up for our email newsletter
  • Request a quote

When you add the CTAs, show the benefits of your service so people can see why they should take action. Here is a great example to follow: “Call our professional towing team to request services and receive a free estimate.” This CTA outlines the next step and also offers a no-obligation estimate while establishing your company’s expertise.

How to Leverage Customer Reviews

98% of consumers will read reviews before finalizing a purchase.

One of the fastest ways to establish credibility and trust for your towing business is by sharing customer reviews. Leads can see that these reviews align with your claims in your towing marketing campaigns.

Customer reviews can be shared on every online platform, such as your main website, social media accounts, and landing pages.

Building Trust Through Website Design

In addition to sharing customer reviews, there are other website design features you can use to build trust with current and potential customers. The goal is to ensure that leads feel comfortable moving forward with their towing services. Trust factors are affected by graphics, images, copywriting, and the overall look and feel of your site.

Additionally, include information about your affiliations and awards. If you can distinguish your brand from the competition, it makes a difference in conversion rates. These details also keep your business at the top of mind, so customers always know whom to call when they need towing services in the future.

High Converting Contractor Website Checklist

Checklist for Your Towing Company Website to Convert Well

Website Ranking Strategies for When People Need Towing Services

When someone needs towing services, then Google is often the first place they look to find a local towing company. So, make sure you are using local towing marketing campaigns to be sure your website ranks for relevant keywords.

Many successful campaigns start with paid towing advertising, such as Google Ads. Then, the successful keywords in these campaigns can be leveraged to develop an effective Search Engine Optimization campaign. Paid advertising tests the local towing industry, then SEO offers the long-term results you need.

One benefit of Pay Per Click advertising is that you can bring in immediate towing leads. Then, Search Engine Optimization is a solid longer-term strategy. Leverage both paid ads and SEO for a two-step approach that keeps towing leads always coming into your sales funnel.

3 Ways to Get Your Website in the Search Results

There are three essential towing advertising ideas you should use in order to ensure that your website is showing up in search engine results.

Ultimately, you want to be sure that your website is easy to find when people need your services. If someone searches in Google for relevant keywords, your site should appear.

1.) Paid Advertising

Pay Per Click (such as Google Ads) is an immediate strategy to bring in leads. As long as you are paying for the clicks, then it means that you have access to a steady stream of leads.

2.) Search Engine Optimization

A successful SEO campaign can take months of work before you see results. But it’s worth the investment because of the long-term benefits. Organic traffic keeps leads coming to your website without a need to pay for every click.

3.) Google Business Profile

Don’t forget to set up a presence for your towing company using Google Business Profile. This local listing helps people find your services in Google Maps and local listings while also establishing your website as a trusted resource.

Each of these search engine methods is essential and should be included in your towing marketing strategies.

Paid Advertising in the Towing Industry

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed about paying for every click when you aren’t sure if this marketing campaign will result in a positive ROI? The truth is that a good Pay Per Click campaign can definitely turn a substantial profit margin.

At first, PPC might seem a bit like playing the lottery. But the truth is that data analysis helps you see what is working, so you are only spending money on ads that bring in quality leads and add to your bottom line. PPC ads can deliver a 200% ROI.

Tips for Designing an Effective Paid Campaign for Towing Marketing

Step #1: Pick Relevant Keywords

The only way your PPC campaign will be successful is if you use keywords that align with your services.

Consider what your target customers are searching for when they need towing services. Make sure your keywords are relevant to your services and landing pages.

You can use keyword research with tools like Keywords Everywhere, Moz, or Google’s Keyword Tool to assess search volume and get a feel for what customers are looking for in the local area. Then, this list of keywords helps to get your ads in front of the ideal audience. Ideally, you should be using keywords that offer affordable clicks and a reasonable volume.

Step #2: Lay Out Your PPC Campaigns

Once your keyword list is finalized, then you’ll need to break it into ad groups using no more than 4 keywords per group.

Remember, it’s better to prioritize quality over quantity. Even though you might see that “DIY car towing” has high traffic volume, this isn’t a quality keyword because there is no buyer intent. Be sure to avoid any keywords where people are searching for free tutorials or DIY information because it means they probably don’t want to hire a towing company.

Looking at the buyer’s intention is an important step, so you don’t waste money on keywords that deliver low conversion rates.

Step #3: Create Winning PPC Ads

When someone sees your PPC ad, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. So, quality copywriting is essential.

Write clear headlines that use relevant keywords. Always include a CTA to increase the likelihood that the potential lead will move into your sales funnel. It should be simple and clear what visitors should do when they arrive on your website.

Additionally, it’s smart to split-test different ad designs to find the most effective strategies for your target audience. A few minor tweaks can make a big difference in boosting profit margins by improving conversion rates.

The Anatomy of a PPC Search Ad for Contractors

Towing Services PPC Search

Step #4: Design Quality Landing Pages

Every winning strategy includes well-designed PPC ads as well as aligned landing pages.

Without a good landing page, you might be losing money because towing leads don’t follow through when they reach your website. When someone clicks on your PPC ad, they need to see a landing page that is direct, clear, and simple to navigate.

You’ll need several landing pages, so you have a different location for every sub-service you offer. For example, you might have a landing page for car towing and other pages for truck towing, sports vehicles, and more.

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Organic Ranking Strategies for Towing Marketing

Google Ads is an excellent method to bring in immediate towing leads, but the traffic stops immediately as soon as you stop paying for ads. The good news is that you can build on the PPC successes by using Search Engine Optimization using top keywords, which helps to bring in website visitors on an ongoing basis.

Ultimately, you want your website to stay visible in the search engines, even if you aren’t paying for every click. SEO allows potential customers to find your business through the organic results in Google.

Investing in SEO means having a top-notch piece of virtual real estate in a prime location because your website shows up at the right time – when people search for your services.

There’s no question that Search Engine Optimization is a necessary part of your long-term strategy. Pairing PPC and SEO is an effective way to bring in both immediate and ongoing tow leads while maximizing the number of people you can connect with in your local area.

Even though the competition can be high for SEO, it’s worth the effort because of the way you can boost the bottom line. You’ll need to be proactive in your campaign, and there are a few proven methods that can help you gain an edge in the local search results:

How to Get SEO Rankings Using Towing Marketing Strategies

Ranking on the search engines may be competitive, but if you follow some basic SEO strategy best practices, it’s very possible to do. Here are several main SEO tips to boost your website rankings:

Websit Content

There’s a reason why SEO experts say that “content is king.” Publishing quality, user-friendly content increases the likelihood of good search rankings. Increase the content on your homepage and services pages and publish blog posts regularly.

Keyword Placement

Next, choose specific keywords for your website pages. Keyword research tools help analyze the options. Start by studying the keywords from your most successful PPC ads to use in your SEO campaign.

Website Access

A well-structured website is easier for people to navigate. Not only should the general layout be simple, but it should also use a web-friendly design that can be viewed on any size of the screen.


Not only do you need on-page optimization, but backlinks also support the SEO campaign. These “votes” from other websites build authority for your website. Backlink building can be time-intensive, so most business owners hire a marketing agency for assistance.

Page Loading

Every page on your website should take no longer than 2 seconds to load. The truth is that long page load time negatively affects SEO because it impacts user experience. Your website developer can assist in improving page load time.

Site Security

One of the fastest ways to harm your SEO efforts is by allowing security threats (such as malware) to remain on your website. Make sure you are always using security software that offers protection for your site and server.

SEO Ranking Factors for Home Improvement Companies

Each of these components can make a significant positive impact on your search result rankings and bring your website more visitors and leads for your water damage restoration business. Putting in the necessary effort and resources will likely result in positive lift for your water damage marketing strategy.

Google Business Profile: Tips for Local Listings

It’s no surprise that Google Maps is one of the first places people go when looking for a local provider. Local business listings are one of the first sections that show up in Google search results. So, make sure to set up a local listing as part of your towing company marketing.

Offering local services can be the detail that closes the deal when someone needs services in the towing industry. Vehicle owners want the peace of mind of knowing that they are hiring a local company. So, your Google Maps listing can bring in towing leads due to proximity.

Also, an established presence with a Google Business Profile helps to build trust with current and potential customers. Fill out your profile as much as possible with contact information, pictures, reviews, company ratings, and more.

Checklist for Your Google Business Profile

Follow this checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything when creating your towing company Google Business Profile. These details might seem small, but they make a difference in improving your local search rankings.

Claim Your Business Listing

Start by checking if there is already a business listing for your towing company. If the listing is already in Google Maps, then you can claim it and enter your profile details.

Add Contact Info

Make sure to fill out your primary contact information, including name, address, and phone number (NAP). Check these details several times and update them as needed to ensure customers can always contact your company.

Add Images

Photos and company images are helpful for branding and also add personality to your Google Business Profile. Update pictures often and always use professional photos.

Additional Profile Info

You can complete other sections, such as service categories and a list of available services. Encourage potential tow leads to contact you by publishing special offers and discounts.

Customer Reviews

Having a long list of glowing customer reviews helps your business listing gain traction in the local search results. As a result, better rankings bring in more customers and add to the bottom line. Ask current customers to leave a review.

Respond to Questions and Reviews

Every customer review and question deserves a response from your team. Be proactive by replying to both positive and negative reviews while also answering questions and handling complaints.

Communicate Through Messaging

It’s easy for customers to contact your business when you enable Google Messaging on your business listing. Since most customers don’t want to make a phone call, direct messaging allows them to schedule services at their convenience. Timing matters – so make sure you are proactive about responding quickly.

Google My Business Checklist For Home Contractors

Google My Business Profile

Other Directories and Local Business Listings

There’s no question that Google Business Profile is the best directory for bringing tow leads in through local listings. But also consider using other local listings as part of your towing marketing campaign.

You might not get a lot of direct website traffic from these local listings. But creating profiles on these directories can be beneficial for backlink purposes.

Most business owners in the towing industry don’t have the time or desire to build out directory listings. So, consider hiring a towing advertising company to assist.

Building a Strong Social Media Presence in the Towing Industry

As you move down your towing marketing to-do list, the next step is establishing a presence for your company on social media. Facebook is a great place to start with social media marketing for towing companies because you can increase organic traffic and run paid ads for lead generation.

Most people have a Facebook account, which means you can connect with potential clients through this social media platform. Don’t assume that social media is a waste of time because you are likely losing out on potential leads (and profits) if you aren’t advertising to customers who are searching for your services.

How You Can Connect with Towing Leads Using Facebook Ads

How do you want your customers to interact with your company when they see one of your Facebook ads? Here are several options you can use for ad design:

Staying on Facebook

The Facebook ad keeps the user on Facebook by sending them to a landing page or on-site resource. Often, keeping customers on Facebook after they click the ad is a great way to boost conversion rates since people are already familiar with the platform. For example, you might use an on-Facebook form submission to collect contact information.

Traffic to Your Website

The next option is to use Facebook advertising to drive traffic to a landing page on your website. Depending on the action you want the user to take, it might make sense to move them away from Facebook and to your website instead.

Retargeting Ads

Leverage your exposure using 3rd party advertising through the Facebook ads platform. Retargeting keeps your towing business at the top of mind since your ads continue showing to people who have recently interacted with your social media pages or website.

How to Create Effective Towing Advertising on Facebook

There is a unique approach you should always be using when leveraging Facebook ads as part of your towing marketing strategy. Keep in mind that people visit Facebook because they want to be entertained and connect with friends and family. The most effective ads are entertaining and engaging, using eye-catching designs, photos, and bright colors. Humor and pictures of smiling people tend to perform well.

Try using these proven methods to improve the effectiveness of your Facebook ad performance:

Set Advertising Goals

Why are you running Facebook ads? Be clear about the action you want people to take, and make sure your ads align with this purpose. For example, you might want users to call for services, receive information about current specials, or sign up for an email newsletter.

Ad Layout and Design

Now, it’s time to create the ads using text and images. Most Facebook ads have one image and corresponding text, or you can also use other design options such as canvas, carousel, slideshows, and/or video ad layouts. Split-test different formats to determine the ideal combination that boosts conversion rates and click-thrus.

Ad Targeting and Demographics

The most effective ads align with the specific people searching for your services. For example, you can connect with towing leads by using location targeting and showing ads to current and past customers. Or, a Lookalike Audience can be an effective strategy.

Set an Ads Budget

A daily budget is a great way to manage your spending. Be sure you always have a cap to avoid overrunning your budget. You want to be sure your spending is bringing in leads and resulting in a good Return on Investment. Test the campaigns slowly, then increase your spending when the campaign proves to be profitable.

Facebook Ad Objectives for Contractors
Facebook Ad Formats for Contractors
Facebook Ad Audiences for Contractors

Use Email Marketing to Increase ROI

There are varying opinions about the effectiveness of email marketing. But if you look at the data, it’s clear that email marketing is still an effective way to build relationships with your list. The best solution is to integrate email marketing with other forms of tow lead generation.

Email can deliver a strong return on your investment. Email marketing can return a rate of 45:1 ROI, which is a $45 increase for every $1 spent.

Tips for Email Marketing in the Towing Industry

As a standalone marketing tool, email marketing will deliver so-so results. But pair email newsletters with other marketing strategies, and you’ll create a dynamic system for bringing in leads. Personalized campaigns and newsletters offer practical solutions for leveraging your time since you can connect with many people simultaneously – without needing one-on-one conversations.

For example, use PPC, SEO, and/or social media to bring people to your website. It’s unlikely that new leads will call for your services immediately, so email marketing is a way that you can gather customer information and build the relationship going forward.

The goal is to stay in touch and keep your business at the top-of-mind, so people know whom to call when they require towing services.

3 Email Marketing Priorities

Optimize the success of your email marketing campaigns by focusing on these three priorities:

Message Delivery

You won’t achieve the desired results if you are sending emails that remain undelivered. Make sure the emails are showing up in your customer’s inboxes. For example, use an email validation tool to clean your list and remove any email addresses that are inactive or bouncing.

Email Open Rates

Interesting email subject lines help to boost email open rates because customers are curious about the information in the message. Also, the timing of the messages can affect open rates. For best results, send emails around 10 A.M. on weekdays.

Link Click-Thrus

Not only do you want people to open your emails, but it’s also important that they take action on the content within your message. What do you want the lead to do when they read your message? Include a Call to Action within the email with a link that takes the person to your website, a contact form, or an invitation to call for towing services. Emails have better click-thrus when the content is concise and clear.

How to Use Email for Towing Marketing Campaigns

Once you build an email list, be proactive about following through to provide your subscribers with helpful and quality information. At first, build the relationship by welcoming them to the community and sharing an invite for the subscribers to contact you any time when they have questions about towing services.

Next, maintain consistency in delivering various types of information, such as video tutorials, blog posts, and eBook or .pdf downloads. By sharing digital media, you can stand out from the competition by showing that you are one of the leading experts in the industry.

Other content ideas for email marketing include holiday greetings, event announcements, discounts and coupons, and any other relevant news your customers might want to know.

Email Marketing For Contractors Cheatsheet

Email Marketing Cheatsheet for Towing Services Companies


This Towing Marketing Guide has covered some critical best practices and strategies that we hope will help you establish a digital marketing plan and start growing your business. Always keep your customers’ concerns and challenges at the top of your mind when creating your campaigns. By providing useful content with engaging messaging, whether through ad campaigns, landing pages, social media, or any of the other areas where you connect with your target customers, you can successfully bring in new leads for your towing business.

At Service Direct we’ve been marketing contractors online for over 15 years and we’ve worked with towing services companies all over the United States to help grow their businesses. We know that online marketing can be complicated and confusing and no one-size-fits-all approach is going to be effective enough to generate solid Return On Investment. We focus on generating exclusive, high-quality leads of potential customers ready to discuss their projects with you. Learn more about how we work with towing companies.

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