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Sacramento Electricians Are Ready to Hook Up Your Home Generator Now

Electricity is integrated into many parts of our modern-day living, so it’s no surprise that losing power seems to disrupt every part of life. If you want to minimize issues in the future when the power goes out, then consider investing in a generator hook up to the house. You can call a Sacramento electrician for assistance with every detail of this project: from choosing the equipment to installing a generator transfer switch and more.

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Sacramento Electrical Generator Transfer Switch

What Is a Generator Transfer Switch?

Not only do you need the generator equipment, but it’s also important to have the electrician help with generator transfer switch installation.

When you install a generator transfer switch, it means that you have the option to manually switch your home from grid power to the generator. Another option is to install an automatic transfer switch, which detects a power loss and then starts the generator automatically.

The generator switch is permanently hardwired into your home. You’ll need to choose the electrical circuits that should be powered when the generator turns on. There isn’t enough power for the entire home, so you can choose where to direct the backup power in emergency situations.

Types of Generators: Are Whole Home Generators the Best Option?

Generators are a big investment; is it worth the cost to install this equipment in your Sacramento home?

As you are comparing pricing and considering your options, the best way to get started is by booking a consultation with a local electrician. Not only will the electrician explain how different types of generators work, but you can determine the best type of equipment for your home.

Small, portable generators are affordable and easy to use, but they only offer enough power to use with a few small appliances and lights. You won’t have enough electricity to use throughout the house. In comparison, a whole house generator can keep multiple appliances running and give you power for several days at a time.

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Common Generator Installation & Repair FAQs

How much does whole-home generator installation cost?

Even though there are upfront costs for generator installation, it’s worth the expense because of the long-term benefits available for your family. As a general rule of thumb, whole-home generators usually run between $5,000 to $10,000 for the equipment and installation services. Once everything is installed, the maintenance and repair costs are minimal.

Can an electrician wire a house for a generator?

Yes, a master electrician has all of the skills and training necessary for generator installation. One important step is for the electrician to wire a generator to breaker box, which is why it’s best to hire an expert instead of attempting a DIY project. Professional services ensure the quality of the project and minimize the risk of complications.

What is the warranty for whole home generators?

Warranty coverage varies depending on the type of generator that you choose. Keep in mind that manufacturers offer warranty coverage, and the electrician usually has a guarantee for the installation services. The combination of a warranty and a guarantee gives you confidence in knowing that you are receiving a quality service.

Are there various options for generators?

As you learn more about the industry, you will discover that there are different types of generator hookups that can be installed in your home. Talk to an experienced electrician about your power needs and preferences. Small inverter generators are sufficient for casual recreational activities, but you’ll want bigger, home standby generators for emergency use at home.

How do I know where to wire the house to a generator?

If you are bringing a whole-home generator onto the property, then it’s smart to wire a generator to a breaker box. This installation gives you the ability to switch to generator power when the grid energy goes down. It’s worth the cost for generator installation to ensure you have easy access when the power source is needed.

What should I ask an electrician in Sacramento before my generator installation?

Always learn about local contractors before choosing an electrician to help with a major project, such as generator installation. Ask the electrician about their industry experience, licensing, and certifications. Find a team with a good reputation so you can have confidence in the quality of service you will receive.

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Sacramento Electricity Generator Wire To Breaker Box

Wire a Generator to Your Breaker Box for Easy Transitions

The benefit of hiring a Sacramento electrician is that you receive full-service solutions, including generator hook-up to your house.

These complete installation services ensure that you have a generator transfer switch for easy power changes when the power goes out. If you need emergency electricity, then it’s essential to be sure that the generator is connected through the breaker box. This setup gives you ongoing power, even when electricity isn’t available from the grid.

What are the most important appliances or rooms in the house where you will need emergency electricity? Share this information with a Sacramento electrician to get assistance with selecting the right equipment and proper installation.

What Is the Cost for a Generator Transfer Switch?

When you are preparing for generator installation, ask the electrician for a full-service estimate that includes a generator transfer switch.

Generator switch installation cost is usually part of the package, but you’ll want to verify that the electrician is including this service in their pricing estimate and scope of work. The most effective way to use a generator is with a transfer switch, which is why you shouldn’t skip this step in an attempt to save money.

Most of the time, the generator transfer switch and associated installation costs run between $500 to $1,500 depending on the Sacramento electrician that you hire. The good news is that it is a fast installation that can be completed in a single day.

Sacramento Elecrticity Generator Emergency Power Supply

Emergency Preparedness: How a Whole Home Generator Can Help

You never know when an emergency could happen and disrupt the electricity in your home, which is why it’s smart to invest in the cost of generator installation.

After you wire the house for the generator, you will have the peace of mind to know that your family is prepared for anything that might happen in the future. This equipment means that you can keep the appliances running and use electronic devices and lights in any situation.

Taking a proactive approach with generator installation helps you worry less about the future. If a natural disaster occurs that disrupts the electricity in your Sacramento home, then you always have a backup option.

Here are a few reasons why every family should have a whole house generator:

Power Backup

If the grid power goes down, then the automatic generator transfer switch will activate and give you ongoing power. This feature detects power outages and kicks into action at the perfect time. Even if you are away from home, the automatic generator will keep the fridge and sump pump working to avoid complications from the power outage.

Reliable Power

When the emergency generator kicks in, it feels good to know that the power source can continue running for days. As long as you require emergency power, you can keep the generator running to meet your needs. The maintenance steps are similar to using a car – you’ll simply need to refuel the generator with propane or natural gas to keep it running.

Plenty of Power

The best way to determine the optimal amount of generator power for your home is by scheduling a consultation with an experienced Sacramento electrician. Your standby generator is carefully selected to ensure you have enough power to keep the most important appliances running at all times. Smaller, portable generators aren’t sufficient because they aren’t powerful enough for major appliances.


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