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Plumbing is one of the most important systems in your home. Without it, you won’t have access to clean water and many areas of your home could be endangered from potential water damage. To avoid inconveniences or extra headaches and costs from plumbing problems, it’s important to perform regular maintenance and have a local pro ready to call when you need them. For fast, professional, and friendly plumbing contractors in San Francisco, contact us to discuss your project.

Local San Francisco Plumbing Services

Commercial & Residential Repair • Leak Detection and Repair • Garbage Disposal • Drain CleaningSewer System Backups • Water Line Pipe Repair • Emergency Service • Hot Water Heater Repair and Install • Running Toilet • Leaky Faucet • Clogged Bathroom or Shower Drain Low Water Pressure

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Plumbing Day And Night

24-Hour Emergency Plumbers

Don’t hesitate to call an emergency plumber in San Francisco when dealing with any plumbing issue, whether it’s a clogged drain, leaky faucet, or low water pressure.

One of the most important things that will affect the success of a plumbing repair is the timing. It will also help minimize the collateral damage if you enlist help at the right time. The best thing to do is call an emergency plumber as soon as you notice the problem.

All plumbing issues are emergencies, but some can wait. But if the repair needs to be addressed immediately, you can turn to our emergency plumbers available 24 hours a day. Just pick up the phone and contact us today.

Plumbing Video Inspection

Find out what is wrong with your plumbing system through professional plumbing video inspection services.

Video inspection is crucial in plumbing repairs, especially if the affected area is not easily accessible. Our plumbers use specially designed cameras to perform a visual inspection of the underground pipes, sewer lines, and other areas of your plumbing system.

Through the camera, it is possible to see the condition of the drain and sewer lines. If there are problems, the technician can view them right from their monitor. The video is also saved for reference later when the contractor begins the repair.

Video Camera Inspection
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Common Plumbing FAQs

How much does it cost to install a garbage disposal?

The average cost of a garbage disposal installation in San Francisco, California, tends to be between $150 to $425. This range is affected by certain factors like the labor rate, the materials used, and how complicated the project is. Discussing it with the plumber should get you a more accurate estimate.

What is a plumbing video inspection?

A plumbing video inspection helps professional plumbers get a visual of the underground pipes and sewer lines of your plumbing. It uses a small, waterproof video camera to see inside the sewer lines under the foundation, concrete slabs, and cement.

How do I find a San Francisco plumber near me?

One way is to search online or through references from friends and family. You can also reach out to us and we will connect you with our vetted professional plumbers. Our plumbers are all licensed, certified, and insured, with years of experience in the plumbing industry.

Is a license needed to be a professional plumber in San Francisco, CA?

A plumber doesn’t need to be licensed right away to work on projects in California. They can work as long as a registered contractor supervises them while learning the trade at the same time. Only projects valued at over $500 in materials and labor must absolutely be performed by a licensed contractor.

How will I know if I have hired the right residential plumber?

It is difficult to say if you hired the right plumber when you haven’t seen their work yet. However, you can be more confident if you know you hired a contractor with proper credentials. We can help by connecting you to some of the best and most qualified plumbers in your area – don’t hesitate to call now.

In the event I hire a local plumber, will I get a warranty on the work?

Mostly, yes, especially if they belong to a company. One type of warranty they offer is a 1-year warranty for all work done. Some companies also offer warranties for parts and certain types of services. You will know more when you discuss it with our San Francisco residential plumbers.

Featured Plumbing Services in San Francisco

Clogged Bath

A clogged bath can quickly lead to big problems besides being difficult to take a bath. Don’t hesitate to call in a professional plumber right away when you have standing water in the bath. Typical DIY fix attempts are usually not enough to actually solve the problem, and can sometimes make things worse. Contact us and we can send capable local plumbers to help repair your clogged bath.

Drain Cleaning & Clearing

Drain clearing and cleaning are two essential services included in maintaining your plumbing system. If you don’t get the clog out of the drain, it will usually lead to water damage and nasty smells around the house. Prevent this from happening with a regular drain cleaning and clearing service. Let the pros handle it and you will have a drain that runs smoothly all the time.

Slow Draining Sink

A slow draining sink is a cause of headaches while washing the dishes. Whenever you open the faucet by the sink, water backs up and you are faced with dirty water sitting there in the sink. You have tried the usual DIY tricks, but nothing works. In that case, we advise you to call the pros to help clear and clean your drain, getting it back to running perfectly.

Drains & Sewers

Collecting water and disposing of it safely and in a sanitary way is only possible with excellent drainage and sewage system. Keep in mind that drains and sewers get damaged over time, which leads to complex and costly problems. Preventing this entails regular inspection to address current and potential problems before they worsen.

DIY Inspection Checklist

Household Plumbing Inspection Checklist

Plumbing problems can vary from minor to catastrophic, causing significant damage to your home. With regular inspection, you can fix any developing issues before they get worse and become expensive emergencies.

Our San Francisco professionals can conduct a thorough inspection and handle the repairs as well. However, it is also great for a homeowner to know which areas to be on the lookout for. That way, you will also know right away when your plumbing system is compromised.


The bathroom is an important area to check as it has many plumbing fixtures. Moreover, every family member uses the bathroom frequently which accelerates wear. When you inspect the bathroom, check the following stuff:

  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Drains
  • Caulk seals

Around the House

Remember the remaining plumbing fixtures inside and outside the home including appliances, pumps, water heaters and irrigation. Neglecting these can also cause damage that your home and is best avoided by periodic checks.


The next room with many plumbing fixtures is the kitchen. It is ideal to have the kitchen inspected at least twice a year, checking all fixtures and repairing any problem that you find. Some of the kitchen fixtures to check area:

  • Faucets
  • Shutoff valves
  • Sink drains
  • Appliances

Sewer & Septic System

Lastly, don’t forget the importance of sewer and septic systems that remove and store waste water safely. Issues in these areas present health risks and make regular inspections and maintenance a must.


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