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Why is My Gas Stove Not Lighting?

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Learn How to Fix a Gas Stove Not Lighting

A gas stove is a super useful appliance that can make working in the kitchen so much easier. It’s not the same convenience as electric stoves, but some home chefs love cooking on gas. Not only is it cleaner when you cook on gas, many home chefs also love the audible click when you turn it on. But what if it clicks, but does not ignite? What should you do with a gas stove that is not lighting?

Clicking but not igniting is a common issue with gas burners. The reason for this could be one of many things that affect the gas stove’s performance. Finding out exactly why your gas stove is clicking but not lighting is vital to fixing it. Continue reading to learn why your gas stove is not lighting, and also how to troubleshoot it.

Gas Stove Not Lighting Repair Tips
Read below for the most common causes for a gas stove not lighting.

Gas Stove Clicking But Not Lighting? Check These:

There is normally a clicking sound when you light a gas stove. But if it’s not lighting even though you hear a click, something needs fixing. Before doing any of the tricks to troubleshoot a stove listed below, make sure that you turn off the gas supply first if you smell it coming off the element because it could be a gas leak. Call a technician to check it. If there’s no gas leak, you can start checking the stove.

Power Connections

Gas stoves run on gas but it still needs electricity to power the igniter. If it’s unplugged, that could be why the stove didn’t light. Make sure that the cord is plugged properly into a working outlet. Also, confirm that there are no tripped breakers that may cut the power. Don’t forget to check the gas connections and make sure they are on.

Appliance Repair Igniter Check for Gas Stoves
The igniter is one of the main components to check if your gas stove is not lighting.

Gas Stove Igniter

If the power connections are working and cleaning didn’t fix the problem, one other possible culprit is the gas stove igniter. For the gas stove to light, the igniter, also known as the spark electrode, has to produce enough electricity to create a spark and ignite the gas going through the burner ports.

Over time, the igniter weakens until it can’t generate enough spark. When the igniter inevitably fails, it also stops making a spark. This could be why your gas stove clicks but doesn’t light. You will know for sure by observing while you try igniting the burner. If you saw that the spark is too weak or doesn’t spark at all, there’s a good chance you will need the igniter replaced.

While DIY works it’s strongly recommended to call a professional for gas stove repairs. If you choose to do it yourself, you can follow the instructions highlighted. Don’t forget – make sure that you use the right replacement for the igniter.

1. Turn off the power

2. Turn off the gas supply

3. Lift the burner head from the stove

4. Turn over the burner head

5. Disconnect the igniter’s wires using a screwdriver

6. Check that the wires are not damaged or anything

7. If the wires are damaged, you need to replace them

8. After replacing the wires, you can now attach the igniter

9. After attaching the igniter, put the wires back where it was

10. Once you are done, put the stove back together

11. Turn the power on and test if it resolved the problem

Gas Stove Fix Tips Clean Burner
Check to see if the burner caps are dirty or clogged.

Burner Caps

Didn’t find a problem with the stove or the igniter? In that case, it could be that the gas itself is the one with the issue. Gas stoves ignite with the gas going through grooves located on the burner cap’s underside. Over time, the burner could end up clogged or placed in the wrong position, preventing the burner from lighting.

After much use without proper cleaning, the burner cap has been clogged by the buildup of food residue and grime. If this happens, the gas can’t flow through and can’t make a ring that the igniter needs to light. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to remedy by cleaning your gas stove, particularly the burner caps.

Wash the burner cap using soap and warm water, using a soft brush to clean the grime and food residue. You can also use the same water and soap to clean the entire gas stove. Once you are done, it helps to check the valve as well. Make sure that it’s not clogged before putting the burner cap back and testing your stove.

If the burner cap is not clogged but in the wrong position, just realign it and see if this resolves the clicking but not lighting issue. Once the stove is completely cool, take out the burner grate. Next, realign the cap so that it is in the center. If you’re sure it’s now perfectly aligned, try igniting the stove to see if it works.

Our resident home repair expert, John Turpin, helps you diagnose common gas stove not lighting problems and provides you with the knowledge to take smart next steps to fix your stove appliance.

Control Lockout Feature

Some gas stoves have a Control Lockout feature. If you recently unplugged the stove or experienced a power failure, this feature could have been triggered. You won’t be able to activate the surface burners until you disengage the Control Lockout. It’s an incredible safety feature, controlling unintended use of the stove by locking the burners.

Wet Burner

A gas stove clicking but not lighting could also be due to the burner having moisture from a spill or cleaning. Let it dry completely before using. Try removing the stove’s knobs and blowing cool air or using a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. You can test the stove if you think it’s now fully dry.

Downright Vent Hood

Are you using a downright vent hood? If you are, it could also be a factor that causes your gas stove to click but not ignite. A downright vent hood system can negatively affect a gas stove’s flame stability. You can improve this by either decreasing the speed of your downright vent blower or increasing the flame setting of your cooktop burner.

Gas Stove Not Lighting FAQs

Why Is My Gas Stove’s Spark Weak?

There are several possible reasons behind a weak gas stove spark, such as wet wiring, water on the igniter, or a damaged igniter. It may also be that the igniter module is failing. You should check that the igniter is working normally. If not, then it is likely the culprit behind the weak spark of your gas stove.

My Gas Stove Isn’t Making a Clicking Noise. Why?

The most likely reason why a gas stove isn’t making a clicking noise is a damaged spark module. This is possibly due to burnout from the spark module having worked over time which will lead to losing function. When the module eventually breaks down, you won’t be able to create a spark to ignite your gas stove.

How Much Is It to Replace a Gas Stove Igniter?

Replacing a failing gas stove igniter would cost around $150 to $300. You will have to replace this if your gas stove stops clicking, which will likely lead to your stove being unable to create a spark for the burner to light. You may be able to replace the igniter on your own, but we suggest letting a professional do this for your safety.

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