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Towing Service Leads Near You

Looking for more towing leads that actually turn into customers? At Service Direct, we make it fast, easy and cost-effective to get exclusive, real-time towing leads in your area. Sign-up today for free and choose a lead cost that works for you, then just answer your phone! 

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Now Growing Your Business Is As Simple As Answering Your Phone.

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Our Marketplace generates over 2,000,000 Phone Call Leads Across the United States each month.

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Growing Your Service Business Has Never Been Easier

We take the risk and complexity out of marketing your business.

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No Set-Up Fees

Create your account for free and only pay for valid Leads.

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You Control The Cost

Choose your Lead Price based on the value you see and the amount of Leads you want.

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No Contract

There is no term contract so if you aren’t seeing results you can cancel at any time.

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Hear how we helped Mr Rooter of Tampa / St. Pete generate over $50,000 in revenue and add a new truck to their fleet in less than 4 months!

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We give you the control and flexibility to grow your business, your way.

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The more you are willing to spend, the more Leads we can get your business.

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How We Generate Exclusive Towing Service Leads

Tell Us What Leads You Want

What Types of Customers and Where

Let us know what type of customer Leads you want and where your company’s Service Area is located so that we can target the perfect customer for your business.

Tell Us What Leads You Want
Tell Us What Leads You Want
Tell Us How Much You Want to Pay
Tell Us How Much You Want to Pay

Tell Us How Much You Want to Pay

You Decide The Price Per Lead

Let us know how much you want to pay per Lead and we will go out and get as many as possible for you. The more you can pay, the more we can get you.

We’ll Drive Exclusive Leads to You

Customers Contact You Directly

When we find someone in your area that is actively looking for your services, we connect them in real-time with your business exclusively so that you can win their business.

We’ll Drive Exclusive Leads to You
We’ll Drive Exclusive Leads to You
You Track Your ROI
You Track Your ROI

You Track Your ROI

Know Your Return to the Penny

Knowing your ROI has never been simpler or more transparent. Easily listen to calls and track your revenue and spend within your mySD platform so that you can know your exact ROI.

How To Get Towing Service Leads Online

As the owner and operator of a professional towing company, you know that people might be struggling when they need your services. Whether they have a flat tire, a dead battery, or can’t drive away from a crash, you are the person someone calls when life deals them a bad hand. But, you are also step one in righting whatever situation has gone wrong, which is why you have been and still are successful! However, you may be wondering how to set your company apart from your competitors and ensure that you are the towing company someone calls when they’re in a tough situation. The answer lies in exploring digital marketing strategies.

To begin digitally marketing your towing company, you’ll first need a high-quality, mobile-friendly website. When a potential customer is looking for towing services in your area, your website will likely be the first impression they get of your company. That customer is also likely to be in a hurry, so you want your site to be simple, professional, and easy to understand. By displaying your contact information clearly and often, optimizing your site so potential customers can find it on mobile devices, and using quality images, you’ll be on your way to having a high-quality website. Keeping these tips in mind when creating your website will help ensure your towing company is set apart from the competition. 

Once you have a website, you’ll likely be wondering what you can do to continue boosting your online marketing strategy. You might want to research search engine optimization or keyword strategies that will help boost your website to the top of search results on Google or Bing. Or maybe you’re interested in researching modern types of digital marketing like social media marketing, video content creation, and more. Perhaps you are interested in the concept of pay per call lead generation and are curious about what it could do for your towing company. Whatever direction you decide to take, digitally marketing your towing company is a surefire way to bring in the customer volume you desire. 

With Service Direct, you are buying real-time, exclusive towing service leads on a pay-per-call basis.

Understanding Towing Pay Per Call

If you are not familiar with the concept of lead generation, you may have a hard time wrapping your mind around how it can benefit your towing company. But once you have a general understanding of what pay per call lead generation is, you will be able to gauge how much you think it could boost your customer base. 

Pay per call lead generation companies use digital marketing tactics such as search engine optimization and keyword bidding to get your towing business noticed by customers who are actively searching for your services. The companies will then connect you with those customers in real time so that all you have to do is answer the phone and close the deal! In short, lead generation can help take a significant amount of the guesswork out of digitally marketing your towing business, giving you ample time to focus on what you do best: providing quality towing services. 

It’s important to remember that not all lead generation companies are made equal. Researching different types of pay per call companies will help you make an informed decision when deciding who to partner with. For example, some companies will offer shared leads, which means you will be competing with other towing companies in the area for the job, whereas others, like Service Direct, offer more expensive, exclusive leads that are only available to you. Additionally, some companies specialize in pay per click rather than pay per call. Deciding which option is best for your towing company is the best way to ensure a successful partnership. 

How Much Does Towing Lead Generation Cost?

At Service Direct, our towing partners typically pay between $10 and $50 for every towing lead you receive through our services. That means that when we connect you with a potential new customer seeking your towing services, you will pay us that set amount, also known as your cost per lead (CPL). We recommend allocating as much of your marketing budget as possible to your CPL as it allows our advertising team to be more aggressive and get you the quality leads you desire. However, we understand that with running a business comes the need for adaptability. That’s why we give you the ability to adjust your CPL at any point, whether you need fewer leads because you’re booked up or you are ready to be more aggressive with getting the leads you want. 
So does this mean you will pay up to $50 for every call you receive through Service Direct? Absolutely not. We understand how frustrating spam calls, wrong numbers, and solicitors can be as a business owner, let alone if you have to pay for them. That’s why we only charge you for calls from new potential customers actively seeking your towing services. Considering you can charge as little as $250 for a standard tow in some states, your return on investment with Service Direct could be through the roof. Keeping all of this in mind will help you better understand the real cost of pay per call lead generation and decide if it’s what is right for your towing business.

Unique Digital Marketing Strategies for Towing

A quick search for “towing online marketing tips” yields a daunting number of results and sifting through them all can be frustrating at best. While there is no wrong answer, some tactics are simpler than others and may be a good place to start. Keep in mind that patience is key when figuring out a digital marketing strategy.

Social Media

In this day and age, when most people are walking around with miniature computers in their pockets, social media is an invaluable tool for all kinds of businesses. Not only does it provide a simple, familiar platform where potential customers can find all of your photos, information, and reviews, but it also allows you to communicate in real time with these customers. Staying active on social media is the key to success as it keeps you at the top of mind when people need your towing services in a pinch.

Video Content

Producing and publishing video content on sites such as YouTube can be surprisingly beneficial for bringing in new customers to your towing business. Posting informative content can help ease customers’ minds by not only putting a friendly face to your company name but by also showing that you take care of their vehicle. As you know, trust is key when it comes to communicating with future and current customers. Video content is a great way to build that trust from the outset.

How to Win Towing Leads With Every Call

All of these digital marketing tools and tactics are no good to your towing business if you are having trouble winning the lead once you get the potential customer on the call. It’s not uncommon for service companies to have problems closing the deal. Fortunately there are a few key tips to keep in mind when communicating with potential customers to help you get the job every time! From listening intently and communicating expectations to following up with every call, there are numerous ways to improve your customer communication. 

When you have a potential customer on the phone, it can be natural to assume you know exactly what it is they need from your towing company. You are the expert after all. But, chances are this person is in a stressful and potentially upsetting situation and the best thing you can do at the outset is listen to what they have to say and honestly communicate expectations. By making sure the customer feels confident and comfortable you are setting yourself up for success as well. Keep in mind the more trust you can build in your services, the more successful you are likely to be with increasing your customer base!