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Ask John Washer Shaking Main Image

What Causes My Washing Machine to Shake?

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Learn Why Your Washing Machine Shakes Violently During Spin Cycle

Suddenly, you’re startled by an unusual noise, almost as if a minor earthquake is shaking your home. Upon investigation, you realize that the commotion is actually coming from your washing machine, which is vibrating vigorously. This unexpected shaking has you worried about potential damage to both the appliance and your floor.

A shaking washing machine can be a real nuisance, disrupting your laundry routine and causing understandable concerns about its wellbeing. In this article, we’ll explore the various reasons behind this issue and offer practical solutions to help you address it effectively.

Washing Machine Inspection
Check out Johns list of common reasons and solutions for a shaky washing machine.

Why Does My Washing Machine Shake So Bad? Reasons and Solutions

Why does my washing machine shake violently during the spin cycle? A number of factors could cause this, from uneven load distribution to incorrect installation. Below are a few potential reasons why your washing machine is shaking.

Improper Leveling

Why do washing machines shake? It could be improper leveling. A washer not level means the load’s weight isn’t evenly distributed, which leads to instability during the spin cycle. This is why a washing machine shaking happens often in places with uneven or soft surfaces.

The solution for this is to use the level to check if your washing machine is level on the ground. If it’s not, adjust the machine’s feet or use shims at the bottom to reach the proper level. Making sure the washer is well-balanced goes a long way in preventing shaking.

Uneven Load Distribution

One of the primary causes of a washing machine shaking is an uneven distribution of laundry. Haphazardly tossing your clothes into the washer can cause an imbalance when the drum starts to spin. This imbalance is what causes the erratic and excessive shaking.

How do you counter this problem? You even the load distribution. Take some moments to distribute the clothes evenly inside the drum before you start a cycle. On that note, put larger and heavier items like blankets, opposite each other to keep the load balanced.

Worn or Unbalanced Drum

The drum of a washing machine depends on a suspension or support mechanism to keep its equilibrium while in use. The equilibrium of the drum may be disrupted if these parts start to wear out or get broken, which might result in uneven spinning and shaking.

With this issue, it is preferable to seek the advice of a qualified technician. They can conduct an evaluation and possibly a replacement of the affected components if the drum’s suspension system is actually worn out or damaged.

Overloading the Machine

Many homeowners get tempted to load their washing machines with lots of clothes at once. But you see, overloading the washer beyond its recommended capacity is one of the biggest causes of various washing machine issues, including violent shaking during a spin cycle.

Solution? Easy! Just follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for load capacity. Don’t overload the washer to prevent unnecessary strain on the machine’s components. With this, you can reduce shaking, incomplete rinsing, and others.

Floor Type and Surface

type-body-large sThe type of flooring that your washing machine is placed on can have a big impact on how stable it is. For example, wooden flooring is more likely to transfer vibrations, which causes more shaking.pacing-20-bottom

To prevent shaking and absorb vibrations, place a rubber anti-vibration cushion or mat below your washing machine. The shaking or wobbling effect on your flooring can be significantly reduced with this easy modification.

Worn Shock Absorbers or Damper Struts

Why is my washer shaking so badly? It might be the shock absorbers or damper struts that are causing this. Shock absorbers or damper struts are a common feature of modern washing machines, and they are used to reduce vibrations during the spin cycle.

These components may degrade with time, resulting in more shaking and movement. If you think the shock absorbers or damper struts are worn, consider having them examined and replaced by a qualified appliance technician.

Incorrect Installation

The washing machine may be unstable and shake during operation if it is installed incorrectly. Two of the common reasons this happens is that the incorrect installation caused the washer to become imbalanced and the transit bolts were not removed.

Avoid these from happening by ensuring you follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions closely while installing your washing machine. It also helps to hire installation specialists to make sure your system is configured properly from the start.

Loose or Worn Drive Belt

A loose or broken drive belt might prevent the drum from rotating, which can cause the washing machine to shake while it is in use. You should have the drive belt checked and changed by a trained technician if you think it may be loose or worn. For a system to run smoothly and steadily, the drive belt must be in good condition.

Unbalanced Washer Feet

Another possible cause of a washing machine shaking is an uneven weight distribution caused by unbalanced washer feet. Check and adjust the washer’s feet frequently to make sure they are all securely planted and supporting the machine equally. To stop shaking, the washer’s feet must be properly balanced.

A washing machine shaking each time you use it can be due to a variety of factors, some mechanical issues while others user-related. You’ll know what to do when faced with this problem if you’re familiar with the possible causes behind the wobbling and know the appropriate solutions.

Besides that, make sure you adhere to proper usage guidelines, maintain your washer regularly, and address issues promptly. All these contribute to minimizing the inconvenience brought by a shaking washing machine. If you want to keep the performance and longevity of your appliance, maintenance is the key.

Washing Machine Repair
It is always advisable to to get expert help to resolve a shaky washing machine.

Washer Shaking FAQs

Is shaking normal during all spin cycles?

Yes, it’s normal during spin cycles to vibrate mildly as a result of the drum’s rapid rotation. However, it’s bad if the shaking is excessive, especially if it causes the washer to move or produce really loud noises. In that case, you should inspect the machine as it might not be properly level, is overloaded, has a loose or worn drive belt, or any other problem.

Can a shaking washer damage clothes?

A shaking washer can damage the washer itself and the floors, but there’s no proof that it can also damage clothes. On the other hand, overloading can cause the washing machine to shake, which may lead to serious damage to the appliance. Ensure that you only fill your washing machine with the manufacturer’s recommended amount of clothes.

How can I troubleshoot the cause of the shaking in my washing machine?

Begin by checking the machine’s load distribution, ensuring it is even. Next, check its proper leveling and that it has a balanced washer sheet. If the washing machine is still shaking, inspect the drive belts, shock absorbers, and other components next. You should consult the washer’s user manual to know for sure how things should be, or you can enlist a professional technician’s help to diagnose the problem.

What are some common signs of worn components causing shaking?

Some of the signs of worn components causing shaking include excessive vibration, noise during spinning, an unbalanced drum, and visible wear on shock absorbers. If you notice these signs, we suggest reaching out to a professional technician to diagnose the problem.

How can I maintain my washing machine to prevent shaking issues?

The most important tip to prevent washer shaking issues is regular maintenance. You must regularly inspect and clean components, such as drive belts and shock absorbers, to keep them in great condition. Also, avoid overloading the machine and make sure it’s in proper leveling. Lastly, address any shaking issues promptly to prevent further damage.

Hire a Local Appliance Repair Pro

The aforementioned approaches will help you investigate, diagnose, and fix your shaky washing machine. When you’re ready to hire a local appliance repair expert, reach out to us for help using the phone number or form on this page.

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